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Career Questions tagged Pharmacy

Chris M.’s Avatar
Chris M. Jul 29 122 views

How did you know you wanted to pursue pharmacy

I’m someone who has a lot of family in the medical field and seeing them change peoples lives inspired me to want to do the same in my own way. I chose pharmacy because I want to provide reliable Heath care and prescription drugs to those who may not have access to such. pharmacist pharmacy...

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shaymaa S.’s Avatar
shaymaa S. Jul 28 171 views

what is your setting goal?

I'm 18 and a college student I want to be a pharmacist and graduate with a bachelors degree. I am very sensitive at times but will do my best to go very far in life. college financial-planning education college-admissions...


Dey'ja M.’s Avatar
Dey'ja M. May 07 219 views

How does your job affect your general lifestyle ?

I am a people person, I’m a natural leader, I am results oriented doctor...


Leo B.’s Avatar
Leo B. Dec 21, 2020 707 views

What steps should I take in order to become a pharmacist?

My mother is in the healthcare field, so I decided I'd also find a job there. I've enjoyed most of my science classes in high school, and anatomy and physiology interests me. I'm already in a pharmacy technician program, so becoming a pharmacist would be a long term goal. I thought becoming a...

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Ester S.’s Avatar
Ester S. Nov 29, 2020 468 views

How can I become a RN?

I am currently a junior in high school. I am very interested in nursing, and becoming an RN. I am having trouble understanding the steps , like what do I do first after I graduate high school ? Do I go straight to nursing school ? Do I go to college/university first and if so what classes...

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Sarah J.’s Avatar
Sarah J. Oct 29, 2020 262 views

If I get a bachelor's of health science, and choose not to pursue a career in pharmacy, what other options are there?

I want to (or at least I think I want to) go into a program for a PhD in pharmacy to be either a pediatric or hospital pharmacist. I plan to either get my bachelor's of health science first, then apply to a graduate program for pharmacy or go into a 6 yr program while also obtaining my...

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Shayna S.’s Avatar
Shayna S. Jul 27, 2020 543 views

What does the outlook for pharmacists look like?

I'm a 2nd year pharmacy student and I currently work at Hy-Vee Pharmacy. I have heard mixed answers for this question. pharmacy pharmacist joboutlook...


Shayna S.’s Avatar
Shayna S. Jul 27, 2020 235 views

How to respond to connotation of big business with the pharmacy profession?

People often negatively associate the pharmacy profession with big business. We get comments often on prices, availability, etc. However, pharmacist are often just middle men in the process of pharmacutical companies and insurance companies. bigpharma bigbusiness pharmacy pharmacist...

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Karim I. Jul 20, 2020 325 views
Divya S.’s Avatar
Divya S. Jul 19, 2020 493 views

What does a day in the life of a hospital pharmacist look like?

I'm an undergrad considering a career in pharmacy. I would love to hear about what a typical day is like in the field, especially since volunteer and shadowing opportunities are currently hard to come by due to the pandemic. july july20...


Divya S.’s Avatar
Divya S. Jul 19, 2020 201 views

What steps can I take throughout my undergrad to help me enter a career in pharmacy?

I'm a rising second year college student considering a career as a pharmacist. What activities can I pursue that will help me achieve my goal? I'm currently training to become a pharmacy technician. What else will help me learn about the field and also look good to potential pharmacy schools?...

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Divya S.’s Avatar
Divya S. Jun 28, 2020 804 views

To become a pharmacy technician in Texas, are classes or training required, or could I just self-study and take the certification exam?

Hello! I'm interested in becoming a certified pharmacy technician. However, I am also currently pursuing a four-year degree. I'm mostly interested in the pharm tech certification so I can gain experience in the field with the purpose of eventually going to pharmacy school, post-graduation....

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Divya S.’s Avatar
Divya S. Jun 22, 2020 402 views

What can I do in my undergrad to gain experience in the pharmacy industry and understand if it's something I'd like to pursue?

I'm currently a biochemistry major possibly on a pre-medical track but genuinely I have very little idea what career I would like to pursue. Being a pharmacist is a job that piques my interest, but I don't know how to gain the experience I need to understand if it's the right industry for me...

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