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Career Questions tagged Engineer

An Engineer involves the combination of science and math that lead to design or making something. From structural engineer to biomedical engineer, there are many associated career paths. For more...

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Anthony C. Anthony C. yesterday 7 views
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Sebastian C. Sebastian C. yesterday 10 views

What should I do if I want to be a small time engineer

I feel as though in this time of age engineers are pretty much an essential if we want to create a future, our future may not be bright maybe we hit our wits end in developments but who says that we will stop. #student...


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Gloria S. Gloria S. Jul 25 121 views

What skills are MUST for a career in engineering?

What are the most important skills a student interested in going into engineering should have since now? And what about the ones we might have to develop during college? #career #student #civil-engineering #engineering #engineer #math #senior...


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Student L. Student L. Jul 09 91 views
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Emily E. Emily E. Jul 07 55 views

How do I achieve getting a good gpa in college without getting sidetracked?

I love to have fun but know my limits when it comes to it. I value school very much. I hope I don’t get carried away. #school #engineer...


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Violeta E. Violeta E. Jul 03 125 views

What type of work do chemical engineers do at different companies?

After identifying my goals and narrowing down some choices chemical engineering seems like a career of a great fit. I will be attending Georgia Tech this fall and am now thinking of creating career goals. This made me think about what is the day like for chemical engineers that work at...

#chemical-engineering #career #engineering #engineer

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Hamza K. Hamza K. Jun 30 71 views

Whats my career goal?

I am a junior from High school and I recently took physics and fell in love with the class even though the material wasn't easy but the class just fascinated me and my favorite subject is math, so I'm thinking about becoming and aerospace engineer #engineer #mechanical-engineering #math...


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Yamilca R. Yamilca R. Jun 30 75 views

How can I become a civil engineer?

I am in high school just passed to 10th grade. I love science and math. #engineer...


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Ashley Y. Ashley Y. Jun 29 206 views

How do I gain experience in software engineering?

I am a college student and I would like to gain experience in software engineering to open doors to related job opportunities. #computer-software #engineering #engineer #software...


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Oluomachi U. Oluomachi U. Jun 29 81 views

What do you like/dislike about being a biomedical engineer?

I plan on majoring in BME and hope to have that as a career. So I'm curious as to what it is like working as a certified engineer. To add on, I have some experience coming up with solutions and models, but I never got to build anything due to covid. #biomedical-engineering #biomedical...

#stem #engineering #women-in-stem #engineer

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Itzel O. Itzel O. Jun 22 83 views

What does a logistic engineer do?

Hi, I looking for some advice because I want to go to the college and get a Bachelor's degree in engineering. And I've interesting in logistic for a long time but I need to know much about the career #engineer...


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A B. A B. Jun 22 41 views

I want to pursue nanotech for my higher studies.. help me. I'm now a student.

I want to be an Nanotechnologist but don't know how to go through.....


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Caleb M. Caleb M. Jun 21 88 views

What are does it take to design cars or aftermarket car parts?

I wanna work in the automotive industry designing cars or aftermarket car parts. I am 19 from California, and am currently enrolled in community college classes and plan on becoming a mechanical engineer. Would a minor/classes in graphic design be advantageous as well? I also have taken an...

#engineering #mechanical #engineer #mechanical-engineering

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Aisha Z. Aisha Z. Jun 19 77 views

What does a regular day for an environmental engineer look like?

I am interested in environmental sciences/studies. I was looking at environmental engineer because I thought that would be interesting but I am not sure if that is really for me. What is it like to be an environmental engineer? #engineer #environmental-engineering #environmental-science...


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Scarleth S. Scarleth S. Jun 16 65 views

What to expect working as environmental engineer?

The career choice that I choose is an #environmental-engineering #engineer #environmental-science environmental engineer and I'm interested in how it would be to work as...

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Michael S. Michael S. Jun 04 187 views

Electrical engineering is my career goal?

I decided on this ever since, now I want to go forward with it. Where should I begin? #electrical-engineering #engineering...


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Michael S. Michael S. Jun 02 68 views

If I want to become an Engineer what would It take?

I know my career goals is to become an engineer. But currently I'm in High school and have no experience of such. Any tips? #career...


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Spencer T. Spencer T. May 28 85 views

Do you benefit more in becoming a Computer Scientist or as an Electrical Engineer?

Are there more advantages/incentives in becoming a Computer Scientist or an Electrical Engineer in a way that helps you earn a higher pay rate? #engineer...


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Nathan O. Nathan O. May 11 182 views

the process of becoming an engineer?

I always wanted to be an engineer....


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Estefania M. Estefania M. Apr 27 156 views

How can I find a biological engineering job in a small startup company?

I am a Biological Engineering major graduating this August from Purdue University and am having a hard time finding a full time job since I do not have any internship/ work experience. #engineer #jobs #first-job #work #human-resources #internships #biology...


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Lindsay C. Lindsay C. Apr 09 133 views

I'm currently studying ND: Electrical Engineering (Power Systems), where can I get a job preparing me for my Practice 1&2?

I'm currently studying ND: Electrical Engineering (Power Systems). If all goes well I will be doing my P1&P2 (in-serve/intern) next year. #engineer #electrical #electricalengineer #electricalengineering #intern #in-serve #internship #practice1 #noexperience #technology #power...


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Anne R. Anne R. Apr 08 239 views

Mechanical Engineering: Why Do you do it?

I need to interview a Mechanical Engineer for a school project. Could you kindly answer one or more of the following questions? This is for a career project. I am studying Mechatronics and am in 11th grade. 1.Why did you choose this job/career? 2. What do you do in a typical day? 3. What...

#career #engineer #mechanical