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Career Questions tagged Highschool

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bryce H. Dec 02, 2021 78 views
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Alex H. Nov 30, 2021 70 views
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Kris H. Sep 28, 2021 112 views
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Lindsay P. Oct 08, 2021 101 views

I'm in the 10th grade, are there any specific classes i should look into to become an orthopedic physician?

At school i am taking health classes and sports medicine but i am wodering if any other classes will help me get to this career goal. I would like to go into the orthopedic feild but i dont want to be a surgeon. Orthopedics schooling highschool healthcare medical...


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Mei Man F. Oct 05, 2021 106 views

What jobs could high school students do after school?

I want to help my family financially and save some money for college. I am currently working part-time waiting table but I found that I don't really like this job. highschool student...


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Brandon C. Sep 27, 2021 98 views

What opportunities are available for high-schoolers in the business field?

Hi, my name is Brandon Cheung and I am currently attending high-school. I am curious about how to gain as much experience while I can during this time, and curious about how and where to do so....


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Sona A. Sep 09, 2021 162 views

My question was regarding the internships for high schoolers that might be good to start with

As a high schooler who is the middle of developing my skill, I was wondering if there were some internship positions out there that would help with getting better at what I do, which is traditional 2D animation. Things that will help me develop. animation internship...


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Danielle G. Aug 05, 2021 134 views

how to stay focus when it comes to work from school

Im 15yr old well starting the 11th grade and I know im going to be really unfocus because I wasn't focus for virtual school last school year. highschool...


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Ja’Nae T. Jul 27, 2021 94 views

How to make sure I Graduate highschool?

As a start my grades started to job to help me . I had someone who would will help me but we are not on speaking terms. I’m not the best at school and I just wanna make sure I pass so it feels like I don’t wanna have to ask anyone for help. highschool # trying to do...

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Keziyah C. Jul 01, 2021 150 views

What do I need to know becoming a artist

I’m in high school and I love art. Drawing and painting is best for me artist...


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Henry L. Jul 01, 2021 183 views

What equipment does a graphic designer use?

I currently go to high school and want to become either an architect or graphic designer. I want to know more about the tech requirements. graphic-design design highschool art...


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Emani W. Jun 30, 2021 193 views

Interested in the medical field but I'm afraid of a lot of blood and syringes, what are good fields to look into?

Still doesn't know what's the best field of interest is yet is going to start looking into the medical field. Still don't know how to narrow down the choices of careers but is trying there best. overload highschool...


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Anonymous A. Jun 11, 2021 264 views

Does anyone have a list of Scholarship that you have applied for?

Here's some things you should know about me that may be helpful: - I'm first generation -I am a rising senior - I'm in AZ -I've taken Honors classes -Play Varsity Sports - I volunteer - I'm in HOSA and serve as a state officer ( - NHS -Advocate for my city's youth (Buckeye Youth...

scholarships advice college college-advice classof2022 career scholarship highschool senior

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Maya O. Jun 08, 2021 132 views

How can I become involved in the field of behavioral neuroscience as a high school student?

As a high school student, I have heard that colleges are looking to see that you are taking interest in a field of study. neuroscience science volunteer highschool...