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Career Questions tagged Premed

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Kaylie Mar 01 81 views

Would it be possible to balance med school and reptiles?

I have 2 reptiles as of right now, but I’m not sure if i can keep them and balance med school.

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Meghana Feb 23 78 views

What are the pros and cons of being a medical researcher with an MD?

I am figuring my career pathway. I know I am definitely sticking to biology, be it biotech or medicine.
I am specifically interested in the research aspect.

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Feb 20 210 views

What should I do the summer after high school as an incoming pre-med freshman?

As someone who is planning to pursue neuroscience on the pre-med track, what are some things I should do in the summer after I graduate high school? I was thinking of getting a certificate so I can work and have clinical experience during my first year in college.


CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 16 117 views

What are some tips for students looking to fund med school?

This question comes from our professionals series

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Madison Feb 08 145 views

What are some difficult tasks that come with being in the medical field, specifically a doctor? ??

What are some difficult tasks that come with being a doctor?

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Jaelyn Feb 02 172 views

How hard was it to get to medical school?

Are there possibilities of getting into medical school from a lower-class home and decent grades but not perfect?

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Li Dec 24, 2022 259 views

fresh graduate, need help to go for next step

I just graduated with my biomedical science degree (BS) ( I was thinking to going for medical school, or PA school, or AA school , or vet med school ). My situation has changed, I want to do WFH jobs. I haven't found much jobs I could do, I been applying for clinical research associate...

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Nov 22, 2022 188 views

Which careers can I go to, if I decide not to go to medical school, with a biomedical science major?

Currently, I am in high school. I just wanted to explore my options in undergraduate.

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Nov 13, 2022 286 views

What can I do to gain more experiences as a premed student who lacks extracurriculars

What can I do to gain more experiences as a premed student who lacks extracurriculars

Yareli’s Avatar
Yareli Oct 25, 2022 200 views

What are some majors to, to become an orthopedic surgeon ?

Need help figuring out the best majors for this career pathway

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Revathi Sep 22, 2022 204 views

What is the good undergrad for medicine?

I am high school senior thinking of becoming doctor. I have few options but not sure which will be the right one for undergrad 1. Business administration with premed, so that some day i can open my own clinic 2.Biomedical engineering with premed 3.Premed track - what jobs can i get if dont...

emma’s Avatar
emma May 05, 2022 427 views

What can I do with a pre-med degree if I dont go to med school?

I am interested in going pre-med, however I know getting into medical school after can be very challenging. My worry is going through the pre-med program, and not being able to get into med school, if that were to happen, what careers could i take on?

Fiona’s Avatar
Fiona Apr 29, 2022 333 views

How difficult was nursing school?

I took some AP science classes in high school, and I struggled!! Is it even more difficult?

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Mar 25, 2022 245 views

if you're a physician assistant in CA, can you please answer some questions?

I'm super interested in this career. here are just a few questions I have about it: 1. is there many job opportunities? or is it hard to find a job? 2. how is work-life balance? 3. are you happy with your job? 4. what are some of the 'best/worst' specialities, according to what you've heard or...

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Mar 25, 2022 453 views

Do you like being a physician assistant? What are the pros and cons?

I'm currently a high school senior. College decisions are coming out right now, but most likely I'm going to UC Davis in the fall :)

I want to be in the medical field. I'm curious about what this job is like.

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Mar 25, 2022 272 views

What does a day in the life of a Pediatrician look like?

Just wondering what the workload, and overall routine would look like. :)

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laya Mar 11, 2022 290 views

When trying to standout on front for medical school, what are some things in highschool i can do to further my chances of getting accepted?

what are some actvities or jobs i can partake in to challenge my readiness for medical school or college?

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Helen Feb 03, 2022 376 views

What should pre-med students do over the summer?

#highschool #pre-med #medical #medicine #medschool #premed #healthcare #summerjob

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Zeeshan Jan 07, 2022 475 views

what is agar?

#medicine #doctor #premed #healthcare #biology #healthcare #medical #labortry #pediatrics #surgeon

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Anthony Jan 04, 2022 464 views

Is becoming a doctor "worth it"?

#doctor #medicine #medical-school #medical #premed

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Zaria Dec 02, 2021 393 views

What´s the difference between Anesthesiologist assistant and Nurse Anesthetist?

An Anesthesiologist, Nurse Anesthetist and Anesthesiologist assistant have a few things in common. I´m interested in becoming an Anesthesiologist but the course load has me terrified. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #premed #college #Anesthesia #nurse

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Tracey Dec 01, 2021 835 views

What do anesthesiologists do? What are their responsibilities?

#doctor #medicine #premed

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Jayelyn Nov 30, 2021 326 views

what classes should I take If I need help finding a major

undeclared/... #premed #psychology #college #major #college-major

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Jaxson Nov 22, 2021 367 views

On average going to into med school, how many hours on average a day did you spend studying?

#premed #medicine #doctor

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Carolina Nov 07, 2021 298 views

what is the negative side when it comes to working a night shift in the medical field ?

#medicine #nursing #medical #doctor #premed

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William Oct 31, 2021 225 views

Is it true that I need to write extra essays when applying for undergraduate if am trying to major in pre-med? (I’m trying to apply into the UC system or a college in california)

I'm a high school student trying to become an Anesthesiologist or pharmacist. I am still deciding between the 2.

#premed #medicine #healthcare #health #doctor

Pamella’s Avatar
Pamella Oct 12, 2021 319 views

What is the best college major to study before becoming a pediatrician?

I am in 9th grade. I want to go to college after high school to become a doctor that works with kids and their families. I am not sure on what the best college major is when it comes to becoming a doctor. #medicine #college-major #premed

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ciara Oct 10, 2021 331 views

any tips for anyone who wants to get into medicine (i'm interested in being an anesthesiologist)and how do you finance your money while in college and in med school and after that,i'd imagine it being stressful w/ all the debt racking up.

#medicine ,sophmore in #highschool ,#advice, #finance #help,#future #doctor #social butterfly
#higher education #premed

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Anthony Oct 05, 2021 256 views

How would I apply to residencies and med school?

#premed #medical #medicine

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Alan Sep 28, 2021 541 views

What do you find interesting about being a Medical Assistant?

My name is Alan and I'm researching about Medical Assistants and I wanna know what things in this job are interesting if I ever become a medical assistant #medical #healthcare #medicine #doctor #nurse #premed