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Career Questions tagged Engineer

An Engineer involves the combination of science and math that lead to design or making something. From structural engineer to biomedical engineer, there are many associated career paths. For more...

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Darin Sep 16 63 views

Is there anyway to get into the engineering field without college?

To be more exact I am talking about being able to test and develop computer hardware. I assume if you simply learned enough about parts of technology, you could just start a repair business or create a YouTube channel.

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Kennedy Sep 11 98 views

Any one from the states, wanna know how it is like to be an engineer there, getting employed and stuffs?

The salary rate, how scarce are engineers, or they are in abundance.

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justin Sep 08 102 views

what is common about being an flight-engineer, that you wished you knew before jumping in this field?

How much schooling does it take to become a flight-engineer? And what should i suspect or try to get myself comfortable with? Is there a lot of math i should try getting used to?

juan’s Avatar
juan Sep 07 104 views

what to do to become a mechanic?

what will it take to become a mechanic ? what skills do I need? and what will I benefit from working under a compony?

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Kevin Sep 02 79 views

What do you do when starting out as an engineer?

As an entry-level engineer, what would I do? How would I advance in the industry? I am particularly interested in aerospace engineer.
I like the idea of picking and choosing problems to solve and designing it, but I'm not so interested in doing "grunt work".

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james Aug 29 161 views

Management position as a Electrician

1. What was the most difficult thing about working as a electrician?

2.How do you overcome the obstacles of working in management?

3.Was it worth the training, and do you love doing it?

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Javelle Aug 26 130 views

My future trends are Manufacturing Engineers?

My future trends will help me in life want hard things then most people do not know.

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Javelle Aug 26 46 views

What is a typical day like in Elevator & Escalator Installers & Repairers?

I pick this because it is something I like doing.

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 17 98 views


What does it take to become a mechanical engineer? What do they do? Is it difficult job?

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Aracely Aug 16 102 views

What type of tools and/or applications are used by marine engineers?

If there are any that I should know about, I would love to hear about them! I want to prepare myself for what is to come.

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Jasmine Aug 10 182 views

what is the best area to live in to be an auto mechanic

What's the best area to live in to be an auto mechanic with good pay?

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Alex Jun 29 220 views

What steps do I take after high school to become an engineer?

I am a 15 year old interested in engineering. I am already in a CAD program at my school. The program does offer engineering. I am just wondering what to do after high school.

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oriana May 31 118 views

What goal are you most proud of that you have accomplished in your work career?

What steps did you take to complete this goal?
What was some obstacles that you've faced while attempting to complete this goal ?
How did you feel after achieving this goal?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 31 353 views

what should i do now?

im 12 and am wondering what i should do right now to get ready for my software developer job whether im at nasa or not.

Vaidehi’s Avatar
Vaidehi May 25 119 views

Is optics essential for aeronautics ?

So if we go for that then what are its benefits ?

Tahmid’s Avatar
Tahmid May 25 221 views

How can I plan to become a civil engineer in NYC as a 11th grader?

My favorite subject has been math and the new topics look interesting to me. I like to use my knowledge to see how quickly and efficiently I can solve these problems.

Allwyn’s Avatar
Allwyn May 24 165 views

Currently iam at the end semester of aeronautical engineering, iam totally fed up with the degree but i had interest to do masters in renewable energy, is that good idea!! For career shifting confused, pls help me

Currently iam at the end semester of aeronautical engineering, iam totally fed up with the degree but i had interest to do masters in renewable energy, is that good idea!! For career shifting confused, pls help me

Gerald’s Avatar
Gerald May 17 243 views

If I was undecided on what engineering profession to pursue, what engineering field you'll recommend for me to study?

I want to make sure that I choose the best engineering profession for me, but also learn how to choose the best profession.

Logan’s Avatar
Logan May 11 183 views

How difficult would you say Mechanical Engineering is, compared to other jobs in the engineering field.

I'm just interested in the engineering field in general, so if this is to difficult I may move down to an easier one.

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas May 10 256 views

What is the hardest field in engineering and the easiest?

#money #engineering

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Ashton May 05 273 views

How hard is it to find a Engineering job straight out of College/University ?

How hard will it be to get a Engineering Job after College/ University after 4 years ?

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton May 05 156 views

What do Mechanical Engineers do in their job and how does the planning process go to create something ?

How long do Mechanical Engineers take to create a plan to create an object or etc. ?

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie May 05 197 views

How should I decide what type of engineering to go into

I know I want to be an engineer, but I don't know what type.

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Mason May 04 228 views

1) What does a mechanical engineer's work hours look like?

2) Is it easy to get a job right out of college?
3) What is the starting pay like?
4) What different types of jobs reside inside this degree?
5) Is there a lot of stress in this job?

David’s Avatar
David May 03 250 views

Software Engineers; What was the first indicator you remember that made you seriously consider this job?

I'm researching the career for a class of mine and I was wondering when you realized that this job would be right for you. Was it something gradual or was it pretty obvious that you wanted to do this.

David’s Avatar
David May 03 134 views

Software Engineers; How long is your average work day?

I'm just doing some research for a class of mine and i was wondering how long you work each day.

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Apr 27 190 views

I am a student at Job Corps in El Paso, I am 16 , and I wanted to ask if going for a Doctoral Degree to become a Marine Architect was a better option than getting my Bachelors Degree and become a Wind Energy Engineer?.

I have had this thought for a while and if someone could guide me, or help me it would be really appreciated.

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Noah Apr 27 225 views

How much can you make as a aerospace engineer?

Which aerospace engineer jobs pay the most?

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 27 194 views

How long does it take to be a aerospace engineer?

How many years of college?

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 27 184 views

What are the best places to work as a aerospace engineer?

Where and what are some good places for this job?