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Career Questions tagged Oncology

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 27, 2022 319 views

How can I pick between 3 specialties I really want to do?

I start my first year of Physician Assistant school this fall. I already know I'm interested in pediatrics, behavioral health, and oncology. How can I decide what to do between those 3? #healthcare #medicine #college #medical #pediatrics #psych #oncology #physicianassistant

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Oct 19, 2021 518 views

What's the hours, working conditions and salary for a pediatric oncologist nurse?

#pediatrics #medicine #nursing #oncology

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Oct 19, 2021 293 views

Whats the worst and best parts of being a pediatric oncologist nurse

#pediatrics #nurse #medicine #oncology

Jaayna’s Avatar
Jaayna Mar 20, 2021 486 views

How would I go about becoming an ultrasound technician?

I am in an early college high school with my associate's in science but I want to be an ultrasound technician. #technician #medicine #oncology #doctor #high-school

skye’s Avatar
skye Nov 05, 2020 329 views

how can i become a FBI agent

like what would it take to become that #oncology #homicide-detective #forensics

lolann’s Avatar
lolann Sep 29, 2020 253 views

Would a pediatric oncology nurse fit me?

I like kids
I enjoy helping others
I work well with others
I enjoy making people feel good about themselves
I strive to make people feel their best when they are at their worst
#Pediatric Nurse

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Mar 26, 2020 385 views

What is it like to be an Oncologist?

Primarily, I am curious to know what the working hours, the flexibility of work hours, the levels of stress, and the job salaries are. Also, are there any location restrictions to this career? #oncologist #oncology

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Mar 26, 2020 278 views

What is involved in becoming an oncologist?

I am most interested in learning how much schooling is involved and how long that will take. Additionally, how much stress does this cause? Will the coursework bog you down? How hard is it to get into medical school? #oncology #oncologist

Diamond’s Avatar
Diamond Aug 23, 2018 458 views

How can I better my chances of getting accepted to medical school?

I am currently a biology major at Old Dominion University.
#Oncologist #oncology #doctor #medicine #med-school #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 16, 2018 625 views

What would be the best curriculum for undergrad to apply for any top P.A. program?

Currently enrolled in college to start all undergrad work towards becoming a P.A.

#medicine #pediatrics #physician-assistant #oncology

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Sep 01, 2017 851 views

What is a day in the life of a pediatric oncologist like?

I'm interested in pediatric oncology but am worried that I am not fit for this type of emotional job #medicine #pediatric-oncology #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #oncology #pediatrics

isabella’s Avatar
isabella Nov 16, 2016 811 views

is it necessary to study physics in high school to be paediatric oncologist?

I'm going to be paediatric oncologist so i'm studying chemistry in high school should i study physics? or i can study it in the university? #doctor #medicine #oncology #oncologist #pediatric-oncology

isabella’s Avatar
isabella Nov 15, 2016 742 views

should i study physics in high school because i want to be paediatric oncologist?

i want to be paediatric oncologist in the future so i should study physics ? becouse im studying now chemistry. #medicine #pediatrics #oncology #pediatric-oncology

Shelby’s Avatar
Shelby May 24, 2016 653 views

how would i go about scholing to become a pediatric oncologist nurse?

I am thinking this is something I would really like to do, but because it is so specific I dont know how to go about my schooling #nurse #oncology #pediatric

Dominica’s Avatar
Dominica May 18, 2016 617 views

What specific skills does one need to be an oncologist?

I'm Dominica and a junior in high school. I have a passion for the medical field and I want to be an oncologist because I want to save the lives of cancer patients, and end up finding a cure for cancer. #psychology #pediatrics #pharmacy #oncology #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

Sierra ’s Avatar
Sierra May 17, 2016 718 views

How difficult is it to become an oncologist?

This is my future job goals. #doctor #medicine #oncology

Sierra ’s Avatar
Sierra May 17, 2016 630 views

How much schooling does it take to be an oncologist?

I want to becom this. #doctor #oncology

Sage’s Avatar
Sage May 17, 2016 685 views

What is the best college for me

I want and will become a Surgeon no matter what it takes, and I would like to know what college is the best fit for my preferences. Pediatric Surgeon specializing in Oncology, what college, in or out of state (Utah) would fit this description best. #doctor #pediatrics #surgery #surgeon #oncology

Aubree ’s Avatar
Aubree May 17, 2016 840 views

I am also considering being an Oncologist, I want to know what your average day is like?

Just trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. #doctor #doctorate-degree #oncology #science #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

Angie’s Avatar
Angie May 16, 2016 742 views

What is it like to work in a hospital with children who have cancer?

My other career is to be children's cancer hospital because I want to help kids with cancer and make their life better and try to help them with their life's and their dream to be because I always think what happen if one of my family has cancer and I don't want anyone to die from cancer. I...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 15, 2016 821 views

With better cancer medications available, is a career in radiation therapy a good career to get into or is it slowing down?

I am starting college in the fall for pre-radiation therapy. Getting into a radiation therapy program is very difficult as they only take 7 student. So, I know that they are not graduating many therapists per year. Also, there are only 2 universities in my state that even offer the program....

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa May 14, 2016 1085 views

About how long would it take to become an Oncologist?

I have a great passion to become an oncologist due to life experiences therefore I was wondering how long does it take. Either way, I'm always going to want to follow that career path #pre-med #oncology

Anacia’s Avatar
Anacia Mar 01, 2016 938 views

I wanted to major in the Biology field in college, I was wondering how will Biology really play a major role in me pursuing my career path in the Medical field, in terms of the process?

When it comes down to what I know, I know that with either being a Dentist, Oncologist, or an Orthopedic Surgeon, I know that I will ultimately have to major in Biology in college for the four years and get my Bachelors Degree. I currently take AP Biology as a Senior at my high School, there...

MaryKate’s Avatar
MaryKate Apr 08, 2015 898 views

What college courses are required to become an oncology nurse?

I'm interested in oncology #nurse #oncology

MaryKate’s Avatar
MaryKate Apr 08, 2015 964 views

What is like to be an oncology nurse and work with children?

I'm in 10th grade and I'm interested in oncology, but don't know what age I would want to work with. #nurse #pediatrics #oncology

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Mar 23, 2015 1138 views

What are some universities with nursing programs?

around the LA area and coast #nursing #pediatrics #nurse-practitioner #oncology #hr

MiKayla’s Avatar
MiKayla Apr 09, 2014 1533 views

How long do you have to go to school to be an oncology nurse (including internships)?

I am a junior in high school and I would like to be an oncology nurse. #nurse #school #oncology

MiKayla’s Avatar
MiKayla Apr 08, 2014 1092 views

How do you become a pediatric oncology nurse?

I am in the 11th and I am interested in becoming a pediatric oncology nurse. I would like to know what steps I would have to do to become an oncology nursing. #career #nurse #oncology

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Mar 31, 2014 2981 views

If I am interested in biology, living environment, and science research what are some good careers for me?

I am interested in science as well as writing and want to know what careers are good for me. #biology #research #oncology #data-science