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Career Questions tagged Writing

Writing, like communications, is a staple in every career and school. Someone wanting to pursue a career for writing can look to technical writing, journalist, lawyers, and a lot more....

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Ty'Onna Sep 16 59 views

Journalism, Author journalism,author?

What steps do I need to take for being a author?

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Caitlin Sep 09 67 views

Can someone pivot to journalism or marketing after choosing a career in another field?

Have you seen successful writers or market coordinators who do not have their formal education in marketing or journalism? If so, do you have any tips on how to get into those fields starting without education/connections?

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Genevieve Aug 16 154 views

Creative Writing Certificates

Are there any creative writing certificate programs for those who are not pursing a degree in writing? Are there any from an accredited university/college? Are there any certificate programs that are online?

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Genevieve Jul 27 198 views

How can you improve your writing skills without attending any classes?

I've always wanted to be a writer. However, I've never considered making it my full-time job/career. At most, I would be a part-time writer. I have two main obstacles to writing: 1.) Time: normally, I would take workshops, free online classes, etc. to help improve my writing skills, but I...

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Sophia Jul 26 184 views

What are good writing forums?

I know scribliophile is good for advice, but you need the premium plan for it to be really effective. Does anyone know of forums like that? Or just writing forums they enjoy?

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Sophia Jul 26 107 views

Creative Burn-out tips?

How do you deal with burn-out? Specifically creative burnout. I feel like I'm running out of ideas for my story.

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diana Jul 20 110 views

What's the right path?

What should I focus on the most if I want to be a journalist?

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Jasmine Apr 18 289 views

How do I pick just one career path?

Hi, I honestly have no idea what career would be best for me. One I could succeed in, I want to be a nurse but at the same time a photographer and a writer. I do write stories because I have a lot of ideas in my head, and photography my dad got me into that and I love it. I am only in high...

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Zoe Mar 11 162 views

How do you come up with a good plot for your story?

say I was in the middle of writing a story, and I already had all of my characters and setting . How then would I come up with a plot line in which to use said characters?

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Hope Mar 02 149 views

What degree do I need to have to be a writer?

#writing #degree

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Hope Mar 02 161 views

How do you become a successful writer?

#writing #author #creative-writing

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Hope Mar 02 142 views

What is the most difficult part about being a writer?

#writing #author

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Clory Mar 02 158 views

How to Receive Copywriting Feedbacks

I've just started to learn how to do copywriting. I read some books in the past months and I've subscribed to some newsletters and Youtube channels that feature this topic. With these content I was able to learn more about marketing techniques, human psychology and behavior. I've tried writing...

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Zoe Feb 23 167 views

What kinds of things are publishers not going to like?

If I gave a publisher my fantasy story, what kinds of things would he like or dislike?

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Zoe Feb 23 118 views

How hard is it to get a story published?

If I was to try to publish a fantasy novel, how hard would it be?

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kelvin Feb 14 270 views

describe a difficult writing task in school and what you did to complete the task

#writing #task #problem #difficult #essay #article #school #class #college # #writer #author

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Julie Feb 09 177 views

To be a writer how many years do you have to go to college for?

I'm in 10th grade at Spectrum High school and I love writing. #writing

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Julie Feb 09 162 views

What college shound I go to if I want to become a writer in the future?

I'm in 10th grade at Spectrum High School and I've been interested in writing for a while. I've written so many stories throughout the years and it makes me happy just putting my thoughts and feelings into a story for people to read and enjoy. #Writing

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Anna Jan 26 222 views

Journalist Ideas

I am currently thinking about being a journalist after my studies. But I didn't really well know about being in this career. Is it hard or if you don't mind can you share your thoughts and knowledge about this professjion. #writing #college #journalism

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Zeeshan Jan 13 251 views

what are the best copy writing examples?

#writing #journalism #writer #college #author

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Zeeshan Jan 12 599 views

what is copy writing?

#copywriting #writing #author #writer #medical-school

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Riya Jan 10 260 views

I'm interested in more than one subject and i don't understand what I should choose for my uni course.

Hey! I'm interested in eng lit, psychology, philosophy, films and media, performing arts -dancing and acting, theatre. I'm so torn apart as I'm not able to choose properly. I want to go with my passion but also want to be able to monetize it. Can somebody please guide me? #writing...

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Nada Jan 09 269 views

I want to go into journalism but its not that encouraging from the things ive seen. Any advice on how to start from grade 11 to try and make that happen?

I love writing more than anything and I've always wanted to go into something that has to do with it. I have always liked spreading the word on recent events or social issues and I think journalism is the best way to do this. I would really like to pursue it in university but I've heard its...

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Teriyana Jan 01 390 views

I plan on writing my first screeplay in 2022. However, I'm not sure whether to write a tv or movie script for my first screenplay?

I have many ideas that could be either a tv script or a movie script. However, just curious, what does the entertainment/film industry value more? TV or Movie Screenplays? I am struggling on my decision. I plan to use the script to submit to writing competitions and apply to grad film school....

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Zeeshan Dec 29, 2021 2407 views

what are the basic content writing steps?

#writing #author #writer #college

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Sid Dec 01, 2021 205 views

How to get better at remembering words in English type it.

Saying words is english is easy but writing it can be hard need more practice. #english #writing

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David Nov 19, 2021 412 views

What skills that requires me to become a writer?

#writing #author

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Yasmine Nov 16, 2021 470 views

What to write on my personal statement, for marketing?

I am writing my personal statement, therefore I would like some tips on how to properly write it.
#marketing #business #university #personalstatement #write #college #writing

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Kaden Nov 05, 2021 213 views

What careers can you have if you have musical theater degree?

I’m a senior at Dayspring christian school. I enjoy reading, musical theater, writing, history, helping people, telling people about God, and sports. I have not decided what I would like to do as a career after high school. #creative-writing #writing #college #journalism #football...

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Jinnelle Nov 02, 2021 187 views

how to make writing your profession earn money

#money #writing #english