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Career Questions tagged Agriculture

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Mar 20 37 views

How long and how difficult are college classes for a person who wants to study agriculture?

In Arizona

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Paul Mar 20 56 views

How do plants work?

how do they grow when they are in the dirt

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Samuel Mar 20 42 views

How many years of education to be in agriculture?

In state of arizona

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Eliel Mar 20 20 views

What diploma do you need to be an agriculturist?

To start working

Adan’s Avatar
Adan Mar 20 48 views

Does agriculture require only basic manual labor?

I would like to grow in agriculture but i feel like just taking care of the plants woudn't be exciting enough for me, is there other things that would require harder work to do? Or is it simply just watering plants.

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Mar 20 29 views

How can you improve in agriculture by being useful ?

trying to find ways to upgrade by working in agriculture

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Jancarlo Mar 20 23 views

How many years do I need for a good agriculture career?

what good careers can i get

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edwin Mar 20 26 views

What is the best school from agriculture?

In california

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Mar 20 22 views

Is agriculture a profitable industry?

In Arizona is agriculture a good investment?

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Dylan Mar 20 35 views

What is the best school for agriculture??

A school that will give you more understanding of Agriculture

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Rafael Mar 20 38 views

Is agriculture a good industry?

I want to know if agriculture makes good money and has good job security.

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melissa Mar 20 28 views

What is the best school for agriculture?

In Arizona , to get a bachelors Degree

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Mar 20 37 views

How much does an agricultural make ?

In Phoenix Az.

melissa’s Avatar
melissa Mar 20 36 views

How many years of college does it take to graduate as an Agriculture?

Bachelor degree

dylan’s Avatar
dylan Mar 20 22 views

how can i become a succesful farmer?

i want to start my own farm

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Elizabeth Mar 20 36 views

How much do agriculture makes per year?

Starting wage

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Ricardo Mar 20 29 views

which tools to start agriculture?

what you need to start as a farmer you need a pickup truck, utility vehicle, blades and lawn care equipment. These are all tools you need whether you can afford them or not this is the easiest way to do so.

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Junior Mar 20 12 views

How many hours in agriculture do they have to work?

on a normal day

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Wendy Mar 20 12 views

How much do agriculture's get paid ?

after college

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kayla Mar 20 17 views

What should first before owning a rose bush?

I wanna have a rose bush in my garden but I don't know what i should do first.

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Liah Mar 20 17 views

how can i start practicing cultivating soil?

idk plis teach me

Enrique’s Avatar
Enrique Mar 20 33 views

What are all the types of works related to agriculture?

What are all the types of works related to agriculture?

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Mar 20 16 views

Is agriculture hard?

Please help lol

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Francisco Mar 20 30 views

What is agriculture and how much it take ?

What is agriculture and how much it take?

francisco’s Avatar
francisco Mar 20 40 views

What is the best school to become an agriculture in Arizona?

What is the best school to become an agriculture in Arizona?

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Karla Mar 20 49 views

Which kinds of pests can you find in farms?

I've heard that Locusts can be found but I'm not sure if that's true or not. There are several pests that exist but I don't really know which ones can be found.

Solanch’s Avatar
Solanch Mar 20 32 views

How is your product grown?

How is this prepared? Sometimes the stands at farmers markets have products that you are not familiar with.

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Galilea Mar 20 41 views

What is Agriculture?

Agriculture encompasses crop and livestock production, aquaculture, fisheries and forestry for food and non-food products.

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Cera Mar 06 150 views

Should I take classes that I enjoy or ones that will help me in the future?

At my school, we can take special classes out of the school, like nursing prep, horticulture, culinary, etc. that I'm interested in. I'm torn between multiple though, Culinary, Horticulture, Agriculture, and Educational Careers. Would it be smarter to take the class that will be more beneficial...

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Brady Feb 14 105 views

how difficult can farming be?

how expensive will it be?