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Can I major in Business Management and go to Dental School or Optometry School?

I'm a freshman who just started college and I'm quite confused. At first I was a business major and then switched over to biological sciences because I've always wanted a career in the health field and thought that might be the best major. Now, I don't really think so. I either want to be a...

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Active Sep 18 at 05:10 PM

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Posted by Ana R.’s Avatar Ana R.
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Jared Cox | Optometrist Yes. Some would argue an unusual major makes you stand out. ...
Ann Gianoglio Burk, MBA’s Avatar
Ann Gianoglio Burk, MBA | Student/Customer Care Manager | Operations Handywoman | People ... Hi Rachel,I wish I had a more straight forward answer for ...

Is business management a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

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Active Nov 13 at 02:18 PM

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Posted by Alexandra C.’s Avatar Alexandra C.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential This really depends on you and how the area of business ...

What steps should I take to land my dream job?

I am currently getting my Bachelor's in Business Management Science, but would later like to get my Master's in Global Energy Management. My dream job is to work for an energy company so I can help the Earth become more sustainable, but I am not sure how to get there. #business-management...

#energy-management #renewable-energy


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Active Jun 20 at 06:39 PM

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Posted by Jaelynn J.’s Avatar Jaelynn J.
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Kira Putt From my experience start working in your field after you have ...

Is it true that a Dental Hygienist can open their own practice?

I am attending a hygiene program and I've read many article stating that hygienists can open their own practice in Colorado. I was just wondering if that was entirely true? I #business-management #dental-practice #dental-hygienist #teeth #business #dental #dentist #dentistry...


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Active Jul 30 at 11:40 AM

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Posted by Anna R.’s Avatar Anna R.
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Neil Pinney | Director, Comprehensive Care Clinic C at IU School ... Yes, in Colorado, hygienists may practice independently from dentists.

Is it possible for me to double major at a community college?

I wish to major in both business management and fine arts so I can become an art director, but I'm not sure if I can do that at a community college. #community-college #double-major #business-management...



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Active Nov 27 at 08:35 PM

3 answers

Posted by Ashley T.’s Avatar Ashley T.
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Camellia Eid | Core Assurance Associate at PwC How funny I wanted to double major in art in business ...

what are the steps to become a venture capitalist?


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Active Sep 22 at 05:44 AM

2 answers

Posted by James H.’s Avatar James H.
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I N | Global Experiences I read a piece on VentureBeat offering advice on starting out ...

What is a good college to attend for business management?

I want to start my own business in multiple areas but i want to make sure that i get the best degree....



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Active Apr 17 at 09:09 PM

2 answers

Posted by Alexis W.’s Avatar Alexis W.
Michael Bracey’s Avatar
Michael Bracey | Vice President, Life Sciences at Treximo Hi Alexis,All of the Ivy League schools are going to be ...
Sonya Bible’s Avatar
Sonya Bible | Contract Manager A B.S. or B.A. is considered an undergraduate degree, a college ...

Study Abroad studying a double-major in Music Performance and Business Administration?

I want to become a Property Manager but also I have been playing the clarinet for 9 years and I have filled a decent musical curriculum attending to music festivals, summer camps, playing in various ensembles; advanced orchestras, symphonic bands, professional orchestras, etc. My main goal...

#italy #spain #business-management #music #music-performance #study-abroad #busines #clarinet #property-management


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Active Mar 21 at 08:56 PM

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Posted by Misael Z.’s Avatar Misael Z.
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Judeanne Armenti | Over 20 years of creative and outgoing music ... Anything is possible, but it's not necessarily easy. Nothing worth having ...

Is it better to specialize your business degree or remain general?

I was wondering if people studying business are better of with specializing in their program(going into accounting or marketing) or if remaining general when it comes to job searches. Does one pay more? #business #business-management #business-degree #marketing #business-administration...

#specializing #commerce


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Active Jun 24 at 03:23 PM

2 answers

Posted by Teleola A.’s Avatar Teleola A.
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Kim Gravell | Principal at Gravell Insights, LLC Hi Teleola,Maxwell has given you some excellent advice and guidance. My ...

With today's economy would it be more beneficial to get a bachelor's degree in business rather than education?

I start school in August for my bachelor's degree. I already have a an associates in science. I can not decide if I should major in education or general management. I am trying to decide which would suite me better with the way this economy is looking and try and prepare for the future for at...

#special-education #business-management #bachelorsdegree #economy


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Active May 01 at 09:36 AM

2 answers

Posted by Sh'Daedra J.’s Avatar Sh'Daedra J.
Terri Sutterfield’s Avatar
Terri Sutterfield | Supervisor, LD & Local Switch Provisioning SH"Daedra, This is truly a hard question to answer for someone ...

What is business management?

I am going into college this year, and I chose my major as business management. I want to be a construction contractor or own a construction contractor business. Am I in the correct major?...



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Active Sep 25 at 11:43 PM

2 answers

Posted by Ronaldo F.’s Avatar Ronaldo F.
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Marcel Badia | Founder & Entrepreneur Its the right major, that will teach you the basics and ...

Business and Hospitality career path?

I want to be a restaurant manager after graduating from college. Will a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Hospitality management qualify me for this? I am taking accounting classes, economics, business finance, etc related courses. What other career options are there for this...

#business-management #business #hospitality


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Posted by Chloe S.’s Avatar Chloe S.
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Richard Winland | General Manager at ClubCorp (Pyramid Club) Yes, but as in most professions; it will also depend on ...

If I Major In Buisness How Would I Turn That Into A Career ? What Could I Do With A Degree From That ?

I Need To Kno That I Can Have A Career With What I Would Major In . And How Could I Use My Degree To Be Successful In Life , Because I Really Still Am Undecided Still But I Have A Couple Ideas Of What I Wanna Do But I'm Still Not Completely Sure #business-management #undecided #business...

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Active Sep 13 at 01:02 PM

3 answers

Posted by Clotia S.’s Avatar Clotia S.
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Junnie Lai | Consultant Chef Hi Clotia, my parents advised me to pursue a business degree, ...

What are some scholarships available for business majors

I am planning on attending a community college in western Nebraska and I am looking for scholarships and other financial help for tuition and books. #college-of-business #business-management #business...



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Active May 09 at 11:51 AM

2 answers

Posted by Lizbeth S.’s Avatar Lizbeth S.
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Jordan Rivera | Community Manager at CareerVillage Great question Lizbeth. I'm sorry no one's answered it yet! In ...

Will I be successful in the future?

I've had an on and off battle so far with school and many other challenges which have made me into who I am today, but one of the things I always ask myself is, will I make it? I plan on doing business and hope to one day run my own business so I hope I reach that goal and become a successful...

#business-management #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur


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Active Mar 20 at 06:23 PM

2 answers

Posted by Kevin R.’s Avatar Kevin R.
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Kushaan Shah | Product Manager at NGP VAN Hi Kevin, I've totally been there - setbacks every now and ...

How do I know which career path is best for me?

I want to study business, I am just unsure of which specific field. #business #business-management #business-operations...



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Active Jan 09 at 04:52 PM

4 answers

Posted by Tara B.’s Avatar Tara B.
Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D.’s Avatar
Linda Ann Robinson, Ph.D. | Industrial-Organizational Psychology & HR Consulting Hi Tara, Let me assume for a moment that you are ...
Marcel Badia’s Avatar
Marcel Badia | Founder & Entrepreneur Figure first what you want and explore the best academic pograms ...

How do I know that in 10 years my career won't be taken over by technology?

My professor asked my class to question this and I wanted to know what other people think about this....



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Active Sep 10 at 08:35 PM

3 answers

Posted by Allison M.’s Avatar Allison M.
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Priya Gopinath | AVP, Process Excellence at American International Group The key to being relevant is to keep learning, sharing what ...

What's the most important skill to have to become an entrepreneur?

It's challenging to become an entrepreneur, especially during this time period. I know for me it won't be easy, but I'm very determined to do whatever it takes to become my own boss. Although, there might be people above me still, its something that I think could really go well with being a...

#hospitality #entrepreneurship #business-management


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Active Nov 05 at 12:45 AM

4 answers

Posted by Jada  S.’s Avatar Jada S.
ROBIN CHARLESWORTH | Owner/Manager at North Face Lodge Positive leadership and setting a good example through your own work ...

In colleges, there are many math majors that you can choose from. However, I am interested in becoming an accountant or anything in the financial area. What prerequisites and requirements would I have to complete before high school ends? I am a junior.

I am interested in math and finance majors. I would like to help out the government and businesses operate properly. I have been considering being an accountant for the past 5 years. I feel that my math performance is average and I might need to perform better for acceptance. #accounting...

#personal-development #career-details #business-management


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Active Oct 05 '17 at 04:09 AM

4 answers

Posted by Bill P.’s Avatar Bill P.
Joel Lawson’s Avatar
Joel Lawson | Tax Director at PwC Hi Bill - In my experience, accounting does not require the ...

How many do years do you have to go to college to start your own business?

I Would like to be an entrepreneur when i grow up so i would like to know how many years of college would you have to attend ?...



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Active Apr 05 at 06:34 PM

5 answers

Posted by Sadie R.’s Avatar Sadie R.
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Stephen Champion | Senior Business Value Manager at Okta, Inc. I agree with all of the points made above. The only ...

How much truth is there in the saying, "it’s who you know not what you know?"

Heard the saying before but do not know if this applies in the business world. #business #business-management...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 06:58 PM

12 answers

Posted by Devetra C.’s Avatar Devetra C.
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Rob Greenbaum | Senior Director, Marketing and Strategy at Fannie Mae "Who you know" can definitely help you in finding an internship ...

My question is if i were to major in fashion design would it be smart to minor in business? and what are some good colleges to pursue my dream?

i am very interested in fashion and i want to make a difference in fashion from my ideal fashion #business-management #fashion #fashion-design #fine-art...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 06:55 PM

1 answers

Posted by Angel A.’s Avatar Angel A.
RYAN SKEEN | DESIGNER Hi Angel, Thats a great question. I have been a designer ...

What is the most important soft skill for someone pursuing a career in sales managing?

My name is Tyler, I am in 12th grade at Pioneer Valley Regional School in Western Massachusetts. In my money managing class we are doing a unit to help widen our range of possible careers to pursue in college. As a result of my research and career quizzes, a potential career that came up for me...

#personal-development #business-management #sales-management #sales


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Active Aug 15 '17 at 12:50 PM

7 answers

Posted by Tyler M.’s Avatar Tyler M.
Rainie Denne'e’s Avatar
Rainie Denne'e | Sales Representative at Travel Guard Hugely great answers here, I don't have much to add. I ...

How can I find an internship for business or finance?

I'm a High school junior and really want to pursue a career in business or finance. I want an internship to gain experience and show an my interest to colleges. I know I'm young but is there any hope in finding a position like that? #business #finance #business-management #financial-services...

#investment-banking #investment-management


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Active Sep 15 '17 at 06:46 PM

4 answers

Posted by Carlos E.’s Avatar Carlos E.
Amy Kolzow’s Avatar
Amy Kolzow | Program Director, Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing Solutions ... Hi Carlos, your willingness and ambition are wonderful...a great sign of ...

What is more important: Programming Languages or Bilingual Languages when it comes to Information Technology in Business?

Currently, I am earning a degree in Information Systems Technology but plan on going into a transferable degree. What I am leaning towards is working as an administrative assistant and working my way up in the business world. Although, I am a little curious on what would suit the job better....

#system-administration #it-management #information-technology #business-management #office-administration #project-management #bilingual #computer-programming


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Active Aug 08 at 12:27 PM

4 answers

Posted by Brandon H.’s Avatar Brandon H.
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Karla Valcarcel Martinez | Computer Engineer Hi, Brandon! Here's my advice, try to focus on expanding your ...

How far can a recommendation go when it comes to a career in Business?

I am currently working towards a degree in Information Systems Technology, but I plan on someday either becoming a worker as an administrative assistant and working up or owning my own business. #business-management #business-development #recruiting #office-administration #referrals...



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4 answers

Posted by Brandon H.’s Avatar Brandon H.
Stephanie Murnen’s Avatar
Stephanie Murnen | Sr. Manager, Surgical Gloves Marketing at Cardinal Health Recommendation letters can be very impactful for job seeking and here's ...

What education is recommended for a career in Human Resources?

I am looking to pursue a career in HR and am currently completing by Bachelor's and am wondering if I should be considering graduate studies in Business, possibly an MBA? #business #business-management #business-development #business-analysis #business-intelligence #hr #hr-consulting...



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Active Oct 11 at 02:48 PM

7 answers

Posted by Nicole C.’s Avatar Nicole C.
Mohan Narayan’s Avatar
Mohan Narayan If you are considering a career in human resources, however, HR ...

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