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Career Questions tagged Medical

There are a large number of careers in the Medical field. Some of the most popular include Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Optician, and various careers focused on medical technology. To learn...

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daylan 2 days ago 33 views

What is a day like working in the medical field?

What is a day like working in the medical field?

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Aedan Sep 25 70 views

what is the future advancements for stem cell research?

What are the future advancements to be made with the stem cells?

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Baylie Sep 22 86 views

What is the medical field like?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm interested in working in the medical field, mainly pararescue in the military or working in a hospital or OB/GYN. I am leaning more towards being a pararescue but I'm not 100% sure what I want to do for a job yet. If anyone has any advice in any of those...

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Casandra Sep 22 100 views

how did it feel during the process of medical assisting to get to where you are now?

Hi my name is Casandra and I am a 19-year-old student at job corps . I am starting off my career as a medical administration and moving next to medical assisting and would really appreciate some advice from someone in my place .

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Tamyria Sep 16 77 views


What is the easy way to calm a patient down when they are about to have their blood drawn ?

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Betz Sep 09 79 views

What is your best advice on transitioning from academia into a medical science liaison position in a biotech/pharma company without industry experience or an internship?

hat is your best advice on transitioning from academia into a medical science liaison position in a biotech/pharma company without industry experience or an internship?

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Johnny-Angel Aug 23 138 views

What was one of the most challenging aspects of becoming a Nurse Anesthetist?

I am looking for advice on becoming a nurse anesthetist and wondering what tribulations might unfold. Thanks for any tips/advice :)

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Jessica Aug 23 107 views

Is psychology worth it?

I’m in a college course in high school right now and I always say it when asked what major I’m interested in. I don’t want to be in the medical field, too much stress but psychology or therapy is the same isn’t it

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Hector Aug 16 216 views

Medical Asssistant

Medical Assistant
Does this career of medical assistant come naturally and if yes how did you obtain the skills or ability to do so ?

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Kamari Aug 16 142 views

Do Nurses Become Desensitized to Their Work?

Hi! I'm very curious about pursuing nursing. But I am a bit nervous that I won't be able to handle the "gross" things, such as removing deadpans, cleaning people, etc. Is there a way or any tips that help you get used to these stuff?

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Duranah Aug 12 149 views

how much do medical assistants make?

I plan to work in the medical field

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Christopher Aug 09 202 views


What can you tell me about the proper procedures and steps towards becoming an anesthesiologist?

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Erica Jul 28 241 views

How worthy is it to take a BS/MD program if you want to be a doctor?

As a pre-health student in high school, I've always wondered if the BS/MD program is worthy because I'm worried about costs and not being able to graduate with my friends. What's your advice on that?

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Marco Jul 20 88 views

What classes do I take in college?

Working towards becoming a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and don't know what classes to take when I get to college.

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Marco Jul 20 217 views

What are the proper steps to become Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Working towards GED, thinking what steps I need to take to become CRNA.

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Nijae Jul 19 259 views

what is the difference between an EMT and a Paramedic?

Im taking EMT I'm trying to see what's the difference.

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Aedan Jul 16 169 views

Is there a future in medical technology?

Is there a possible future in medical technology like surgery robots, and how would you get there?

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Demi Jul 14 240 views

What does it take to become a Sports Medicine Doctor?

What does it take to become a Sports Medicine Doctor? Also, what is a good major in college to study for this career?

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Melanie Jun 17 163 views

workers in the medical field what made you realize being in the medical field was right for you?

I plan to work in the medical field and I want to know what other people with experience in that field think of it

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Alexandria Jun 10 202 views

What are somethings you can do to stand out in medical school?

As a medical student are there any remote opportunities, professional development, or career advice to help students differentiate from others in securing a job?

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Zainab May 24 200 views

How to Ace your Certified Clinical Medical Assistant examination?

Tip and strategies

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Sulani May 16 180 views

Basics of Nursing

Any advice on studying the basics of nursing like fundamentals, dosage calculations, pharmacology, maternity and anything similar?

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Marquessa May 16 187 views

What is the required education to become an x-ray technician?

I am using mypace to decide what I wish to do, but it does not say the required education level, I am wondering if I'd need through college or medical school to become an x-ray technician, or if a highschool education will be enough.

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jaycea May 10 198 views

How do I get into a good medical school with the strengths I have and the hobbies I have ? What do I need to change to be mindset ready to be a General Surgeon ?

If my strengths are helping others and learning new things fast and my hobbies are cooking and dancing what type of careers would fit me ? What other strengths or experiences I might need to achieve my dream job and career?

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Awais May 08 191 views

What do i need to get in dental field

am looking into getting in medical career any advice on what to take and what college more specifically my goal is to get in dental field

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David May 08 212 views

Hello, I'm Dave, I'm looking for ways to get advice from Professionals here, especially in the medical field. I anticipate for an honest reply

Hello, I'm Dave, a Grade 10 student currently in Nigeria. I love subjects such as Biology and Computer. My dream of being a doctor is what I want to achieve

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jaycea May 05 282 views

What would be the best college to attend to, to become a General Surgeon ? ?

What would be the best college to attend to, to become a General Surgeon ? ?

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Carlos May 02 172 views

What have been the biggest mistakes that have happened in cardiology?

hello everyone I would like to know a lot about cardiology

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Elijah May 02 221 views

Biomedical Engineers do you find happiness in what you do?

I'm trying to find a career that brings me happiness along with the small bonus of eating food and not living on the street of course?

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Elijah Apr 27 245 views

Biomedical Engineers: What would you say an average week is like?

I'm curious about the field and was wondering what the average work week looks like.