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Career Questions tagged Writer

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 27 211 views

How can you improve your writing skills without attending any classes?

I've always wanted to be a writer. However, I've never considered making it my full-time job/career. At most, I would be a part-time writer. I have two main obstacles to writing: 1.) Time: normally, I would take workshops, free online classes, etc. to help improve my writing skills, but I...

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Sophia Jul 26 201 views

What are good writing forums?

I know scribliophile is good for advice, but you need the premium plan for it to be really effective. Does anyone know of forums like that? Or just writing forums they enjoy?

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jul 26 114 views

Creative Burn-out tips?

How do you deal with burn-out? Specifically creative burnout. I feel like I'm running out of ideas for my story.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Apr 11 135 views

i have a question for writers who have published work - what were some challenges that you faced during the process of becoming a writer and publishing your own work and what advice would you give to someone who wishes to become a writer? also have another question for artistic people who make art expressing their work through sculptures or paintings or drawings - what made you want to take this career path and how hard has it been? and do you feel like people don't appreciate art enough in our communities and also what advice do you have for someone who wants to become an artist?

i am really passionate about writing and all forms of art. i struggle a little bit because i feel like i want to do so many things but feeling like i won't be able to do all of those things if i just stick to one career path , so i just want some advice to better help me who's a junior in...

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Zoe Feb 23 266 views

How long does it take to write a novel?

I want to be a writer and was wondering how long it usually takes

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kelvin Feb 14 281 views

describe a difficult writing task in school and what you did to complete the task

#writing #task #problem #difficult #essay #article #school #class #college # #writer #author

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Zeeshan Jan 13 255 views

what are the best copy writing examples?

#writing #journalism #writer #college #author

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Zeeshan Jan 12 632 views

what is copy writing?

#copywriting #writing #author #writer #medical-school

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Teriyana Jan 01 398 views

I plan on writing my first screeplay in 2022. However, I'm not sure whether to write a tv or movie script for my first screenplay?

I have many ideas that could be either a tv script or a movie script. However, just curious, what does the entertainment/film industry value more? TV or Movie Screenplays? I am struggling on my decision. I plan to use the script to submit to writing competitions and apply to grad film school....

Zeeshan’s Avatar
Zeeshan Dec 29, 2021 2525 views

what are the basic content writing steps?

#writing #author #writer #college

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Xiaohui Oct 05, 2021 245 views

I wonder to know how much I can earn if I were interesting in writing career?

I am a high school student. I like to writing a lot during my free time. I had taken a lot of writing class while learning in high school. #writer #writing

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Mercedes Aug 24, 2021 298 views


Hello. This post is connected to my previous questions that I've asked. How exactly do I start blogging? I gave a couple of things that I'm interested in such as travelling, writing, nutrition, I enjoy watching cartoons, etc . But what would be the step to step process for starting a...

De'Lana’s Avatar
De'Lana Jul 26, 2021 293 views

Who is your favorite author?

I would love to become a published writer or a veterinarian. #animals #writing #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #poetry #writer #creative#creater#criticalthinking#author

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Mercedes Jun 16, 2021 272 views

What are some suggested careers for someone who is interested in traveling, writing, and nutrition? (Not my only interests but just a few)

I am attending community college right now as a liberal arts major (I am currently in my second year but I have to obtain all of the required classes, credits, and I want to raise my GPA). #college #career #college-major #writer #writing #nutrition #travel #traveling

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Marquis Jun 11, 2021 358 views

How can I start becoming a successful writer?

I am in high school and have discovered an unknown talent for writing #creative-writing #writing #writer

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Sofia Jun 08, 2021 366 views

What careers involve creative writing?

#creative-writing #writing #journalism #writer #author

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aisha Apr 26, 2021 443 views

How do you publish a book ?

#books #writing #writer #creative-writing #publishing

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candice Apr 07, 2021 510 views

can a student get a full-time job?

Very good character with a great personality. Disciplined and respectful. Hard worker and determined. Leader and Team worker. Punctual and prompt. Ambitious and Determined. Hands on and co-operative. Good grammar and communication skills. #career #business #fun #sonogram #artist #fashion...

Amaiya’s Avatar
Amaiya Feb 24, 2021 266 views

What's something about the writing industry new writers should know?

I'm a Sophmore in high school who is very determined to get into the writing industry with an urban fiction novel I'm working on. I'm the type of person who likes to know everything I can about something before going forward so what are some things that I, as a new writer, should know about the...

An Awesome Student’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 231 views

I want to be a writer, but what do you do when you have writer's block?!

Hi! I'm Ms. Eldridge at the International Community School. My 5th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!


Jaelarae’s Avatar
Jaelarae Oct 31, 2020 287 views

What do you do when u come across writers block?

I'm interested in learning about what a day in a life is like for a writer, so far I have learned that writing is a good way to Express your feelings and a good way to connect with people, but I would also like to know what type of things do yall do when you come across writers block....

Zeporian’s Avatar
Zeporian Sep 04, 2020 642 views

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm exploring my career options. What are some career options that align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps I can take in the near future?

At school I'm mostly interested in English while my hobbies include writing, criticizing or praising movies and music, photography, and anything that has to do with design or visual art. Topics that intrigue me are politics, debate, and changing the world for the...

C’s Avatar
C Aug 08, 2020 754 views

How to engage more audiences on Linkedin?

To all professionals reading this post, thank you for your precious time! I hope all is well on your end! :) Context: I like to use Linkedin to look for jobs and connect with like-minded people. However, my posts don't usually generate a lot of views. I don't know how LinkedIn algorithm...

Arhe’s Avatar
Arhe Jun 29, 2020 1081 views

Where can I develop my writing skills while still making money for college?

I'm fresh out of high school, and I've been writing short, fictional stories for 3+ years now. I've done a bit of research and it seems like all of the quick money is in copywriting, article writing, or editing. I feel like I'm quite skilled at fictional writing, but I have no idea where to...

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Mar 28, 2020 668 views

Any advice on getting a book published?

I write fiction. My dream is to get published someday. #writing #books #author #fiction #writer #book #published

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Nov 16, 2019 451 views

How do I go about developing a published writing portfolio as a new writer?

If I've never published a book before, what are some good first steps? After all, not all writing now is in books but also short form media, copywriting, articles, etc. I've got a blog I'm updating regularly and I like connecting with my fellow writers. I genuinely both love and hate writing...

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Dylan Jul 07, 2019 696 views

Creative Writing work in a limited market?

Little Rock via NYC... #creative-writing #writing #journalism #writer

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Christian Apr 16, 2019 581 views

Debate vs AP Literature and Composition

In my school instead of a Language Arts Class, you can take Debate. Would it be better to be on Debate and the Debate team, or should I stick with a hard class like APLAC? I also have the option of taking college English or Business Communications. What's the option for college applications?...

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Madison Mar 26, 2019 648 views

What are some Day-to-Day responsibilities of a Copywriter?

I was wondering what some of the day to day activities of a copywriter were. I am a high schooler interested in the field and I was wondering what it was like. Thanks so much! #technology #Copywriter #Writer

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Mar 08, 2019 415 views

Best Creative Tech

What are the best kind of devices to take on the go for art/writing/anything artistic? I've heard you should get devices that have no internet access and then others say to get devices with lots of fancy apps. Advice? #writing #college #art #writer #tech