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Healthcare focuses on the maintenance and improvement of health. Many careers support healthcare such as doctors, nurses, hospital staff and medical research. For more information, please read below.

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How did you get to where you are today?

I'm training to become a Medical Administrative Assistant. #medical #healthcare #medicine #administrative-assistant #hospital-and-health-care #career-pathway...

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What made you wan to pursue your current career?

I am currently in training to become an Medical Administrative Assistant and would like to know a few things before I continue with my training. #medical #healthcare #medicine #administrative #assistant...


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Elisa A. Oct 08 10 views

what values do you have in your profession as a pharmacy technician?

Hi my name is Elisa and the trade I'm going into is pharmacy technician , I was wondering if I can get any advice #pharmacy...


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Mary E. Oct 08 8 views

How long it will take to be a CMA?

I am Lily 18 years old, currently at Job Corps, I will be taking a Clinical Medical Assistant and I have a question regarding the trade that I will take. #medicine #cma #clinicalmedicalassistant #healthcare...


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What part about being a nurse's assisstant would you say is the most challenging?

My name is Ashley, I'm interested in becoming a CNA, I would like to know what are some challenges that come up while working in this field and have you ever felt discouraged about the career path you've chosen? #nursing #nurse #cna #certifiednursesassisstant #medicine #healthcare...


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How much do nurses make?

I really like nursing , because it's the most important for everyone for their lives..... #nurse #nursing #healthcare...


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What are some qualities that are required to be a physical therapist?

I’m very patient and cooperative with other people, but I’m still very shy and trying to break out of my shell. I feel like at first I’m awkward talking to people that I don’t know, I’m hoping I’ll continue to grow more out of it. #physical-therapy...


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How hard the Medical Office Support ??

i really need an experience of the Trade i like.....but my English is not really Good... #...


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How do you deal with stressfull patients

In the future, i want to be a registered nurse. They are needed right now in the medical field, and i like to help people and listen to them. #healthcare...


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what is the hardest thing you had to do within the medical field as a pediatric nurse such as turning someone away because medicine cost or turning away in general

I want to become a pediatric nurse in Brooklyn, New York or in California. I want to work in a poor city to help others who can't afford health care such as surgeries, medicine, operations or other procedures. In the future , after I am well known for great things in the medical field, I...

#nurse #healthcare

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What is the best degree level for bioengineering?

I'm considering a career in bioengineering. From my research, the absolute minimum degree level is a bachelor's degree. If I want to make medical advancements in the field, will a bachelor's suffice, or will I have to look on to a higher degree? #biology #science #degree #medicine #medical...

#engineering #healthcare #bioengineering

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