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Career Questions tagged Cyber Security

For a peek inside the industry, check out Spark 101's Cyber Security Snapshot video

Robert M.’s Avatar
Robert M. Aug 31 183 views

Whats Work like for Information Security Analysts.

I'm a Student enrolled at Job Corps going in for training in Computer Networking and Cyber Security. I am curious about the work environment of Information Security Analysts. I'm wondering about things like what are some of the daily tasks, is there variety in them, is the work schedule...

cyber-security information-technology

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Aug 05 176 views

What are the types of jobs available in cyber security/what are your daily tasks?

There are different types of jobs available in cyber security ranging from penetration tester to cyber security analysts. If you hold any of type of position in cyber security, what are some projects/daily tasks you have? What do you find interesting about them and why? information-technology...

technology cyber-security computer-science

Rajat A.’s Avatar
Rajat A. Jun 09 307 views

How To Make A Career In Cyber Security

How To Make A Career In Cyber Security . I Want To Go In The Field Of Cyber Security So What Should I Do After 12th. cyber-security information-technology technology...


lakshitha P.’s Avatar
lakshitha P. Jan 11 241 views

How to Fix Avast High CPU Usage

Avast High CPU Usage: Why does the Avast service use such a high CPU avast high cpu usage general...


Giridhar N.’s Avatar
Giridhar N. Aug 11, 2020 273 views

Are B.Sc Cyber Forensics students eligible for an M.S. in Cyber Security?

I have completed my 12th std. and am planning on doing a B.Sc in Cyber Forensics. I am definitely going to pursue a masters degree in the United States but wanted to know if I would be eligible for an M.S. in Cyber Security. Or... do I have to stick to an M.S. in Digital Forensics?...

career cyber-security computer-security

Gabe P.’s Avatar
Gabe P. Apr 03, 2020 751 views

Is it smart to get a second bachelor's degree in Information Technology?

Hi. I'm Amy - I go by Gabe. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public administration . I am in the process of changing career paths into information technology and am particularly interested in moving into a cyber security role, maybe in cloud security. I...

technology cyber-security computer-science programming information-technology

Giridhar N.’s Avatar
Giridhar N. Mar 20, 2020 335 views
Mariam A.’s Avatar
Mariam A. Jan 22, 2019 409 views

What is the difference between cyber security and forensic technology? Or are they the same thing?

I really love programming and information technology and I want to develop my skills even further. I also love science and problem solving so I think that cyber security or forensic technology would both be interesting careers for me. Are there other options? And are there any courses,...

coding science information-technology technology cyber-security computer-science forensics programming

Ralph P.’s Avatar
Ralph P. May 22, 2018 540 views

Which math is the most helpful in the field of Computer Science

I am planning on attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) as a freshman this fall to study Computer Science and when reviewing course requirements, I saw that there was an open spot for math meaning I could fill it with any math of my choice. Other required math courses were Probability...

college cybersecurity math cyber-security computerscience wpi appdeveloper

Jordyn M.’s Avatar
Jordyn M. Apr 24, 2018 657 views

Computer science vs Cybersecurity BS?

My school offers a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Cybersecurity. No specializations, they are their own separate BS degrees. They offer similar classes in the beginning, but then change and become more focused near the end. I am wanting to know, if anyone knows, what each field is like? For...

cybersecurity infosec compsci technology cyber-security computerscience cybersec cyber

Harry B.’s Avatar
Harry B. Jan 17, 2018 648 views
Armando T.’s Avatar
Armando T. Mar 16, 2018 561 views

What are some great resources, websites, or techniques that I can use to continue developing my programming skills?

I want to retain and improve what I'm learning in class in terms of coding skills as well as learning new languages and skills. programming...


Jake A.’s Avatar
Jake A. Jan 22, 2018 506 views

Which government agency is best to go into for cyber-security?

I want to be in a cyber-security team for the US government serving in one of the intelligence branches (CIA, DoD, DIA, FBI, NSA, etc.) and I want to know which one would be best for me. If possible, I'd like to stay in a local area and not have to move to one location (I live in Arizona and...

cia cyber-security government fbi dod

Jake A.’s Avatar
Jake A. Jan 22, 2018 458 views

What's it like being a part of a cyber-security team in a government agency?

I'm really thinking about majoring in Computer Science (Information Assurance) and going into a government agency like FBI, CIA, DIA, DoD, or any of the other like-minded branches. What's it like? How different is the public sector in this career from the private sector? Would you switch to...

cia technology cyber-security dia fbi dod

Jacqueline S.’s Avatar
Jacqueline S. Jan 16, 2018 659 views

What is the most important thing I should consider before I start a career in cyber security ?

We live in a world that relies on the internet. I think that people do this without thinking about the issues being involved. This includes a business, company or individuals. I’m really interested in cyber security and I want to know more Technology CyberSecurity information-technology...


Armando T.’s Avatar
Armando T. Dec 20, 2017 710 views

What are some reliable websites or places that provide students with resources such as scholarships, grants, etc?

I'm no different from many other college students in terms of realizing that going to college is quite expensive. Most of us find ourselves struggling to find financial aid and resources that will allow us to pursue our chosen profession. As a grad student, I've had to apply for loans and I...

scholarships cyber-security graduate-school financial-aid student grants

Armando T.’s Avatar
Armando T. Dec 20, 2017 659 views

What are some jobs relevant to cyber security that I can acquire while attending graduate school ?

I'm in my first year of my cybersecurity graduate program and I want to obtain a part-time job working in roles related to cybersecurity. I'm wondering what kinds of positions I should be looking for that will allow me to obtain relevant experience. I would like something that will better...

law cyber-security law-enforcement web-development cyber information-technology