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Healthcare focuses on the maintenance and improvement of health. Many careers support healthcare such as doctors, nurses, hospital staff and medical research. For more information, please read below.

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JayCee H. 2 days ago 18 views

What are the best part and worst part of your job?

I'm looking to join the medical field, and I want to know if it is for me. #medicine #healthcare #nurse...


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JayCee H. 2 days ago 17 views

Would you rather do something else in the same field?

I am thinking of joining the medical field and I'm want to "know what I'm getting myself into" #medicine #healthcare #nurse...


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JayCee H. 2 days ago 13 views

What do you do?

I'm interested in joining a medical field but I'm not sure if being a nurse or admin is the way to go. #healthcare #medicine #nurse...


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Beautiful D. 2 days ago 12 views

How long will it take to go from Cna to a Neonatal Nurse?

My name is BeautifulReality Divine, I am 17 years old & I attend the Paul Simon job corps ! I'm interested in eventually becoming a neonatal nurse. My trade is currently cna. #nursing #nurse #neonatal #medicine...


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Amanda C. Feb 24 9 views

How can I volunteer to improve Chicago-area healthcare?

I am a pre-med student at Purdue majoring in Public Health looking for more clinical experience. I am interested in healthcare disparities and epidemiology. Additionally, I am interested in the specialties OBGYN, endocrinology, cardiology, pulmonology, dermatology, and urology, but I am open to...

#healthcare #premed #chicago #medicine

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Aynaz F. Feb 18 48 views

Where should I apply for a job

I’m so interested in the medical field and I’m hoping to pursue a career in this field in the future. If like to start from now to build my resume towards volunteer hours and jobs related to the medical field so it would help me get in the medical school. #medicine #volunteer...


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Antonio C. Feb 17 29 views

How does this site work?

Current undergraduate student. Looking for work and medical experience. # #healthcare #therapy #aide #athletictrainer...


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Minu S. Feb 17 22 views

How is the experience as an obgyn doctor

I'm planning to take up obgyn as my pg specialty this year.. I am confused between obgyn and dermatology. I wish to know how hard is the life of an obgyn.. Whether all the stress and hardworking is rewarding or disappointing #medicine #doctor #healthcare...


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Mariam A. Feb 12 77 views

How do I get the opportunity to shadow someone?

I want to shadow a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dieticians, and registered nurse (and maybe even a therapist). How do I do that? If anyone is one of the professions in Chicago please let me know if I can shadow you! Also are there any internships in the medical field! Thank you!...

#doctor #medicine #physicianassistant #healthcare #dietician #nurse #medical #nursepractitioner

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Karen B. Jan 29 39 views

Are there opportunities for professional development has a CMAA

Very well organized , love interacting with new people, always go above and beyond # #career #medical administrative-assistant#...


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Marlene U. Feb 03 60 views

What courses should I take in college? How should I prepare for med school?

I'm currently at job corps for CNA training, but I'm working towards becoming a General Pediatrician in the future. Looking for advice of the best paths to take to becoming a General Pediatrician. I'm aware of the long journey ahead of me, but I'm also willing to work hard to get there. Any...

#doctor #pediatrics #cna #medicine #healthcare #pediatrician

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Janis S. Feb 04 58 views

Will there be opportunities to continue my education in the position I am hired to do?

I am a CMAA student and hope to find a permanent career as a medical administrative assistant in the helping field. #medicine #healthcare #career-counseling #career #medical #hospital #human services...


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Josie P. Feb 04 37 views

What are some good volunteering programs for high school students interested in nursing?

I am located in Belton, MO and I'm hoping to volunteer so I can learn about being a nurse! #nursing #nurse #medicine...


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Trinity W. Feb 04 59 views
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Dorothy C. Feb 04 39 views

10. Why should we hire you?

I am interested in a career in the health care industry. And I was just wondering if someone could help answer a few questions. #nursing...


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Dorothy C. Feb 04 32 views

3. Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you overcome it.

I am interested in a career in the health care industry. And I was just wondering if someone could help answer a few questions. #healthcare #cna...


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Anjali P. Feb 04 25 views

How do I know if my CNA license is still valid?

I became a CNA in Illinois in May 2017, worked for a private PRN company during the summer of 2018. I know there's some rule about working at least one shift every 2 years to keep your license but I've never gotten anything in the mail to tell me if my license is expiring soon or not. Any...

#nursing #medicine #healthcare #nurse #medical #career #cna #license

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Janis S. Jan 28 58 views

Do my credentials qualify me for the position?

Hello, I am a current student going for my CMAA. I have years of life experience and office skills with a Bachelor's degree in human services. I do not have any years of experience working in the medical field or a medical office, but do have experience working in an office as an administrative...

#nursing #healthcare #cmaa #medical