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Samira M. Feb 17 119 views

I want to be a lawyer, actress, dancer and a model. Is all of this possible at once?

I absolutely love law and acting, modelling and dancing. I really want to pursue all of these professions but I am not sure whether it’s possible for this many careers to keep a balanced life. #lawyers #fashion-and-style #dance #act...


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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 105 views

Is college going to get in the way of my career, which is going to be a gymnast or dancer?

I'm Ms. Hill at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance! #dance...


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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 62 views

How are ballerinas able to spin?

I'm Ms. Crosby at the International Community School. My 1st graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!...


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Jordan W. Sep 04, 2020 202 views

Do I have to go to college to become a choreographer?

I'm a dancer and I want to own a dance studio but I don't want to attend college for a long time. #dance #entrepreneur...


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dantavia T. Aug 24, 2020 137 views
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Anna K. May 20, 2020 178 views

What's a good minor to accompany a dance major looking to open her own studio after college?

Hey! I am a competitive dancer and plan to major in dance. I am a 2021 high school senior and interested in getting a business or kinesiology minor as well. I also love organizing and decorating and have considered possibly minoring in interior decorating. Any advice?? Thank you!! #dance...


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ramone P. May 19, 2020 149 views

how can i channel dancing into a career that makes alot of money.

I love to dance and sing. Sometimes I have trouble choreographing and I want to go to SCAD. #dance...


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Tina Y. May 06, 2020 339 views

Should I keep dance only a hobby or a career?

I am a dancer since the age of 5, I have been in several dance classes, and dance troupes. I am studying in a Bachelor of Education but I do not want to teach dance to little kids. If I were to teach dance I would prefer to teach it to people my age and who enjoy dancing and being in touch with...

#choreography #dance

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ace L. Apr 16, 2020 173 views
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alexis C. Nov 14, 2019 212 views

what classes should i take in high school to help me become a lawyer

i like arguing, money, and i play volleyball and soccer. i take two ap classes ap government and english i’m also good at math. i don’t do well in science but i’m really good at art and drawing. #college #art #writing #dance...


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Abbie E. Sep 18, 2019 186 views

Is being an actor a reliable job?

I love to act, sing and dance. Yet I'm also a very goal oriented person and always plan to be successful, I'm just scared I won't have the lifestyle I want if I decide to become an actor. Ive been told time and time again that being an actor isn't a realistic occupation, is this true? #acting...

#art #actor #college #dance

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Taylor B. Aug 30, 2019 184 views

Where will I go to find a career dealing with dance.?

My name is Taylor Butler I am 18 years old and I attend Paul Simon Job Corps. I'm looking for a career that is dealing with my trade which is CNA , also looking for something that is dealing with dance #dance #college #art...


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Tiara D. Aug 02, 2019 157 views

What can you do with a dance major?

I dont want to be restricted in what I can do with a dance major. #dance #college...


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Tiara D. Aug 02, 2019 144 views

What does it take to have a dance company?

Im looking to major in dance. #dance...


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Samaria B. May 08, 2019 165 views
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nevaeh L. Apr 29, 2019 296 views

What skills do you need to become a youtuber?

I want to be a vlogger,, ranter, dancer, singer, choreographer, in a group youtuber team, a youtuber that does everything. #dance #singer #art...


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Adetu A. Feb 19, 2019 225 views
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samantha B. Aug 28, 2018 265 views

What is it like going to college in new york

I'm planning on going to a performing arts school in New York city that i was accepted to i just want to hear other people's opinion on what their experience in New York for education was like preferably for dance or another performance art. #newyork #nyc #newyorkcity #performingartist...


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Lauren J. Aug 21, 2018 264 views

Where is the best place for a professional dancer to live?

I'm looking to major in dance and want to go somewhere where I will opportunities after college #dance...


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Leah F. Jan 18, 2018 383 views

How do I start combining two majors I love into something beneficial for the public?

I am currently double majoring in dance and psychology at Cal State Fullerton. Later on I want to combine the two to become a child psychologist who incorporates dance into the therapy of children. I don't know where to start and I am hopeful someone will give me some ideas. Thank you :)...

#therapy #psychology #dance #questionsaboutlife #career-goals

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VIL 2. Jul 18, 2018 305 views

Do dancers ever use augmented reality? -Sidney

I'm in middle school, and I like dancing and theatre. Do dancers ever use AR? #dance #performance #ar #vr #augmentedreality #stem #verizon...