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Career Questions tagged Medical Practice

Zulema’s Avatar
Zulema Dec 08, 2022 161 views

What is a good start to becoming an ultrasound tech?

Any feedback is great and how to also get into that field.

Sofija’s Avatar
Sofija Nov 14, 2022 205 views

Are internships widely avaliable for students who also have a heavy courseload??

I enjoy hands on activities and feel like getting real time experience especially in the medical field would be exponentially helpful, but I don't want to overload myself with hard classes and that responsibility

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Mar 25, 2022 326 views

Does the college I go to affect my chances of getting into Medical School?

I'm currently a sophomore, but post-high school, I plan on attending a college in the New England Region. Afterward, I aspire to attend Medical School and become a certified Pediatrician :)

Dierdre’s Avatar
Dierdre May 14, 2018 450 views

What can I do with a B.S. in Medical Laboratory Science

I want to get my Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science but I want to know what career options I have other than working in a hospital as a Medical Technologist. #medicaltechnology #medical-practice #medicine

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella Apr 26, 2018 630 views

What is the best way to break the news of the death of a family member to their family?

I am intending on becoming a physicians assistant and I recognize that I may be put in this situation at some point. I would like some tips for this hard topic. #medicine #working-with-children #death #physician-assistant #students-interested-in-career-as-physician-assistants #medical-practice...

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Apr 21, 2018 794 views

Is it harder for D.O.'s to get the same respect as M.D.'s?

I've recently become interested in #osteopathic #medicine. The philosophy of treating patients as a whole instead of just symptoms appeals to me. However, I've heard that it may be hard for D.O.'s to find residencies that are not biased. I hadn't even heard of D.O.'s until a year ago,...

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Apr 19, 2018 763 views

How hard is it to get into a nursing program/medical school?

#nursing #medical-practice #nurse #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Apr 06, 2018 582 views

Recommendations for my major?

I'm interested in physical therapy and speech pathology, but I also love anything history related. What's something I could major in that includes both the medical field and/or history? #medical-practice #american-history

Ream’s Avatar
Ream Mar 26, 2018 877 views

What is the best major for Medical School?

I hear a lot of people choose majors other than pre-med/biology based majors even though they plan to take the MCAT and go to medical school. I am currently thinking about being a biochemistry major or entering the engineering department and am wondering whether that will have a significant...

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Mar 26, 2018 1051 views

what is being a nurse anesthetist like and is the schooling worth it?

considering field
#medicine #college #nursing #anesthesiology #medical-practice

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Mar 25, 2018 696 views

What are the best opportunities for a rewarding career in the medical profession working with children?

I am currently a senior in high school and am interested in the medical profession, specifically working with children. I have been admitted into college and want to know more about my future. #medical-practice

Kania’s Avatar
Kania Mar 21, 2018 721 views

My biggest strength is patience, how can this be more effective in the medical field ?

#medical-research #medical-practice #career #medicine

yadira’s Avatar
yadira Mar 21, 2018 663 views

If my strengths are being patient and also being a good listener what type of career would be best for me in the medical field?

My best strengths are listing and being patient, I would like to know what career in the medical field would these strengths be better for or which career they would be more useful for? #strengthsandweaknesses #medical-practice #medical-careers #medical-education #medical-field

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Mar 20, 2018 489 views

Where are the best and more cost effective "away rotations" for a 4th year medical student specializing in pediatrics?

I will be choosing 3 or 4 locations across the country that I would like to do a 2-4 week rotation during my fourth year of medical school and would like to minimize my out of pocket expenses as well as have a quality experience. #medical-practice #clinical-rotations #medicine...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 19, 2018 617 views

What kinds of careers exist for those passionate about both medicine and politics/law?

Hi! I am a current junior with a passion for law and medicine and am working towards an international career that involves advocacy and research. Unlike the process of becoming a doctor, the pathway to my dream profession is not as clearly defined. Now that I'm halfway through my college...

Aishwarya’s Avatar
Aishwarya Mar 16, 2018 554 views

What is the MD/PhD track?

#biomedical-engineering #science-phd #medical-practice

Aishwarya’s Avatar
Aishwarya Mar 16, 2018 645 views

How hard is doing Pre-Med with an Engineering major (Biomedical Engineering)?

#biomedical-engineering- #premed #science-phd #medical-practice

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna Mar 12, 2018 685 views

Does getting involved in undergraduate research help students get into medical school?

I want to prepare myself for med school. #medicine #medical-practice #medical-education

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Mar 08, 2018 694 views

How do I become involved in research opportunities outside of the classroom?

I am undecided on what major I would want to go into so I am interested in finding out if some of these career paths are viable options for me later in life. #research #college #medical-practice

Tyniquia’s Avatar
Tyniquia Mar 03, 2018 4882 views

What are the challenges of being a medical laboratory scientist?

This is my major. I want to learn more about this field.

Michaela’s Avatar
Michaela Jan 25, 2018 814 views

What sparks one's calling towards a career?

For most teenagers today, its very confusing and mentally challenging choosing a career path for one's whole future. For me, I want to go into the medical field. I am currently in my school's CNA and CMAA certification program. Just this week when I went to a nursing home for hours, the...

Harley’s Avatar
Harley Jan 21, 2018 574 views

What jobs can I get as a medical student?

I plan on becoming a forensic pathologist, which takes a very, very long time. I'd like to know what kind of jobs I can get at certain levels of my college education. I'd like good money, so I can start paying off student loans early. Thank you! #medical-practice #student-loans...

Angelique’s Avatar
Angelique Jan 21, 2018 521 views

How did you study for the exams to get into Vet School?

While i was shadowing at an animal hospital one of the veterinarians had told me that getting into Vet school is very difficult and that i would have to stick with it because many schools may turn me down.

#Vetrinarian #veterinary #medicine #medical-practice

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jan 18, 2018 824 views

What is the best college in Texas to get a BSN?

I want to go to the best college possible with a Bachelors of Nursing in Science.
#medical-practice #medicine #nursing #Texas

Jamaul’s Avatar
Jamaul Jan 16, 2018 704 views

How do you choose between going to medical school and dental school?

When I was growing up I’ve always wanted to be a cardiologist. However, recently I’ve started doing a lot of research and thought that I might want to go to dental school instead. How do I decide? I don’t want to make the wrong decision and end up having regrets in the future....

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Jan 15, 2018 751 views

How do you start your own medical practice?

After college I want to start my own #medical-practice, but I don't know where to start. Is there anything I can do to prepare while in college? #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

yadira’s Avatar
yadira Jan 12, 2018 656 views

what job in the medical field is best for an introvert?

my name is yadira and I am a sophomore in high school and I am an introvert but i really want to go in to the medical field. #medical-practice #medicine #introvert

Val’s Avatar
Val Jan 12, 2018 609 views

What job position would be fit for a introvert person in the medical field ?

I'm in year 10 and interested in going into the medical field but I'm not really a fan of being with people for a expanded period of time so I was wondering what jobs I could do if I join the medical field.
#medical-practice #medcine #career-path #job-market

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina Jan 10, 2018 645 views

How do you know if you want to be a biomedical engineer?

I am currently in high school and am thinking about majors that I would like to study. Biomedical engineering sounds interesting, but I am not sure if that major would be the best fit for me. #medical-practice #engineering #biomedical-engineering

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Dec 13, 2017 650 views

What steps are necessary to become an anesthesiologist?

I don’t come from a family of money or a family in the medical career. Honestly I don’t want to become an anesthesiologist for the interest but I have learned that anything I focus towards I grow to love that subject and a job like anesthesiology is something not many people will do, but I will...