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What Colleges are the most beneficial in the area of Neuro-Surgery?

Hi! I'm a 7th grader from Pikeville High School in Pikeville, KY.. I am presently participating in a S.T.E.M. Camp through the Verizon Innovations in Learning. We are discussing Career Choices. I would love to be a neurosurgeon, but I am not too sure about colleges for neurosurgery....

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What’s the best major to pursue in order to become a neurosurgeon

I have little guidance from family members due to their lack of knowledge about college, therefore I’d like to have a better idea of what I’m getting into. I’ve narrowed down the choices to cellular and molecular biology and biomedical sciences. Are either of these two good choices or no? If...

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I want to become a neurosurgoen in the future

What advice can you give me to help me achieve my goals? Do you enjoy doing neurosurgery? What steps did you take to become a neurosurgeon? What are some challenges you faced along the way? How many years did it take you to get to where you are know? What collage did you go to? How did you pay...

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Is a surgeon a good career to have?

I am really interested in being a surgeon. But you have to go to school for a long time. Is it worth all the time at school. Does it have good pay? #surgeon #surgery #medical-school #neurosurgeon #career...


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Do the deaths that you cause and could have prevented as a neurosurgeon stay with you neurologically?

I am intending to become a neurosurgeon after i finish med school. But the thought of constantly being haunted by preventable deaths lingers in the back of my mind. #medicine...


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Ally H. Oct 24, 2016 445 views

What is the most important thing to know before becoming a surgeon?

I have wanted to be a doctor ever since I was four, and I am trying now to narrow down my field of interest. My little sister has had many surgeries in her lifetime, so I have had lots of exposure to the world of medicine. Therefore, I am examining the field of surgery and how that could fit...

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What are work hours like as a neurosurgeon?

A good answer will speak about general hours and also emergency calls. #neurosurgeon #medicine...


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How do I get into an Ivy League college?

I'm moving in with my dad because my mom and her boyfriend don't have any room for me. The school where my dad lives is terrible. It's in the bottom 20 schools based on academics in my state. I'm not a rich person who was sent to a prep school. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a janitor. I told...

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What should I expect going into medical school?

I would like to know what i can expect so that way i can properly learn how to handle it before i go. #pediatrician #neurosurgeon #plastic-surgeon #cardiologist #medicine #hospital-and-health-care...


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How much money will you make being a doctor?

My name is Desiree , I am 15 years old. My mom works at the hospital , I look up to her and want to do what she does. I would love to take care of people or be a pediatrician. #pediatrician #neurosurgeon #medical-assistant #dermatologist #epidemiologist #allergist...


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How to become a Neurosurgeon?

Okay so I have a question or multiple. I am very uneducated about all of this. I am already taking college classes now. Is there anyway I could just go straight into medical school? What is residency? If it is what I am thinking is there anyway to do reisdency in another state or do you have to...

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Is it hard finding time for family and your own time when being a doctor?

One of my career choices is to be a doctor, specifically a neurosurgeon or neurologist. #doctor #pre-med #neurology...


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What challenges are present in the daily lives of neurosurgeons?

I am curious because I am interested in this career but I want to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, especially the challenges in the everyday lives of neurosurgeons so that I can get an insight into what my life would be like. #surgeon #neuroscience...


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For me to become a neurosurgeon, do I have to complete my residency ?

I am a senior in high school , and I want to become a neurosurgeon. I know that I have to do 4 years in college, and 4 years in medical school. What about the residency? What's the least amount of time can I do? #doctor #neurosurgeon...


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How do you become a successful brain surgeon?

I am putting this question because I would like to be a neurosurgeon. #medicine #university #surgery #phd #neurology...


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How many years and what classes do i have to take to be a successful neuroscientist ?

I'm a junior in high school and i'm really interested in neuroscience , but i don't know what i'd actually have to study and how long it would take to finish school or how many degrees i need #neuroscience #neurology...


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Is becoming a neurosurgeon a wise decision and does it pay off in the long run?

I am interested in this career and I want to know if I am wasting my time.......


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How hard is it to become an Neurosurgeon ?

I'm a sophomore in high school and i really want to be Neurosurgeon. #doctor...


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Can you work anywhere in the world if your a neurosurgeon ?

Im a sophomore in High school that really wants to be a neurosurgeon. But i want to live in Africa one day. #doctor...


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Is it hard to get a job after college when your a neurosurgeon ?

Im a sophomore in High school and i really want to be a neurosurgeon. #doctor...


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How much schooling does the average neurosurgeon need ?

I'm a sophomore in high school and i want to be aneurosurgeon . However i don't want to go to school for super long. #doctor...


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Is it sometimes overwhelming to see inside of a brain for neurosurgeon ?

I'm a sophomore in High school who wants to be a surgeon one day. But I'm not sure i want to see the inside of a brain everyday. Does that mean the job isn't for me ? #doctor...


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How much do you get paid a year if you are a neurosurgeon?

wage-nuerosurgeon Note from admin: this student is asking about annual compensation for a neurosurgeon. #medicine #healthcare #health...