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An Engineer involves the combination of science and math that lead to design or making something. From structural engineer to biomedical engineer, there are many associated career paths. For more...

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the process of becoming an engineer?

I always wanted to be an engineer....


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How can I find a biological engineering job in a small startup company?

I am a Biological Engineering major graduating this August from Purdue University and am having a hard time finding a full time job since I do not have any internship/ work experience. #engineer #jobs #first-job #work #human-resources #internships #biology...


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I'm currently studying ND: Electrical Engineering (Power Systems), where can I get a job preparing me for my Practice 1&2?

I'm currently studying ND: Electrical Engineering (Power Systems). If all goes well I will be doing my P1&P2 (in-serve/intern) next year. #engineer #electrical #electricalengineer #electricalengineering #intern #in-serve #internship #practice1 #noexperience #technology #power...


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Mechanical Engineering: Why Do you do it?

I need to interview a Mechanical Engineer for a school project. Could you kindly answer one or more of the following questions? This is for a career project. I am studying Mechatronics and am in 11th grade. 1.Why did you choose this job/career? 2. What do you do in a typical day? 3. What...

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Why should i join the engineering field

I'm looking to go into the engineering field I was just having trouble figuring out which one i should join #engineering...


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How realistic is it to pursue a job in robotics?

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I'm in 10th grade, I have a strong background in coding, and I'm doing accelerated courses so that I can do calculus and AP stats by the end of high-school. #engineer...


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What is the most important thing you must study to be an engineer?

engineers tend to study many other subjects in order to understand everything about engineering....


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How to become an IT engineer?



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I am interested in becoming an engineer but I don't know what different engineers do on a daily basis

I am Junior in high school interested in engineering and I want to figure out what engineering field to major in. I want to know what the day to day life looks like for different engineers. #college #high-school...


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Is work as an entry level aerospace engineer hands-on and experimental or hands-off observational?

#aerospace #aviation #engineer #entrylevel #aeronautical # #airline-industry #work #handson #stemcareers #technology I am a high school junior, and I am really considering pursuing a degree/career in aerospace engineering. I love physics and math. I am just worried about how much I'll actually...

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what i want do after engineering? after completing graduation.

can i take admission in mtech, and also can i find job or i will do preperation for gate exam....


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Any electrical engineers working in tech, such as software engr, big data, cybersecurity?

Hello, I am a junior studying electrical engineering. I am interested to learn from engineers who went into tech. what was your main reason? was it difficult to get into, and the prep you had to do? Finally, how do you cope with staring at code for a long period of time? #givingiscaring #tech...

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How exciting is it being an aerospace engineer? How practical?

I have been interested in engineering for a while and I am most interested in aerospace engineering. Am I better off getting a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering? And what opportunities are out there for an aerospace engineer? #aerospaceengineering #engineering...


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I'm stuck on choosing between engineer, dentist or business careers, where do i begin?

I enjoy playing sports, such as basketball, football and soccer. I would like to find something that will help financially. #dentistry, #engineer,...


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What do electrical engineers do?

I'm 15 years old. I'm not so creative and I'm not to good being social. I like the outdoors. I don't see myself as smart, but a lot of people think I am. #engineer #electrical...

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What is an average work day look like to aerospace engineer?

What do you do on a day to day basis. Take me step by step, what you would do on an average work day. Do you make plans, create new things, come up with ideas? #aerospace #nasa...


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What careers are available for NASCAR teams or the industry?

I like NASCAR and all aspects of it. I would be interested in getting involved in some way with NASCAR and auto racing. #nascar #engineer...


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What careers are available in the tractor engineering industry?

I like agricultural machines like tractors and combines. I like the engineering field and how things are made. #engineer #agriculture #agricultureengineer...


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What degree would be the best for an agricultural mechanic?

I like the agricultural field of engineering like tractors and similar machines. #agriculture #engineer #mechanic #agmechanic...


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How much does a top of the line mechanic make?

I have always been interested in mechanical engineering and wanted to know what are the basic tools and knowledge I need to get into this field work when am older. What can I do now to prepare to be a mechanic? #engineer...


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How many different fields are there in aerospace engineering?

10th grader who is undecided on what I want to be when I grow up but I'm curious with this career. #aerospace...