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Career Questions tagged Agriculture

Charles B.’s Avatar
Charles B. Mar 28 74 views

What are the steps that i need to take to start my own business and if i was able to grow my own garden what are things that I should prepare myself for?

I been doing garden work since I was in high school and i want to know what do i need to do so i can start my own garden business

Tanner V.’s Avatar
Tanner V. Apr 05, 2021 228 views

What is a good way for a young farmer to grow their operation?

#farmer #ag #agriculture

Ron K.’s Avatar
Ron K. Mar 25, 2021 251 views

Any advices? about agribusiness course, cause im a freshmen.

I am now currently struggling in Accounting 1 and I'm having a lack of motivation :'< #agribusiness #agriculture #motivation

Morgan W.’s Avatar
Morgan W. Feb 19, 2021 278 views

What degree would I need to work as a salesman for a seed company?

I’d like to help farmers be more efficient and get greater yields. #science #biology #agriculture #dekalb, #agleader #pioneer

Paige S.’s Avatar
Paige S. Feb 09, 2021 229 views

How do I get good dealing with Ag sales

#internships #agriculture

Paige S.’s Avatar
Paige S. Feb 09, 2021 336 views

How do you become successful In the agricultural world if your not a farmer

#farmer #jobs #agriculture #career

Paige S.’s Avatar
Paige S. Feb 09, 2021 229 views

I am looking to go into the Ag field but I am not sure what part, where could I go to collage to see more options.

#collage #agriculture #experience #internship

Tanner H.’s Avatar
Tanner H. Oct 29, 2020 201 views

What careers are available in the tractor engineering industry?

I like agricultural machines like tractors and combines. I like the engineering field and how things are made. #engineer #agriculture #agricultureengineer #tractor

Tanner H.’s Avatar
Tanner H. Oct 29, 2020 198 views

What degree would be the best for an agricultural mechanic?

I like the agricultural field of engineering like tractors and similar machines. #agriculture #engineer #mechanic #agmechanic #tractor

Anthony K.’s Avatar
Anthony K. Oct 28, 2020 340 views

How do I become a deer ranch manager?

I am very happy to start a deer farm but dont know how.#farming #agriculture

Magdalena R.’s Avatar
Magdalena R. Oct 27, 2020 230 views

How do we know if the colleges have Pre-Veterinary classes?

I love animals, I've rescued some off of the streets and took care of them like they were my own until I found good homes for them. If they had wounds I made sure to clean the wound, keep them nice and clean. I also have different types of animals. I've had reptiles, fish, some mammals, etc....

Braden R.’s Avatar
Braden R. Oct 27, 2020 216 views

What is it like be a pesticide handler?

I know that this is kind of a broad question, but I am just curious to see what pesticide handlers do on a daily basis. I am pretty interested in handling the chemicals and working with the sprayers/applicators and being able to set up the chemicals and everything by myself. I recently got a...

Morgan L.’s Avatar
Morgan L. Oct 23, 2020 308 views

What does a job in agriculture entail?

I'm looking into a job in animal agriculture, but would like to hear from someone in that field what the job is like, what it entails, and what a day in your life is like. How long are you working every day? How expensive is it to care for all the animals? Would it be better to have my own...

Morgan L.’s Avatar
Morgan L. Oct 23, 2020 312 views

I am a 12th grader looking to choose her career path, but I am stuck between two very different routes; agricultural/animal sciences, or art? How should I go about making this big decision?

Throughout high school, I've been interested in both science and art for a potential career path. I've been able to narrow my search to animal/agricultural sciences, or game design/animation. Is there any way to combine these interests into a future path? If not, what would be a smarter...

jade M.’s Avatar
jade M. Oct 22, 2020 770 views

Can chemical engineers work in the food and agriculture industry?

I have read that most chemical engineers work in the oil and gas industry, but I don't really want to work in that industry. My dream is to work in the food and agriculture industry. I would like to create fertilizers or new formulas for food. So can chemical engineers work in this industry or...

Iqra T.’s Avatar
Iqra T. Jul 17, 2020 391 views

Are you satisfied with your job? Is there anything you would change about it?

I'm just curious to see if the hours/pay/lifestyle is what you anticipated and whether or not you like it.

#jobs #agriculture #doctor #orthodontics #general #career #business #dentist # #surgeon #teacher #engineer #lawyer #politician #JULY20

Ramsey P.’s Avatar
Ramsey P. Mar 23, 2020 672 views

What careers should I look into?

For years I have been trying to figure out what career/field I should go into. I have been looking into healthcare, but I decided to consider other fields to make sure that's what I want to do. I am interested in math, science, technology, art, agriculture, and photography. I am also a people...

Nick V.’s Avatar
Nick V. Nov 20, 2019 256 views

Would it be smart to get a LLC or LTD?


Nick V.’s Avatar
Nick V. Nov 20, 2019 260 views

How hard was it to get a job?

#construction #agriculture

Ethan G.’s Avatar
Ethan G. Nov 14, 2019 280 views

how do i go to school for agriculture

i like agriculture and i want to open up my own greenhouse or i would like to become a DNR officer #agriculture

Christopher N.’s Avatar
Christopher N. Apr 29, 2019 307 views

For an AV technician, stagehand and DIY professional, how to get into argiculture

I've become an enthusiast for aquaponic and permaculture systems with automated features. Are there certificate programs or short term warm-up classes in this field for adults? I've graduated with BA in Entertainment Technology in 2012. I'd like to pursue this for alternative lifestyle and...

Caitlyn C.’s Avatar
Caitlyn C. Apr 18, 2018 439 views

Best way to prepare for the transition for a 2 year to a 4 year institution?

I am going to be transferring to a university this fall and am afraid I'm not going to know what to do and how to juggle my classes. The past 2 years I haven't had to study very hard and my schedules weren't difficult.
#college-transfer #agriculture

Caitlyn C.’s Avatar
Caitlyn C. Apr 18, 2018 443 views

What is the best way to study for Biochemistry?

I am a plant and soil major having to take biochem. The past 2 years I have been at a juco and now am transferring to a university. Any study techniques, material or ways to prepare for it are helpful!
#science #agriculture #biochemistry #biology #chemistry

Olivia P.’s Avatar
Olivia P. Apr 06, 2018 383 views

I want to go into Ag Law what are some good internships that will help me in college?

#agriculture #aglawdegree #internships

Rosa H.’s Avatar
Rosa H. Apr 06, 2018 486 views

What are some colleges that will allow me to major both in agriculture and photography?

#agriculture #photography

Rosa H.’s Avatar
Rosa H. Apr 06, 2018 362 views

Are there any jobs that involve photography and agriculture together?

I enjoy both photography and agriculture but I am not sure which would be better to major in. I was wondering if there is a job that allows me to do both.

#Photography #agriculture

Daeja S.’s Avatar
Daeja S. Mar 19, 2018 624 views

How do I follow my passions with parents who don't support them?

O.k so I love drawing, the marijuana industry, and farming to my CORE! I wanna learn more about them and make a career around it but my parent won't support me if I do these things. Should I study them in secret or just do it anyway? #drawing #art #marijuana #agriculture #parenting...

Kinley W.’s Avatar
Kinley W. Mar 07, 2018 577 views

I'm wanting to go into Crop Advancement for my major, which is 82% males comapre to female, and I was wondering if I have trouble landing a job being a female in this field?

I was planning in college to try and get an internship with a company with a grain buyer. While getting my major in Crop Advancement, and minor in Farm Management. #agriculture

Madison P.’s Avatar
Madison P. Jan 20, 2018 436 views

What is the day in the life of a lobbyist like?

I am aware that many days are spent on capitol hill (normally at the state level), but what do the other days look like? Is it more of a work from home type job, etc? #agriculture #lobbyist

Madison P.’s Avatar
Madison P. Jan 20, 2018 1160 views

What is the best course of action through college (majors and internships) for someone interested in becoming a lobbyist for agriculture?

I am interested in becoming a lobbyist, specifically for agriculture. I am currently a business: marketing major. I was wondering if this is a good track to remain on or if I need to go into something along the lines of Political Science. I am aware that I will also have to go back for my...