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How hard is it to get into a nursing program/medical school?

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M. Scott’s Answer

Getting into a nursing program is competitive. That means there are sometimes more candidates then spots available. Some people wait for a long time to get into a program and others are accepted on their first application.

Here are some suggestions to increase your chances of being selected :

1) Have a good GPA. Nursing schools frown on C's

2)Gain volunteer experience helping people. This shows empathy and that you have an interest in helping people.

3)Work as a nurse assistant if possible. This will show that you have an idea what nursing is truly about.

Best wishes for the program you plan to attend. Remember, if you do not get accepted on your first time applying, keep trying. Do not give up on your dream. Stay positive!

S. Fontenot,RN

Great advice! Jordan Rivera COACH

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