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Career Questions tagged Construction Management

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Sep 12 134 views

Is being a construction manager a good career path.

I enjoy hands on work and enjoy designing and building stuff. I'm only in highschool and have been looking at some career options and a construction manager looked like something I might be into. I wanna know what I might need or be looking forward to if I was to go into this job.

dustyn’s Avatar
dustyn Aug 26 124 views

How much is the salary for a carpenter?

I want to know how much the salary for a construction carpenter is so that I can know that I will be able to provide for myself.

Ruben’s Avatar
Ruben Jul 20 95 views

What are some issues I might run into while floor laying?

What are some common issues I may encounter while working and any helpful tips that could help solve or avoid issues?

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jul 06 294 views

Three questions about construction

I have three questions.

1. How has your career affected your marriage?

2. Do you believe Job Corps is a good use of time?

3. Do you believe someone can get far enough to provide for their family with a job in construction?

Leonardo’s Avatar
Leonardo Jun 14 102 views

What are the risks of working in construction?

I started technical training in construction and would like to know more information

Nakene’s Avatar
Nakene Jun 14 148 views

What will my medium pay be as a construction manager?

As a person who has never worked before, this is my most curious question considering my motives and the goals I want to achieve.

Nakene’s Avatar
Nakene Jun 14 230 views

What clothing is appropriate to wear in a construction environment?

I was told back when I was 12 that there are a good amount of safety equipment employees are required to wear in order to prevent accidents.

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DarMario Jun 09 128 views

How does construction work and what are the skillful aspects of it?

Would I be paid a salary for construction and what would be the benefits? Ideally, I would like to start off with a job title that can lead to a future and possibly be helpful.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jun 03 230 views

How long does it take for someone to learn all of the skills needed for your trade?

I know how long an associate's degree and bachelor's degree takes but what about any other certifications or prerequisites are there that i can obtain? How long do they take, any what do I need to do before hand to get them done?

meila’s Avatar
meila Apr 19 152 views

what school do you want to go to if your into construction .

im into construction.

Cesar’s Avatar
Cesar Oct 07, 2021 213 views

What does the work of a construction and building inspector consist of?

#construction #career #inspectors #construction-management

Kassy’s Avatar
Kassy Feb 14, 2020 398 views

What do you like most about your work construction ?

#construction-management #construction

Gustavo’s Avatar
Gustavo Oct 14, 2019 348 views

Can i stare at the arc when welding without glasses/goggles?

#welder #welding #construction #career #construction-management

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Aug 14, 2019 350 views

How are women typically treated in the construction field?

#construction #construction-management #career

Clio’s Avatar
Clio Apr 11, 2019 562 views

How can I get into an operations research career in the construction industry?

I am a college sophomore now majoring in civil engineering, and by the end of this summer I would have completed 4 summer internships: 2 in construction project engineering/general contracting, and 2 in civil engineering research (specifically in environmental engineering/water resources and...

Shelby’s Avatar
Shelby May 31, 2018 667 views

What degree would be more beneficial to me? Construction science or construction management?

I am female, interested in a career in the construction industry and looking to attend either Texas A&M or University of Texas at Tyler. I believe I am more interested in residential building than the industrial aspects. Which degree would be more beneficial to me? #construction...

Leyton’s Avatar
Leyton Apr 11, 2018 480 views

What would be a entry-level position for a major in construction management?

I am curious as to what else I can do besides physical that can get me to my dreams of being my own boss and having a custom home business. #homebuilding #Texas #construction-management #major

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Mar 29, 2018 415 views

what is a normal work week for a construction job?

what are the hours, time off, is it 5 or 7 days a week? #construction #construction-management #career

Braden’s Avatar
Braden Mar 04, 2018 406 views

What is the best way to achieve a civil engineering degree? #workhard #calculators #earth

I am perusing a civil engineering degree and would not like to be stressed out for college. I want to keep my mind clear and focused on my one task. A civil engineering degree. #hardwork #engineering #civil #construction-management

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jan 24, 2018 344 views

What are some of the jobs that students have gotten with a Construction Management AA degree?

This is the career I am pursuing. It would be nice to hear what some people have accomplished with this degree, It has many destinations.

Neisha’s Avatar
Neisha Jan 17, 2018 1289 views

Can graduate students take a test to receive their Bachelor' or Masters Degree? If so, what kind of proceess does it take?

I am a non traditional student who is almost 40. I am working 4 different jobs so I can obtain my Bachelor's degree in Construction Management. I already have 17 years experience in the petrochemical industry in a variety of mechanical careers. The faster I can get through school the better...

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Nov 28, 2017 606 views

As a high school student, is it important to have an internship prior to applying to college?

I'm a junior in high school and was curious to see if internships would be a useful way to get into good colleges (Specifically construction management). I'm interested in construction management due to my exposure to the career, my dad owns a construction company so I feel this is a career I...

grasiela’s Avatar
grasiela Sep 01, 2017 918 views

what college courses should I take if I want to become a construction manager in the future?

what courses should I major in? #construction-management #construction

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Aug 30, 2017 625 views

what do you like most about your career as a elevator installer and repair ?

I'm asking because this something I want to do after I finish high school. #elevator installers and repair #mechanical-engineering #construction-contracting #construction #construction-management #residential-construction

Brenden’s Avatar
Brenden Feb 08, 2017 641 views

How often are you off for your construction job?

I would like to know for my construction company #degree #must #have #construction #construction-management

Brenden’s Avatar
Brenden Feb 08, 2017 579 views

How much do you travel as a construction company owner

I would like to know for my future in constructions #degrees #must #have #business #construction #construction-management

Brenden’s Avatar
Brenden Feb 08, 2017 636 views

How much does a construction company owner make?

I would like to know for my future for my company #anyone #construction #construction-management

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel Jul 01, 2016 1127 views

I want to be a construction worker. How did you go about becoming one? What are the steps I should take?

I wanna be a construction worker be its fun building houses and I could be able to build my own stuff i want. #construction #construction-management #carpentry

shilpa’s Avatar
shilpa Jun 23, 2016 588 views

i wanted to be civil engineer? which subject i must choose?

i wanted to go to construction and interior designing field #engineer #construction-management #developer

Juan’s Avatar
Juan May 26, 2016 711 views

Is it fair for non-college/university students to have the same opportunities to succeed as college/university graduated students based on their work history in a specific field (construction field)?

I am asking this question just to emphasize that if someone strives in accomplishing his/her main goal, somehow he/she will succeed either through the long or short way. #construction #construction-management