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Career Questions tagged Business Management

Understanding the difference between business administration and business management is essential. Business management focuses more on the managing of administration tasks. Popular careers include construction manager, human resource managers, medical...

Andrew M.’s Avatar
Andrew M. May 23 105 views

What classes in college do you need to take to become a successful business owner?

I want to own a business due to sports. And I want to run more things that help people. And I want to know what classes I need to take to be able to do that.

abdul S.’s Avatar
abdul S. May 12 159 views

what major do you need to study if you want to be a business owner.

how can i start a business with little to no money.

Shaina T.’s Avatar
Shaina T. May 12 116 views

Where can I get connected with entrepreneur groups?

I want to connect with businesses or entrepreneurs.

takiya M.’s Avatar
takiya M. May 05 153 views

when starting your own business what is the major thing you need to know

I starting my own business in nail and want to become a nail tech

Ethan B.’s Avatar
Ethan B. Apr 27 157 views

Questions I have

1 What is something you can do in your free time to improve your job skills?

2 Can you do all of it from home.

3 is there a specific school you need.

4 can you intern for this position.

5 how much free time do you have.

Shaina T.’s Avatar
Shaina T. Apr 16 112 views

Where do I find internships or immersions?

Greetings! I am a Grade 12 student in the STEM fields. I want to start my journey by looking for free and virtual internships and Immersion in the STEM or ABM field to expand my knowledge and skillset in these industries. My school currently does not provide these opportunities. Any experience...

ashley L.’s Avatar
ashley L. Apr 11 125 views

running a business

What are the struggles of running your own business? What are some things you wished you knew before?

Shaina T.’s Avatar
Shaina T. Apr 07 197 views

What degree should I take if I want to be a project manager

Should I take a business degree or Information systems degree?

Jillian L.’s Avatar
Jillian L. Feb 03 182 views

What are good talent and strengths to have in the business field.

#business #work #entrepreneur #business-management

Shaina T.’s Avatar
Shaina T. Jan 23 189 views

What are your thoughts about Information Systems as a degree?

planning to take it bc I have opportunities in tech and business but I also heard the degree in data science that's also business and tech?? #information-technology #technology #business-management #business #entrepreneur #college#degree#tech

ahmed H.’s Avatar
ahmed H. Jan 21 253 views

what is the best business major degree in the work field ?

im thinking about : 1- business administration 2-international trade and business 3-finance and banking 4- logistics and business 5-economics #business #entrepreneur #business-management #management #college-major #work #finance #degree#...

kara A.’s Avatar
kara A. Dec 16, 2021 209 views

For current business owners or business alumni, what advice can you give as far as which college classes were most beneficial to you?

#entrepreneur #business #college #business-management #college-major #hairstylist

Taleah S.’s Avatar
Taleah S. Dec 10, 2021 178 views

What careers do you know that requires business & filming?

#entrepreneur #career #business-management #business

Winona C.’s Avatar
Winona C. Dec 08, 2021 192 views

In Business Management what are the various things you do in that field?

#business-management #management #business #entrepreneur #internship

Zaylin B.’s Avatar
Zaylin B. Nov 29, 2021 185 views

Where are some some good spots to open up a restaurant?

Where are some good locations to open up a restaurant, establishment, or manufacturing company? #business #entrepreneur #business-management

Benjamin N.’s Avatar
Benjamin N. Nov 18, 2021 217 views

How do I start drop shipping?

I found about drop shipping from a comment I posted. I was curious how do I start one and how do I find supplies? Also is drop shipping scamming? #entrepreneur #business # #management #business-management #finance

mery M.’s Avatar
mery M. Nov 13, 2021 183 views

what is the best MSc in business and management?

I am studying bachelor in international business management #business #entrepreneur #management #business-management #international #universities #Masters #MSc

lara G.’s Avatar
lara G. Nov 11, 2021 190 views

how can I open a successful beauty business?

#business #business-management #management #entrepreneur

Junxi S.’s Avatar
Junxi S. Nov 05, 2021 169 views

How to perapre myself for whats to come ahead in the real world of working

#business #real-estate #business-management #networking #finance #entrepreneur

justin T.’s Avatar
justin T. Nov 05, 2021 154 views

How may I start on marketing?

I am a high school student #business-management

Winona C.’s Avatar
Winona C. Nov 04, 2021 214 views

Would I be able to be my own boss, if I majored in business management?

I want to pursue my own business, and I heard that business management could help me reach that goal. #business #entrepreneur #management #business-management #college#collegemajor

Alex H.’s Avatar
Alex H. Nov 04, 2021 184 views

How does an business economics major differ compared to a business administrative major?

How exactly are these 2 career paths different? If you have classes with experience with one or both. which do you recommend? #business #college-major #business-management

Taleah S.’s Avatar
Taleah S. Nov 03, 2021 168 views

What’s the first step to becoming the owner of a self owned business? (From experience was it difficult?) What are things/ways to help you become a better business owner ? How fun/hard do you think it would be to have different sections/stations in one business under one roof? (For ex. Clothing, hair salon, etc.)

#business #entrepreneur #business-management #marketing

Isaiah P.’s Avatar
Isaiah P. Nov 02, 2021 255 views

what can I get with a business degree

#business #business-management

Winona C.’s Avatar
Winona C. Nov 02, 2021 231 views

If I were to major in Business management would I be able to get aid with creating my own business?

I recently started my own sticker business, and I heard from a student that they were majoring in business management and starting their own business.. I wanted a little more background information on this subject, and if this field is for me.. #business #entrepreneur #management...

Winona C.’s Avatar
Winona C. Nov 02, 2021 235 views

What do you when you're a major in Business Management?

#business #entrepreneur #business-management #college-major #management

Benjamin N.’s Avatar
Benjamin N. Nov 02, 2021 268 views

How do I create Brand Awareness?

My name is Benjamin and I am currently a Junior in high school. After I graduate high school I plan to become a businessman. So my question is how do I create brand awareness so it could be like brands like Champion,Nike, and etc? #business #business-management #entrepreneur #marketing...

faapuloua I.’s Avatar
faapuloua I. Nov 02, 2021 141 views

what are good products to create for a business

im thinking of becoming an entrepreneur. #entrepreneur #business-management

Meata L.’s Avatar
Meata L. Oct 25, 2021 241 views

What is a typical day like as a receptionist?

What are the everyday duties of a receptionist? Do you answer the phones all day? #Business #business #Receptionist #business-management

Macey S.’s Avatar
Macey S. Oct 19, 2021 195 views

What careers are in marketing?

#marketing #communication #business-management