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I am 30, a freelance writer, ADHD, with too many interests, confused what to choose. Any help?

I have multiple interests like filmmaking, movies, art/digital art, fiction writing/novel, screenwriting, basically anything related to story and the craft of storytelling in any medium- writing, visual, etc. With that, I am also too driven for pyschology, self-help, sprituality and philosphy stuff. Then some business aspect with blogging or online stuff attracts me too with the same with Youtube. I am fascinated with content creation for a long time. Having diagnosed with adhd, choosing one thing feels painful and like i am leaving a part of my personality behind, missing out. Even though i entertained the fact that i can be all or most or some one by one over time, and not have to choose. you know the specialization vs generalization thing. But struggling with the concept of not being master in one as well. Any help on this, any resource or anything will be great!

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