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Career Questions tagged Information Technology

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Sep 02, 2021 387 views

How complicated is informational technology as a job?


Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Jul 15, 2021 276 views

What are the job options for a computer researcher and information scientist?

#computer-science #information-technology #computer-engineer

Ralph’s Avatar
Ralph Mar 02, 2020 525 views

What is the work environment like in information technology?

#information-technology #technology #programming #science #computer

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Oct 26, 2016 808 views

Since technology is advancing today will there be more jobs in the field of computers and information technology?

I am asking this question because that is my intended major and curious about the job growth in that field. #computer #technology

Emileidy’s Avatar
Emileidy May 26, 2016 797 views

What do information technologists do on a day to day?

I'm interested in changing my major from Civil Engineering to Information Technology. #information-technology

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Sep 24, 2015 7410 views

Between information technology or computer engineering , which of these is harder in math?

im now a student , i love computer works but in math im very low beacause i hate math anymore...... guys pls help me! #computer-engineer