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Best way to become a video gamer designer/game developer.?

How to model, animate, and code.

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2 answers

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Jamie’s Answer

If you're eager to create your own game, you'll need to dive into a variety of different aspects.

YouTube is a fantastic platform for acquiring new knowledge. I suggest downloading Unreal and embarking on the numerous tutorials available.

While there are paid courses, an abundance of the information you need is readily accessible for free.

If your goal is to secure a position in a game studio, honing in on one particular skill might be sufficient. However, I encourage you to explore all areas to discover what truly sparks your interest before making a decision.

Here's to your success!
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Rashida’s Answer

Hello, I am currently a UX Designer on a Game Innovation team and here are some of my colleagues advice to you.


Pick a Digital Content Creation (DCC) software
- Blender (it’s free to use and is becoming an industry standard)
- Maya (many studios use this tool. it’s been in the industry for a very long time)
- 3ds Max (still used by many game studios)

Game Engines
- Unity (used to create most mobile games in the market today)
- Unreal (typically known for creating AA games)

- take a sculpting class. learn how to see form from all angles.
- study anatomy. this mostly applies to character modelers, however, the act of understanding how something works underneath the surface will go a long way in you career.
- understand edge flow on a model (this mostly applies to organic models) and how it affects an animation or rendering in a game engine.

- study the 12 basic principles of animation:
- master basics like animating a flour sack:
- buy or get access to this book The Animators Survival Kit:

Texturing / Shading
- study the real world.
- take pictures of all the objects you see.
- be curious about the effects of light on the surfaces of these objects.
- imagine its history and how the surface has been affected over time.

- keep it simple. whatever you work on try to remove something from it. less IS more
- do what you love not what others are doing. if you love something, make sure it’s not because it’s popular. this will help you stand out from the crowd.
- connect with others. be likable (but yourself) and easy to work with. who you know will go a really long way in your career.


I learned by wanting to make simple games, and with each one doing something I had never done before and would have to figure out. My first game just was on the command line, ha ha. I wrote my first "game" in python, and it's how I was learning to code - I made a zork style game
I then started on simple games with minimal visual fidelity (card games, my very first web game was a simple card game, etc)
Basically, keeping ambitions in check every step of the way and focusing on learning one new skill each little project


If you want to do Game Design, I would recommend trying to get a job at a studio as QA (Quality Assurance) or testing and talk to as many people in the company as you can. Some designers will take the time to teach testers how to become game designers. Once you've don'e QA, it is common to move into a developer role. If you go to school for game design, make sure you are taking programming classes. If you can, try to get a QA /Testing job while in school to help secure potential path to hiring and exposure to potential hiring opportunities.