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Career Questions tagged Occupational Therapy

Isaac B.’s Avatar
Isaac B. Aug 31 101 views

What is the difference between physical and occupational therapy

I am a 21 year old male with a degree in Laboratory Science looking into switching career paths into physical or occupational therapy occupational-therapy physical-therapy...


Jay E.’s Avatar
Jay E. Jun 14 100 views

MPH or MSOT? I have been struggling with deciding if I should pursue a MPH or a masters of science in Occupational Therapy?

I am very indecisive, especially when it comes to choose a career and one that pays well. I was leaning towards a MPH however Occupational Therapy has been in my head lately also because I feel as I am going to be " licensed" or " qualified" and I will always find a job easily, compared to a...

physical-therapy occupational-therapy public-health medical medicine mph career

rafael N.’s Avatar
rafael N. May 12 112 views

what course should i take im undecided

hi im rafael. can you help me for what course should i take for my college i dont know what i want...


Nate R.’s Avatar
Nate R. Mar 18 139 views

What is the amount of classes that you have to take to have a major in training and education.

I am super athletic and I think that I would be a good trainer. I think that I would be a good educator that would help # training university nursing...


Trinity S.’s Avatar
Trinity S. Feb 22 177 views

What does it take to become a good successful physical therapist

A student-athlete, wants to have a career that stays around sports and helps others...


ella B.’s Avatar
ella B. Aug 27, 2020 248 views

Physical Therapy Questions 3

How do you get a really good physical therapist job? athlete occupational-therapy job-search...


Chloe T.’s Avatar
Chloe T. Jul 17, 2020 447 views

How do I study for the CASPer test?

I am hoping to get into OT grad school. How can I study for the CASPer test? When should I take the test? Is it difficult? may I please have some tips thank you! july20 testing caspertest grad-school occupational-therapy tips...


Luz L.’s Avatar
Luz L. Mar 16, 2020 306 views

What growth opportunities are there in the field of physical therapy?

I'm a female, 19 years old. I'm studying Rehabilitation Technician at Job Corps to become a Physical Therapist Assistants. physical-therapist sports-medicine rehab occupational-therapy...


Justin P.’s Avatar
Justin P. Mar 02, 2020 227 views

How many assessments do you have to pass to become a physical therapist?

I am 14 and I love to play soccer and I'm thinking about getting involved in the physical therapist field. Athletes always get injured so it would be helpful to become one. physical-therapist occupational-therapy...


Chloe T.’s Avatar
Chloe T. Feb 29, 2020 227 views

are extracurricular important to apply for grad school in occupational therapy and what extracurricular/volunteering opportunities do you recommend?

I am currently a first-year university student. I am planning to major in psychology and minor in health sciences and aspire to be an occupational therapist in the future. healthcare occupational-therapy psychology...


Lillian L.’s Avatar
Lillian L. Nov 14, 2019 208 views

As an occupational therapist what clientele would I have?

Who would need an occupational therapist and where should I look for jobs. I want to know where the demand is coming from. occupational-therapist occupational-therapy physical-therapy...


Lillian L.’s Avatar
Lillian L. Nov 14, 2019 273 views

What are the education requirements to become an occupational therapist?

I am interested in this career but don't fully understand the path I would need to take to get there. occupational-therapy career career-paths...


Logan S.’s Avatar
Logan S. Oct 03, 2019 233 views