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Career Questions tagged Neuroscience

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Erika Apr 27 288 views

Is it hard to become a neuropsychologist ?

If yes, could you explain why?

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Mehakpreet Mar 18 180 views

I want to be a neuroscientist. In September, I'll be attending university for BScH in Neuroscience. Should I double major in Neuroscience and Computer Science? This will take 5 years instead of the usual four.

I am going to Canada (from India) to study neuroscience. I'm just wondering if computer would be helpful in neuroscience. Remember that I really love Computer, know C and Java, but I would have so many things going on provided research, extracurricular activities, volunteering, and so on.

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Emily Jan 24 252 views

Does anyone know of any internship/program opportunities in STEM?

I'm currently on the hunt for some easier to get into internship/program opportunities in computer science, artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering, and neuroscience. So far, I have found opportunities, but with low acceptance rates, and I need some back up options to fall back on. The...

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Maya Jun 08, 2021 262 views

How can I become involved in the field of behavioral neuroscience as a high school student?

As a high school student, I have heard that colleges are looking to see that you are taking interest in a field of study.
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Kenzanie Jun 06, 2021 317 views

What does it take to work In neuroscience and how much does it pay?

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Dey'ja May 12, 2021 201 views

What would you like to learn more about in your field of expertise ?

I am Honest, ethical, conscientious #neurology #neuroscience #astrophysics

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Alissa Apr 23, 2021 269 views

How do I figure out what major to choose?

What jobs are available in the field of neuroscience or cognitive science? How different are they actually from each other? How does physiological psychology fit differ as well? #neuroscience #neurology #college #study

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Abigail Apr 02, 2021 393 views

Is outsourcing a problem in the biomedical engineering / neuroengineering field?

I am a student planning to major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience in hopes of being competitive in the field of neuroengineering. Specifically, I would like to work on the development of neuroprosthetics. I know that outsourcing is a bit of a problem in other engineering...

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Apr 02, 2021 432 views

What is a good education pathway for a career in neuroprosthetics?

I am currently a student planning to major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience in hopes of being competitive in the neuroengineering industry. Specifically, I want to work developing neuroprosthetics. For anyone working in the field, do you have any advice for getting a foot...

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Shavone Oct 10, 2020 297 views

What is the salary and everyday work routine of a neurpsychologist?

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Olivia Jul 30, 2020 313 views

Is it possible to study specific disorders/syndromes in Neuroscience during undergrad years?

I'm really interested in majoring in Neuroscience and have heard about interesting syndromes and disorders like Savant Syndrome. I would love to be able to study this and I'd like to know if I have a chance to do that during my undergrad years. #JULY20 #neuroscience #college #research #study...

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Olivia Jul 19, 2020 297 views

What are the best colleges for studying Neuroscience?

I'm a rising senior in high school and really interested in majoring in Neuroscience for college. Any schools strong in this subject? Preferably on the west coast? Thanks!

#college #neuroscience #JULY20 #biology

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Jishnav Jul 14, 2020 492 views

As someone interested in Neuroscience as a possible career, would electrical/electronic engineering be a good major?

Since the body's nervous system uses a series of electrical impulses to relay messages, I feel like this electronic/electrical engineering would be a good discipline to pursue. I could possibly minor in neuroscience, but also have available a wide array of career paths in both engineering...

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Jishnav Jul 09, 2020 503 views

What is the difference between electrical and electronic engineering? Which will be better for the future?

I am a 11th grade high school student who is interested in neuroscience as well as engineering. Since the body's nervous system uses a variety of electrical impulses to function, I thought what better way to combine the two principle than getting an engineering degree. Now, I am not sure...

Jishnav’s Avatar
Jishnav Jul 09, 2020 407 views

Should I get a bachelors in Biomedical Engineering? should I go for a more traditional engineering pathway with a minor in biomedical engineering/ neuroscience/ biology? or solely pursue neuroscience?

I am a High school student who is intuitive and drawn to both engineering and the brain. I am currently not sure whether Engineering or neuroscience will be better with me. Upon thorough research I have come to the conclusion that pursuing a bachelors in an engineering principle will provide me...

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Samyukta Jun 27, 2020 9108 views

What's the exact difference between a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist and a Neurologist?

I know the gist of the differences between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist...but it would really help to know the exact differences {including average salary differences} between these three branches. #psychiatry #psychology #counseling #neuroscience #medical #doctor #medicine

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Charlize Jun 24, 2020 461 views

What are some job prospects for a Neuroscience major?

I'm entering college in the fall and planning to major in Neuroscience on a pre-med track. Just in case I don't pursue going to medical school, I was wondering if there are any job prospects for this major, like a back-up plan? In all honesty, I'm fearful that I might pursue the wrong major...

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Jane Jun 19, 2020 956 views

What is the most useful minor to pair with a Cog Sci major?

#cogsci #cognitive-science #cs #major #choosing-a-major #college-major #college-minor #computer-science #psychology #neuroscience

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jun 19, 2020 349 views

Other than crisis hotlines, are their any specific remote volunteer opportunities to gain experience in the field of psychology/neuroscience?

Undergrad neuroscience student pursuing a career in research
#psychology #volunteer #career-path #neuroscience

Effie’s Avatar
Effie Jun 11, 2020 1202 views

Can I work in comms fields (marketing, pr, etc.) with a Bachelor's in neuroscience?

I'm really intrigued with this subject and riveted to learn more to satisfy my curiosity. However, I can't see myself doing either research based or medical based jobs. I'd like to delve into the creative industry such as Marketing, Advertising and Design. Since there are bootcamps and...

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Jane May 28, 2020 660 views

What careers can you be from a Cognitive Science major?

#cogsci #cognitive #major #computer-science #computer-science #science #career #psychology #neuroscience

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Christopher May 15, 2020 1316 views

Are there any established fields in which neuroscience and marine biology mix?

I was previously a marine biology major prior to switching to neuroscience. #marine-biology #neuroscience

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Christopher May 15, 2020 332 views

Do certificate coarse add to a science related resume (neuroscience) such as certificate coarse from coursera or edX?

Undergraduate student studying neuroscience and psychology #psychology #neuroscience #biology

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Christopher May 15, 2020 404 views

What are career path's after attaining a bachelor's degree for behavioral neuroscience?

Undergraduate student studying psychology and neuroscience #college #psychology #degree #neuroscience #college-major

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Makayla May 14, 2020 466 views

What are different types of neuroscience careers you can get with an MD?

I am in my last year of undergraduate for a neuroscience major and just started thinking I want to do pre-med. But, I am struggling with what speciality I would wanna do with an in MD related to neuroscience . I am very interested in forensics so like forensic neuropathology (but scared I might...

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Olivia May 05, 2020 380 views

Are there any internships/volunteering for fields of Neuroscience in the Bay Area?

#bayarea #volunteer #internship #neuroscience #neuroscientist #biology

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Olivia May 05, 2020 461 views

What is the difference between Neuroscience and Neurobiology?

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Olivia May 05, 2020 358 views

If I want to major in Neuroscience and had to choose between high school courses of AP Calc and AP Psych, which should I choose to get into colleges?

#neuroscience #college #neurosciencemajor #calculus #psychology #highschool

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Annapoorna Jan 17, 2020 461 views

Will i be able to get a better job studying neuroscience?

#communication #neuroscience #science

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Archana Oct 20, 2019 475 views

What can I do now to become a therapist or psychologist?

I am in 9th grade (14 yrs old), and I want to major in psychology or neuroscience in college. What are things I can do know to get into good psychology or neuroscience programs for college. I know that I need good grades, but what are some specific internships or research opportunities I should...