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Career Questions tagged Video Games

Saeed J.’s Avatar
Saeed J. Sep 14 55 views

What is it like to work as a game programmer

I am 11th grader in SF and I loved gaming ever since I was little I was always fascinated by how games worked and when I was old enough I got my own laptop with good enough specs to look at some heavy steam game in which I look at how they were designed and I look at their game in a way as if I...

#game-design #video-game-design #gaming #video-games #game-development

Jose M.’s Avatar
Jose M. Sep 14 28 views

What video game companies are looking to hire someone?

I #video-games want to work for a big video game...

Jimmie T.’s Avatar
Jimmie T. Aug 04 132 views
Rajveer S.’s Avatar
Rajveer S. Jul 04 221 views

What do you do when you become a software developer and is it a good career to go for?

I am in high school. Currently thinking about my career and want to know more about software development. #software #software-development #software-engineer #technology...


Jefferny W.’s Avatar
Jefferny W. Jun 29 132 views

Are there any tips or a heads up for people getting into the gaming industry?

Hi, I just recently graduated and I'm heading off to college to major in Game Design. I am aware of how risky it is, but it is one of the only things that I can do for hours on end and enjoy every last moment of it. I just hope I can make this work somehow. #game-design #games #video-games...

#college #computer #technology #design

Christian A.’s Avatar
Christian A. Jun 26 81 views

Future Goals

I would like to build my own gaming system or create my own game #game-development #video-games...


tanaishah E.’s Avatar
tanaishah E. Jun 25 108 views

How do I get better at recording?

I am an artist I like to draw I also can sing and I write my own songs I play video games that interest me I started recording on YouTube and Instagram I like to do things that make me happy, for my entertainment and I want to grasp more with my talent and also I want to have a business...

#video-games #business #technology

Josue R.’s Avatar
Josue R. Jun 25 137 views

do I need to go to school to learn coding

I want to learn coding to make my own video games but don't want to go to college #coding #video-games...


Britney D.’s Avatar
Britney D. Jun 15 58 views

What do I need to Become a Game Designer?

I’m in my senior year of high school and I’ve been thinking about the certain careers that interest me that I could possibly want to do long-term, video games has been a very big part of my life since childhood and it’s one of the many things I get my happiness from so to be able to be a part...

#video-games #game-design

Jaquan L.’s Avatar
Jaquan L. Jun 11 103 views

What do I need to become this person

I am a laid back person that likes to watch Netflix, play video games and go out with family, I am hardworking and are able to get whatever task I am given done. #technology...


Spencer T.’s Avatar
Spencer T. Jun 02 102 views

Is coding required for game designers?

When working as a game designer what are certain abilities required for the role, for instance is coding required? #video-games #gaming...


Ramon F.’s Avatar
Ramon F. Mar 04 272 views

What are some jobs that will allow me to become a video game developer

I am a student at New Endeavors transition and I am interested in knowing a lot more about the video game development field and learn more about it. #video-game-development #video-games...


Phiseth S.’s Avatar
Phiseth S. Feb 24 208 views

In game development what is the development process like?

Im a Junior in highschool and find video games and their creation really interesting since a young age and want to know more about the things that you have to do in the creation of those games. What do you on the daily? What are factors that can make your job easier or harder? How hard is the...

#game-industry #art #programming #games #video-games

Alex A.’s Avatar
Alex A. Feb 24 132 views

What kind of degree do I need for becoming a Technician?

I love using technology a lot!! Playing video games is my life, and I love using computers especially. But if I want to create something out of tech, like a new video game, or help others work on a new console/ system, what's the required degree? Or at least what college should I go to?...

#college #console #system #technology #computer #technician #degree #video-games

Sam C.’s Avatar
Sam C. Feb 01 298 views
Covon B.’s Avatar
Covon B. Jan 22 125 views

How would game designers design their games?

I understand it takes a certain education to make something. But with all these games that are high demand, how would someone prevail that. Say like a story game, how would you go on about it. Like the music, combat, story, and so on. #video-games...


Tyler P.’s Avatar
Tyler P. Dec 16, 2020 148 views

How do i become a content creator/youtuber

I love watching youtube videos and i would like ton be a youtuber. The content that i would want to post on my channel would basketball and video game related. #video-games #basketball #nyc #content-creator on the...

Ramon F.’s Avatar
Ramon F. Nov 12, 2020 591 views

What are the steps I need to become a video game developer

Hi my name is Ramon I am a student at New Endeavors and I would like to learn more about becoming a video game developer #video-games #games...


Brandon M.’s Avatar
Brandon M. Nov 05, 2020 133 views

What positions are there for someone who likes video games & Art?

#video-games #game-art #art My question is pretty self explanatory, I love art and...

donquavis R.’s Avatar
donquavis R. Sep 18, 2020 144 views

What do you have to do to become a video game designer

i love games so i thought to my self why not make em? #video-game-production #video-games #gaming...