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Career Questions tagged Occupational Therapy

Monica D.’s Avatar
Monica D. Jan 21 55 views

Could an Occupational Therapist benefit from a Social and Human Services Assistant advanced training?

I'd like to gain a masters in Occupational Therapy and my institute is able to provide advanced training in Human Services Assistant. I'd also like to expand my knowledge and experience within the field while still having something correlated to my main career path. I'm curious to know if such...

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Shi H.’s Avatar
Shi H. Nov 03, 2021 93 views
Chris S.’s Avatar
Chris S. Sep 24, 2021 134 views

What will put me on the right path for being a Occupational Therapy Assistant

Hi my name is Chris Singletary. I am a student at Job Corps and I am reaching out to you guys because I believe I would enjoy a career in being a Certified Medical assistant and I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in this area. healthcare medical doctor...

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Isaac B.’s Avatar
Isaac B. Aug 31, 2021 396 views

What is the difference between physical and occupational therapy

I am a 21 year old male with a degree in Laboratory Science looking into switching career paths into physical or occupational therapy occupational-therapy physical-therapy...


Jay E.’s Avatar
Jay E. Jun 14, 2021 150 views

MPH or MSOT? I have been struggling with deciding if I should pursue a MPH or a masters of science in Occupational Therapy?

I am very indecisive, especially when it comes to choose a career and one that pays well. I was leaning towards a MPH however Occupational Therapy has been in my head lately also because I feel as I am going to be " licensed" or " qualified" and I will always find a job easily, compared to a...

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rafael N.’s Avatar
rafael N. May 12, 2021 161 views

what course should i take im undecided

hi im rafael. can you help me for what course should i take for my college i dont know what i want...


Nate R.’s Avatar
Nate R. Mar 18, 2021 185 views

What is the amount of classes that you have to take to have a major in training and education.

I am super athletic and I think that I would be a good trainer. I think that I would be a good educator that would help # training university nursing...


Trinity S.’s Avatar
Trinity S. Feb 22, 2021 238 views

What does it take to become a good successful physical therapist

A student-athlete, wants to have a career that stays around sports and helps others...


ella B.’s Avatar
ella B. Aug 27, 2020 301 views

Physical Therapy Questions 3

How do you get a really good physical therapist job? athlete occupational-therapy job-search...


Chloe T.’s Avatar
Chloe T. Jul 17, 2020 613 views

How do I study for the CASPer test?

I am hoping to get into OT grad school. How can I study for the CASPer test? When should I take the test? Is it difficult? may I please have some tips thank you! JULY20 testing CASPERtest grad-school Occupational-therapy tips...


Luz L.’s Avatar
Luz L. Mar 16, 2020 364 views

What growth opportunities are there in the field of physical therapy?

I'm a female, 19 years old. I'm studying Rehabilitation Technician at Job Corps to become a Physical Therapist Assistants. physical-therapist sports-medicine rehab occupational-therapy...


Justin P.’s Avatar
Justin P. Mar 02, 2020 269 views

How many assessments do you have to pass to become a physical therapist?

I am 14 and I love to play soccer and I'm thinking about getting involved in the physical therapist field. Athletes always get injured so it would be helpful to become one. physical-therapist occupational-therapy...


Chloe T.’s Avatar
Chloe T. Feb 29, 2020 259 views

are extracurricular important to apply for grad school in occupational therapy and what extracurricular/volunteering opportunities do you recommend?

I am currently a first-year university student. I am planning to major in psychology and minor in health sciences and aspire to be an occupational therapist in the future. healthcare occupational-therapy psychology...