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The role of a nurse is a core role within a hospital and other medical environments. A nurse will provide care for patients, ensure doctors are prepared, and communicate with...

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After the pre-med, I want to be a doctor, is nursing a good pre-med course for me?

Since childhood, I want to be a nurse because I want to take care of patients. But I realized that I am afraid of blood. But I really loved to watch k- #medicine #doctor #nursing #medical drama about medical field and that's why right now, I am...

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Should I take anatomy and physiology along with Pharmacology and Nutrition?

Hello there So in summer I term which starts 06/04/2020 and ends on 07/01/2020 I will plan to take anatomy and physiology level 2 which is 4 credits in 5 weeks. Now along with that class, I'm planning (or deciding) whether or not I should take pharmacology which is 3 credits. However, there...

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What should high schoolers be doing right now in order to get accepting into nursing school?

Hello, I'm an upcoming junior in high school looking to better my chances at attaining a career in #nursing...

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How can I endeavour in my interests and thrive in the careers I want with this experience?

I am a year 12 student studying in the UK, but returned to HK temporarily. I am studying biology, chemistry, single math and Japanese at the moment, and I am considering nursing/medicine and other healthcare professions as my future career. I hope that I can learn more from volunteering and...

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how do you become a neonatal nurse

#nursing #nurse-practitioner #medicine #healthcare Ive always been interested in the medical...

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what one would best fit for me A surgeon or a RN?

I love to help people I would love to be a RN but I also am getting interested in being a Surgeon and operate #medicine #nursing...


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Should I be a psychiatrist nurse or an interior designer?

Hello, My anatomy and physiology class is not doing great. I've been failing the exams which I study each day to pass the exam. However, I think i'm going to give up to be a nurse and maybe change careers. What do you think I should do? #help #what #nurse # #nurse-practitioner...

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Paola G. Apr 24 66 views

What does the normal routine of a nurse consist of? Has Covid-19 made the medical facilities less busy (due to people staying at home) or has it kept its level of intensity?

I'm very interested in working in a fast pace environment like the ER. I like the idea of how you'll be able to see all types of cases everyday. And how to deal with the patients and they are needing in the moment. #nursing #nurse #healthcare #college #medicine #medical #student...


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What does the normal routine of a neonatal nurse consist of ? How was the COVID-19 impacted medical facilites, for example what are the work days looking like?

I'm very interested into going into a work field where I get to work with children and also care for them, more specifically newborns. #medicine #medical #nurse #nursing...


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If I want to be a school nurse, what are the requirements to be a school nurse? How is covid-19 impacting school nurses & regular nurses?

I'm in high school at the edge of graduation & many of my science teachers recommend me to join in some sort of career with science. I'm not sure what I still want to be, and honestly a school nurse sounds kind of easy. The thing is at first I wanted to be a social worker but for me it...

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What do you need to become a nurse?

Im a Sophomore in high school and im looking into the medical field and becoming a nurse in the future, especially with the whole pandemic going on it will be worth it in the near future. I have pretty much made my mind up to become a nurse or at least serve in the medical field. #nursing...

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How has COVID-19 affected your job as a nurse?

With the COVID-19 breakout how has it affected your daily life and lifestyle? #nurse #nursing #doctor #nurse-practitioner #healthcare...


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Denny Z. Apr 23 53 views

How can I find opportunities for this summer?

I am looking for tips on finding internships in nursing or healthcare field #nursing #internships #nurse...


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Mercedes C. Apr 22 76 views

How much do you get paid to be a nurse

I’m Mercedes I’m a bright and intelligent female I care about my community i love help others when they get to the point where there is no more That they can do when that’s where I would like to step in at #nurse #nursing #medical #medicine...


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Paige F. Apr 22 55 views

how long will i have to go to college to become a peditrician? and what schools will be best for me to go to to get a good education?

i love taking care of people, just knowing that im helping them feel better makes me feel better as a person. especially kids, i love helping them feel better and to see a smile on there face, and to just know that they are happy #college #education...


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How long will it take me to be a nurse or a teacher

I’m a dancer I love being caring for my friend and family #nursing #education #teacher #nursing...


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How long will it take me to be a nurse or a teacher

I’m a dancer I love being caring for my friend and family #nursing #education #teacher #nursing...


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Should I transfer to a different college that has a BS in Nursing Science?

I'm currently a freshman at UCSD, and not to long ago I decided to pursue a career in nursing, however, my college doesn't have a BS in nursing. I am a human biology major and was wondering if I should stick with that and then go to nursing school or if I should transfer to another college that...

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What can I do to be prepared when I apply to a nursing school?

I am interested in becoming a nurse but I know there is a lot of preparation to be done due to it's competitive major. #nursing #nurse #college...


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What are some organizations or programs you can volunteer to help provide health assistance?

I am going to enter college to become a nurse, but once I get there I also want to be a part of the Doctors Without Border to help others make sure they have a healthy life because money shouldn't be an obstacle. #medical #nursing #medicine #healthcare...


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What do I need to do to become a Nurse Practitioner?

I’m in high school right now and I want to be a Nurse Practitioner. But I don’t know what steps I have to take to become one. Like do I go to college then nursing school? and How long does it take to be a Nurse Practitioner? someone please help and explain.😔 #nurse-practitioner #nurse...