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Career Questions tagged Bachelor

Kayse’s Avatar
Kayse May 05, 2021 332 views

When choosing a career, how do you know that's what you want?

#Bachelor #careers #career-options

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Sarah Apr 29, 2020 536 views

If I get a bachelor's of sciences, taking all of the courses needed to apply to a pharmacy school and I don't get in, what can I do then? What other career or other graduate school can I go into?

#college #pharmacy #pharmacist #medicine #degree #major #bachelor #health #science

Leighlyn’s Avatar
Leighlyn Sep 18, 2018 481 views

What Is the Career and Pay Difference Between a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Computer Programming

Is there a significant difference in pay and career options when it comes to getting a Master's Degree in computer programming versus a Bachelor's Degree?

#computer-science #technology #programming #bachelor's-degree #master's-degree

Kierra’s Avatar
Kierra Jan 21, 2018 422 views

Is it better to go to a tech school first then a 4 year school and get my B.S.?

I'm Curious. #Bachelor #Nursing

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shamyia Jan 19, 2018 473 views

what step did you have to take to become a nurse

i'm a sophomore#hospital #medicine #college #bachelor degree #nurse

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Sep 04, 2017 790 views

Would it be better to obtain an undergraduate and graduate degree separately or together in a single program?

I am a high school student going into my senior year and can't decide which program route I should go into. Over the summer, I have discovered my passion for the occupational therapy field and the good that comes out of it. Knowing very well that I want to major in that study, I started looking...

Saurabh’s Avatar
Saurabh Jun 13, 2017 977 views

Which Degree i Should do After BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application) ?

I am confused that whether i should do M.Sc.IT(Master of Science in Information Technology) or MCA(Master In Computer Application). #software #degree #information-technology #japan #bachelors-degree #masters-degree #bachelor #computer-appllication

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Feb 26, 2017 2946 views

Whats difference between 3-year and 4-year bachelor degree?

I want to gain higher degree such as master or MBA. Many universities ask that 4-year bachelor course. Actually credits are same. #bachelor

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Feb 19, 2017 798 views

Is it important to have a business master degree not MBA?

I want to gain master degree after I graduate. #bachelor #master

kelsey’s Avatar
kelsey Oct 26, 2016 890 views

Is it a good idea to get CPA certified?

After you get your accounting degree, is it beneficial to get CPA certified? Would it help your career if you do so? #business #degree #masters #accountant #administration #in #bachelor #bookkeeper

kelsey’s Avatar
kelsey Oct 26, 2016 830 views

Where can you get hired after earning an accounting degree?

I am interested in accounting, but where can you work after you get your degree? #business #degree #masters #accountant #administration #in #bachelor #bookkeeper

Wendy’s Avatar
Wendy May 26, 2016 536 views

Let's say I want to become an environmental engineer and the required degree is a bachelor. Should I go to prestigious school to obtain my bachelors or no?

I am asking this question because I need to know this type of information in order to be successful in college. And it is information needed to be more marketable in the job market. #college #counselor #bachelor #advisor #choice

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly May 24, 2016 2305 views

What is the difference between a B.A.S. and a B.S.?

I am interested in going for my bachelors in some sort of science since I am interested in becoming a marine biologist. I was advised by many people that it is better to have a degree in the sciences rather than specifically marine biology/oceanography. I have looked around at the difference...

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra May 24, 2016 655 views

If I get my Associates degree in health sciences, what will be the benefit of getting my Bachelors degree? Will it be just a raise, or will there be more?

I am going for my Associates degree and was wondering what the advantages of getting my bachelors degree would be other than it looks good behind my name. #healthcare #health #degree #bachelor #associates-degree #health-science

Josefina’s Avatar
Josefina May 21, 2016 743 views

As a female headed into a Computer Science degree, would it be wise to try to be more assertive so my voice will be heard. My concern is I'm shy but I can grasp the computer tech field good. I want to be successful and respected for my knowledge.

In the Fall of 2016 I will be starting college, I will be an undergraduate in pursuit of a major in Computer Science (Bachelor of Science). I want any tips in how I can be a successful women in tech field. #science #computer #programming #networking #bachelor #succession-planning

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Apr 09, 2015 1053 views

How hard is it to work for a professional sports team?

I have liked sports my whole life and know a lot about it. #masters #manager #professional-sports #bachelor #sports-law

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Apr 08, 2014 1429 views

To run and own a business how much college is advised? Masters, bachelor?

I am interested in running my own business some day and just want to know what it's going to take to be successful. #entrepreneurship #masters #buisness #bachelor #enterprise #franchise-leadership

Nya’s Avatar
Nya Mar 25, 2014 1154 views

What is the difference between having your bachelors and masters in nursing?

I am a 17 year old senior. I know that I want to be a nurse, but I do not know what the difference between getting my bachelors and having a masters degree. I know that having a master's degree I get payed more, but I want to know exactly what is different in the work load. #nursing #degree...