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Christian M. Mar 13 47 views

What jobs can be offered for welding

My name is Christian I am a senior at Leto high school. My strengths are being a hard working and focusing on any task given. My weaknesses are that I’m easily distracted and I can’t focus with a lot of noise. #career #welding...


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Orlando S. Mar 03 34 views

Why are you the best welding candidate for us?

I put all my effort and I also accept new challenges when it comes to work #welding #welder...


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Orlando S. Mar 03 31 views

Which important safety protocols should all welders follow?

I am very strict when if come to following safety rules. #welder...


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Francisco M. Mar 02 48 views

Can you describe the hardest welding challenge?

I am very interested in the welding field. I have welded once and it was fun. i am looking to find out as much as i can about welding. Any suggestions, tips, or advice would be great....


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frank J. Nov 01, 2019 84 views

what are the risk and later in life helth problams that I may have to keep in mind

I'm a student looking to understand my field that I have chosen more. my profession is to be a under water welder #welder #welding...


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ricky N. Feb 07 34 views
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Alexander C. Feb 07 37 views

Where would you say a good location for underwater welding jobs be.

I am going into welding with the intent to perform underwater welding....


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Alexis A. Feb 04 28 views

What kind of training or education is needed for the Commercial Diving field?

I am studying for welding and getting my certificates in David L. Job Corps, and looking forward in knowing more about the field. #welding #interested...


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trevor S. Oct 16, 2019 63 views

What should I do to prepare for the welding field?

I am interested in...


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Bailey E. Jan 28 54 views

How to avoid doubting myself in my schooling/learning of a new trade?

Starting a tech program brings a lot of doubts about, Can I do this? What if I burn myself out too quickly? Is this the right choice for me? What are some ways to avoid doubting myself in my choices and avoiding my indecisiveness? #trade-program #trade #schooling #second-thoughts #welding...


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Bailey E. Jan 28 69 views

What kind of work would I find in the welding career?

I'm currently interested in welding but I wanna know where it can take me in the future. Thank You :) #career #welding #future #career-choice...


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George C. Dec 12, 2019 102 views

How would I go about becoming a welder

I like to do hands on stuff and be active #welding...


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George C. Dec 12, 2019 41 views

What’s a good welding school in Michigan

I like to weld #welding...