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Career Questions tagged Welding

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LaQuinn Sep 20 38 views

How did you choose your profession?

As a person looking to be a welder what starter tips could you provide

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walker Sep 13 63 views

where can i get a welding job out of high school?

Where can I get a welding job out of high school.

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Aiden Sep 13 79 views

How do I start my own business?

I want to start my own business working with metal fabrication and welding. What licenses would i need to start up?

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Ezra Sep 08 83 views

Is it possible to get underwater welding scholarships?

After getting certifications in welding is it possible to earn a scholarship to be brought onto a program that offers underwater welding coarse and certifications? If possible how so?

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Alexzander Aug 29 85 views

For traveling welders

What is the hardest part about being a traveling welder?

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Alex Aug 29 72 views

Welding Experience

What are good ways to get experience and my foot in the door? Is a shop better for experience compared to a traveling type of job?

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Alexzander Aug 29 126 views

For welders on education

What would you recommend for me to go to a trades school for more education about welding , or to jump straight into the work force?

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Alex Aug 29 95 views

What certifications are worth getting and what certifications aren't worth the time


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Alexzander Aug 29 90 views

How does one start as a traveling welder ?

Would be glad to receive any tips.

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Jackson Aug 26 52 views

Welding Certification

How long does it take to get a welding certification. Does it make you more money having one?

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Jackson Aug 26 69 views

For Traveling Welders is the money worth not being home all the time?

Is the money worth not being home all the time?

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Jackson Aug 26 50 views

Would you suggest going to trade school or straight too the industry?

Welding School?

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stevee Aug 17 74 views

what college or program could i go to for advanced welding ?

i would most likely want to attend some kind of program to get advanced training in welding so i could learn more ,get more expierence and to get paid more.

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stevee Aug 17 98 views

can you do welding for the military

i want to go to the navy and do underwater welding for them or any type of welding. Also would i have to have more and a certificate in the industry such as a degree.

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max Aug 02 259 views

how to find my niche in welding ?

i want a career in welding, i've been trying to narrow down what niche area I am wanting to focus on and the one thing i come back to is rig welding, or working on heavy equipment. any suggestions for what i should look into or how one would get into those areas of welding.

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Francisco Jun 29 279 views

What steps would you recommend to get a Welding job?

I am a San Jose Job Corps student and I was wondering what I should do after I finished my trade and need to get a job in it.

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Francisco Jun 29 157 views

What are some tools a Welder uses?

I am a San Jose Job Corps student and I was wondering what tools a welder uses.

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Francisco Jun 29 186 views

What does a Welder do in their day to day work?

I am a student at San Jose Job Corps and I will be taking the welding trade there and Was wondering what a welder does.

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Luis Jun 29 96 views

What is the most difficult thing about working as a welder?

What (if any) health risk come with working as a welder?

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Bryan Jun 14 100 views

What kind of benefits are offered in the welding industry?What are the work schedules like in the welding occupation?

What are the befits in the welding industry and some good locations or companies in Texas?

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Jun 14 203 views

What were some of your early roles in the welding field?

What are some commonly expectations in the welding industry?

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Juan Jun 08 151 views

What are work schedules like for welders? What kind of benefits are offered? How long have you worked in the industry, and have you enjoyed it?

I've been curious about welding due to friends and family, and are trying to see if its a vocation I'd like to train and adopt as a potential career.

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Max May 16 138 views

What is one of the better jobs you could be doing for a career in welding?

There are many different jobs that a career in welding offers, what might be a good option for good pay and working conditions?

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Marcus May 03 102 views

Can welding be a fun hobby as well as a career?

When getting into welding do I have to think of it strictly seriously and as a career that I'm single mindedly pursuing, or is it fine to also think of it as a fun hobby?

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sergio May 02 171 views

what type of requirements needed for this occupation

Would there be any drug test needed for being a Welder.

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Marcus Apr 28 135 views

What prior experiences are helpful going into welding?

To clarify my question a bit more, I mean what kinds of skills or knowledge that can be gained from other experiences, such as extra-curriculum classes or anything learned in or out of school, could help when learning about welding.

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Marcus Apr 28 240 views

How do I get into welding?

As a Senior in High school, I figure that now is the best time to start working towards my career. That being said what are some of the best first steps I can take to get into welding?

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Richard Apr 19 235 views

What are the most important requirements to enter this field?

Being hands on is important, but what are the educational and physical skills required?

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Hunter Apr 11 226 views

What kind of certifications and programs do I need to become a marine welder?

I wanna become a marine welder, but what types of certifications and classes do I need to take to achieve my goal.

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Seth Mar 25 257 views

What's it like welding in the military?

I am interested in becoming a military welder