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Thomass L. Mar 08 45 views

Where and who do I go to, to look for volunteer work in information technology in my area (Honolulu, Hawaii)

I currently switched majors into information technology and I wanted to know where I can build experience...


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Letzly M. Feb 21 68 views

where do I start?

I'm interested in computer technology but i dont know where to start from. #information-technology...


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Kayla G. Feb 04 69 views
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Rachael E. Jan 23 179 views
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Noah B. Dec 13, 2019 95 views

How difficult is computer networking

I am a student who is a computer nerd somewhat and was wondering what are some difficult concepts within computer networking that maybe confusing at first or take time and patience to learn? #computer #information-technology...


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Jonathan C. Nov 08, 2019 61 views

What does a computer animator do?

I want to know what a computer animator does on a day to day bases. #computer-science #computer...


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mikayla K. Nov 08, 2019 110 views
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umma J. Oct 25, 2019 83 views