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Career Questions tagged Cyber Security

For a peek inside the industry, check out Spark 101's Cyber Security Snapshot video

James M.’s Avatar
James M. Apr 29 89 views

Information Security Analyst

What is the most money you can make as a Information Security Analyst? Why did you want to be a Information Security Analyst? How much work is involved with being a Information Security Analyst? Is there any travel in being a Information Security Analyst What do you like about being a...

Landon C.’s Avatar
Landon C. Apr 26 90 views

How different is being a Computer Systems Analyst from being a Information Security Analyst?

I am interested in both careers but I am wondering which might be a better pick for me. I am interested in the IT field so either sounds good to me.

Jerry L.’s Avatar
Jerry L. Apr 12 97 views

What skills, training, or certification do I need to get started in a career for network security

I'm looking for a way to get a career in networking security but I just don't know where or how to start do I need to look for an internship for networking or something?

Ethan S.’s Avatar
Ethan S. Mar 02 79 views

What is the summary of a person who deals with cyber security? What are the fun parts and not so fun parts of the job?

I am a high school student going into the army and is looking for jobs with fun challenges and jobs with high amounts of problem solving to get a college degree in after service.

Robert M.’s Avatar
Robert M. Aug 31, 2021 275 views

Whats Work like for Information Security Analysts.

I'm a Student enrolled at Job Corps going in for training in Computer Networking and Cyber Security. I am curious about the work environment of Information Security Analysts. I'm wondering about things like what are some of the daily tasks, is there variety in them, is the work schedule...

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Aug 05, 2021 260 views

What are the types of jobs available in cyber security/what are your daily tasks?

There are different types of jobs available in cyber security ranging from penetration tester to cyber security analysts. If you hold any of type of position in cyber security, what are some projects/daily tasks you have? What do you find interesting about them and why? #information-technology...

Joseph B.’s Avatar
Joseph B. Jun 24, 2021 270 views
Rajat A.’s Avatar
Rajat A. Jun 09, 2021 496 views

How To Make A Career In Cyber Security

How To Make A Career In Cyber Security . I Want To Go In The Field Of Cyber Security So What Should I Do After 12th. #cyber-security #information-technology #technology #career

lakshitha P.’s Avatar
lakshitha P. Jan 11, 2021 304 views

How to Fix Avast High CPU Usage

Avast High CPU Usage: Why does the Avast service use such a high CPU avast high cpu usage #general #cyber-security

Giridhar N.’s Avatar
Giridhar N. Aug 11, 2020 320 views

Are B.Sc Cyber Forensics students eligible for an M.S. in Cyber Security?

I have completed my 12th std. and am planning on doing a B.Sc in Cyber Forensics. I am definitely going to pursue a masters degree in the United States but wanted to know if I would be eligible for an M.S. in Cyber Security. Or... do I have to stick to an M.S. in Digital Forensics?...

Gabe P.’s Avatar
Gabe P. Apr 03, 2020 953 views

Is it smart to get a second bachelor's degree in Information Technology?

Hi. I'm Amy - I go by Gabe. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public administration . I am in the process of changing career paths into information technology and am particularly interested in moving into a cyber security role, maybe in cloud security. I...

Giridhar N.’s Avatar
Giridhar N. Mar 20, 2020 403 views

What should I do for a career in Cyber Security?

I want to become a cyber security expert. What do I do to get there?
#technology #cyber-security

Mariam A.’s Avatar
Mariam A. Jan 22, 2019 464 views

What is the difference between cyber security and forensic technology? Or are they the same thing?

I really love programming and information technology and I want to develop my skills even further. I also love science and problem solving so I think that cyber security or forensic technology would both be interesting careers for me. Are there other options? And are there any courses,...