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What does a computer animator do?

I want to know what a computer animator does on a day to day bases. #computer-science #computer...


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What do you like about your job

I want to work in Business and Computer operation. #business #information-technology...


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What tech company would be a great set up for my future developer plans?

Such as "Google", "Microsoft", "Electronic Arts.", etc. #computer...


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What are current job prospects like ?

I`m interesting in HVAC, what will I need to know or learn about Air and Heating Conditioning....


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What advice can you give a technology student on finding a job after graduation and being successful long-term in the field?

I am new to the Information technology Field and I'm currently studying to be certified in CCNA and CompTIA A+. I just really want to be one of the best in this field despite being a new comer. Thank you! #technology #engineering #information-technology #computer #job-search #ccna #comptia...

#computer-software #computer-engineer

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What is one difficult challenge you had to face?

I’m a Npower student looking to learn more about I.T. and expand my current knowledge of what I know. #computer-software #information-technology...