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Career Questions tagged Engineer

An Engineer involves the combination of science and math that lead to design or making something. From structural engineer to biomedical engineer, there are many associated career paths. For more...

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Celiang H. Oct 15 62 views
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Frankie L. Oct 15 51 views

What classes do I take if I want to be a mechanical engineer?

I am still in highschool. I just want to know what future classes I might take. engineer...


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Engoron L. Oct 15 43 views

What does a day in the life of a ML/AI engineer look like?

I'm curious as to how a genuine day in the life of a ML/AI engineer. I do have presumptions such as gathering data and cleaning data. However, it would be insightful to hear the most transparent experience of a ML/AI engineer from themselves. engineering engineer ai...


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Cameron S. Oct 08 72 views

Is a diesel mechanic have a good work enviorment?

I want to be a diesel mechanic diesel mechanical-engineer mechanical mechanics engineering engineer. I've always wanted to do this and was wondering if it was something I should try, this would tell me a...

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Jiarong J. Oct 06 99 views

While in college, how you prepare yourself to become a software engineer?

I am a High School Senior who has a strong passion in Computer Science and I am looking forward to become a Software Engineer. But I have a concern. According to Moore's law, "Computational progress will become significantly faster, smaller, and more efficient over time". I am worried that...

computer-engineering engineer technology computer-software computer

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Nazareth G. Oct 05 66 views
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Jake F. Sep 29 63 views

What kind of stuff can I learn for automotive class

I'd love to have my own auto shop one day and I love sports sports...


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Themba V. Sep 02 102 views

Personality Characteristics of mechanical engineering

Am Vusi from Evander am here to ask some few questions because am doing my school project engineer...


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Nicole J. Aug 13 113 views

What goes into being a Locomotive Engineer?

I have completed a college course and received a certificate in locomotive engineering, but i don’t know where to take it from here. engineer locomotiveengineer locomotive...


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Anthony C. Jul 30 146 views

What’s a good start to become a engineer

I want to know where would be a good start to becoming a engineer...


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Sebastian C. Jul 29 111 views

What should I do if I want to be a small time engineer

I feel as though in this time of age engineers are pretty much an essential if we want to create a future, our future may not be bright maybe we hit our wits end in developments but who says that we will stop. student...


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Gloria S. Jul 25 271 views

What skills are MUST for a career in engineering?

What are the most important skills a student interested in going into engineering should have since now? And what about the ones we might have to develop during college? career student civil-engineering engineering engineer math senior...


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Student L. Jul 09 206 views