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Anonymous A. Jun 11 30 views

Is there any Physical Therapy Technician internships? I'm h aving trouble finding them.

I have my PTT certification a.k.a Physical Therapy Aide, but I'm having trouble finding an internship or even a job in Arizona. #internship #physical #physical-therapy #physical-therapist...


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Christian G. May 26 39 views

What do therapists do?

I have a family member who introduced #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #therapists me and made me interested in being a therapist but I want to know what exactly do therapists do because he was talking about a very specific kind of therapist and I got...

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Christian G. May 26 53 views

What therapist job would be best?

I want to be a therapist but in my research, I found out that there are many different kinds of therapists and I was wondering which one would be best for me?...


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Shameria C. May 20 48 views

Is it worth it to become a physical therapist assistant before becoming an actual physical therapist?

I always wanted to be a physical therapist because i want to help people gain their ability back ....


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Chastity V. May 07 70 views

What's involved in being a therapist?

I'm Chastity and I'm thinking about being a therapist. Thank you for taking your time #psychology #physical-therapist #therapists...


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Alicia N. Apr 27 93 views

As a therapist what are some of the hardest things to do on a daily basis

I am a 15-year-old freshman looking to be a therapist, and one day even own my very own business. I already started looking into which colleges have the major that I need in order to qualify as a therapist. #therapist...


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Maria E. Nov 25, 2020 214 views

Physical therapist vs Dermatologist?

I think PT is a great job but the debt after school is BIG! I think Dermatology sounds like fun and like you'll never be bored. What are some of the differences? #fun #schooling #college #school #physical-therapist #therapists...


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What classes would you recommend to be a physical therapist

I am a senior in highschool and I just decided what I want to do and the only classes I'm taking this year are advanced biology and anatomy and physics. #physical-therapist...


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Meeya S. Oct 26, 2020 123 views

1.-What con's come with this job,2-What is a good college near me for this career,3- pay?,4-suggested classes?

Hello!, my name is Meeya and iv'e become very interested in being a Physical Therapist!. #job , I love helping people and being able to see them grow as a person!. Tho I have found so many pros with this job I would love to know what the cons are of this career!. #career-choice...

#professionals #people #physical-therapist #therapist

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Physical Therapy Questions 2

What does a physical therapist schooling look like? #physical-therapist #therapists #therapy...


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Emilie T. Jul 18, 2020 145 views

What are some careers in Sports Medicine?

Although I am still interested in engineering, I have also become interested in Sports Medicine. However, I don't know what I would decide to do if I decided to pursue that dream. I would rather not be a physical therapist, but more of a trainer. If anyone could provide some examples of...

#student-trainer #july20 #sports-medicine #trainer #physical-therapist #physical-therapy

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Aniyah B. Jul 09, 2020 154 views

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had while trying to peruse being a physical therapist ?

I’m going to college and I want to pick being a physical therapist as my major but from the videos I’ve watched they don’t tell much about there struggles. #choosing-a-major #challenges...