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Career Questions tagged Welder

hector C.’s Avatar
hector C. Jan 05 47 views

Is welding dangerous?

Can I die from a serious welding injury? welding...


Edgar G.’s Avatar
Edgar G. Aug 17, 2021 136 views

pipe welding

What are some good opportunity and certification for pipe welding pipe-welding welding welder career...


Tristan M.’s Avatar
Tristan M. Jul 26, 2021 130 views

How long should I expect to be away from home as a pipe welder?

I'm looking to become a pipe welder and I was wondering how much time I should expect to be working in a day and if I should be prepared to travel like most other oilfield jobs. welder pipe-welder oilfield westtexas texas welding...


Hayden W.’s Avatar
Hayden W. Sep 24, 2021 126 views

What does a typical week in the life of a welder look like?

I am curious to see what the average week looks like for someone on the ground floor so to speak welding...


Marco A.’s Avatar
Marco A. Oct 16, 2020 205 views

To be a Union Welder what are some challenges that will occurred

I intend to be a Union Welder in the future welder...


Christian M.’s Avatar
Christian M. Mar 13, 2020 278 views

What jobs can be offered for welding

My name is Christian I am a senior at Leto high school. My strengths are being a hard working and focusing on any task given. My weaknesses are that I’m easily distracted and I can’t focus with a lot of noise. career welding...


Orlando S.’s Avatar
Orlando S. Mar 03, 2020 468 views

Why are you the best welding candidate for us?

I put all my effort and I also accept new challenges when it comes to work welding welder...


Orlando S.’s Avatar
Orlando S. Mar 03, 2020 347 views
frank J.’s Avatar
frank J. Nov 01, 2019 270 views

what are the risk and later in life helth problams that I may have to keep in mind

I'm a student looking to understand my field that I have chosen more. my profession is to be a under water welder welder welding...


George C.’s Avatar
George C. Dec 12, 2019 290 views

How would I go about becoming a welder

I like to do hands on stuff and be active welding...


Chase J.’s Avatar
Chase J. Dec 12, 2019 237 views

What’s the hardest part about being a pipeline welder

I would like to be a welder after I get out of high school, I would like to be a pipeline...


Irving C.’s Avatar
Irving C. Sep 13, 2019 171 views