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Career Questions tagged Nursing

The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital and other medical environments. A nurse will provide care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate with...

andrea I.’s Avatar
andrea I. May 18 31 views

EMT: how difficult was it to work in a moving environment?

when traveling in an ambulance I know there can be bumps and other obstacles in the road literally and figuratively so I'm just wondering the process of getting familiar with working in that environment .

Sulani B.’s Avatar
Sulani B. May 16 54 views

Basics of Nursing

Any advice on studying the basics of nursing like fundamentals, dosage calculations, pharmacology, maternity and anything similar?

ashley K.’s Avatar
ashley K. May 09 73 views

what do you have to get ready to take with you when you became a nurse

the only reason i am asking is so i know what i need to have with me when i became one

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Jeffrey J. May 06 103 views

What are some of the best nursing jobs helping people

I need some help with finding a specific kind of nurse that I wanna become because there are so many choices. Is there any kind that anyone would recommend to me. I have Good communicating skills, Caring and Patience. I also pay close attention the details

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Jeffrey J. May 06 84 views

What are some of the best nursing jobs helping people

I'm a Junior in Highschool and I am passionate about about helping people about there specifically. I would love to learn about nursing and explore the many career paths related to becoming one.

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Tara F. May 05 97 views

Laptop purchase

What laptop would be the best purchase when pursuing my nursing career and obtaining my BSN degree? What suggestions/graphics/specs should be included in my search.
Thank you.

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Fiona W. Apr 29 104 views

What is the most difficult part about being a nurse?

Is it more emotionally or physically draining within the hard parts of this career?

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Fiona W. Apr 29 80 views

What is the best part about becoming a nurse?

I have heard really great things about becoming a nurse, but to the nurses out there, why do you stay in it?

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maniyah N. Apr 28 136 views
Jeffrey J.’s Avatar
Jeffrey J. Apr 28 122 views

My future

What steps would I take to become a nurse and what kind of nurse jobs would you tell me to look into because I know there are different kinds of nurses?

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Andrew Y. Apr 26 105 views

What is it like working in trauma care?

I'm 17 and have wanted to go into trauma care for as long as I can remember, Im currently working on getting my CMA then I plan on getting my RN.

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Tara F. Apr 19 108 views

Schooling options

Which program prepares you more for the nursing degree. A 1+2+1 SUNY/Nursing program to earn your bachelor's degree or should you do 2 years RN first then 2 years earning your bachelor's degree.

stephanie M.’s Avatar
stephanie M. Apr 08 145 views

What is a challenge you faced when studying nursing?

Well right now, I'm a Junior in high school and trying to get more advice over nursing.

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laura K. Apr 08 83 views

how hard was college?

was there ever a class that you just thought would be the end of you like it just made you want to drop out?

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kayleigh C. Apr 08 101 views
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Brandy S. Mar 30 83 views
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Cheyenne S. Mar 28 106 views

What is some advice for new nurses?

I was wondering what would some advice that experienced RN/CNA/LPN have for new nurses entering the workforce in post covid life.

Cheyenne S.’s Avatar
Cheyenne S. Mar 28 121 views

How many hours/days do a LPN works in a week?

I there a minim or max hours/days a LPN can work in a week? I was wanting to work as a LPN while getting my bachelor's in nursing to get my RN. But I'm worried that I won't get enough hours/day.

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Hannah S. Mar 28 108 views