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Career Questions tagged Nursing

The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital and other medical environments. A nurse will provide care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate with...

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Yvonne L. 2 days ago 19 views

Do you think that a career in Certified Nurse Assisting is worth pursuing?

If money was not an issue, do you think that pursuing a career in CNA is worth the pursuit? I love helping people, baking, dance, reading. nursing...


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Yvonne L. 2 days ago 14 views

What is a regular day like for a Certified Nursing Assistant?

I am a student learning a trade in CNA. I love to serve people and assist them in any way I can. I am kind, patient, and loving. I like to read, write, dance, and bake. I would like to know what nurse assistants do day in and day out. Tell me a day in the life of a CNA. nurse nursing...


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Yvonne L. 2 days ago 16 views

How did you know you wanted to be a CNA?

I am a student learning a trade in CNA and I would love to research more about this career field to get a better understanding if this career is a good fit for me. cna nursing career...


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Zane Z. Nov 25 48 views

How hard are the hours

I am a junior at Malcolm high school and I have wanted to be a nurse since 7th grade nursing nurse...


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Kourtney J. Nov 22 42 views
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Gianna G. Nov 11 48 views

How to choose a college based on being an orthopedic pediatrician?

I am in high school. I am 16 and I know that this is something I love doing. I love taking care of children and helping them as well. doctor college healthcare...


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ashanti B. Nov 08 57 views

How to become an LPN?

i want to be an LPN but i don't know how many years i have to go to school for college college-selection medicine student university licensed-practitioner-nurse healthcare...


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ashanti B. Nov 08 60 views

What's the difference between a LPN and a CNA ?

I wanted to join the medical field but i'm stuck on which a LPN or CNA is higher in nursing. Which is the better option? medicine nursing healthcare pediatrics doctor licensed-practitioner-nurse...


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Eric W. Nov 02 55 views

What is the career success rate for Registered Nurses

Thank you for agreeing to this informational interview. My name is Eric. I am a Cleveland Job Corps student, and I am reaching out to you because I believe I would enjoy a career in healthcare nursing registered-nurses nurse or LPN, and I would appreciate your perspective on the practical...

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Serenity V. Oct 27 60 views

What are the values of your company, are looking for in a person?

I'm looking into nursing and midwifery and I'd like to know what values a nurse and midwife must have, in order to have a healthcare position and profession. nursing medical neonatal...


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hargun K. Sep 15 164 views

How do I become a string applicant when applying for masters in Nursing?

I graduate in May 2022 and I want to get a year of experience before applying for masters in nursing and was wondering what I can do to ensure my success in the application process graduate-school healthcare nurse nursing college masters...


Meredith K.’s Avatar
Meredith K. Sep 09 138 views

How difficult is it to manage your time in the hospital (or a fast paced environment), if your a registered nurse?

I'm interested in learning more about the health care field and what it takes to be a nurse. I feel I manage my time wisely, but want to get a better idea of what the hospital setting is like. nurse nursing healthcare medicine hospital rn registered-nurse...


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hargun K. Sep 15 102 views

What does a RN job application process look like?

I am an international student studying Nursing in Miami and I have no idea what to expect of the job application process to look like. nursing nurse nursing-education medicine college nursing-application...


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Foruna A. Sep 28 109 views

What is something you like about being a Nurse Anesthetist?

I love helping people. I do my best to help people. I work hard and do the work I am suppose to do. I can get along with people. career nurse nursing nurse-practitioner anesthesiology...