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Career Questions tagged Video Game Design

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Alexis Mar 27 32 views

What information-if any- should I learn before going to college for game development?

Will be attending community college

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Blake Jan 30 157 views

witch career path should i go into?

I have studied for both collision repair and digital design but I also want to do welding in the future. Witch career path should I go into to enjoy and make the most money?

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haley Dec 01, 2022 131 views

where can I learn coding without school program?

Where is a place i can learn how to code so i can be prepared for my dream job?

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Matthew Nov 01, 2022 369 views

Where to start with Game design and coding?

What websites or courses are good for learning basics about Coding? Are there any YouTube videos that cover certain things that i may need to know?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Oct 25, 2022 195 views

What is a good thing to have on your resume if you want to be a game designer?

what jobs or levels of education would be reccomended.

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Dean Oct 18, 2022 148 views

How do I get started being a Video Game Programmer?

So I'm 14, and I want to be a Video Game Programmer for a career. But the thing is, I don't know where to beginning or how to publish my first game for people to see.

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Gabe Oct 18, 2022 196 views

what coding languages do you want to know for game development?

what are the best coding languages for a career in developing games

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Alina Oct 16, 2022 100 views

What are the levels of education needed to become a video game designer?

I want to know what school types I should go to, as well as what majors and how long they take?

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Sebastian Aug 25, 2022 132 views

What are some benefits to becoming a video game designer

what are some benefits

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Aug 25, 2022 116 views

What are some financial hardships of becoming a video game designer?

what are some things most people had to go through

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Aug 25, 2022 146 views

How long does it take to get a bachelors degree to become a video game designer?

How long does it take

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Tatiana Jul 31, 2022 406 views

How to choose which animation specialization to study?

Hello! I'm interested in having a career in animation. When I started looking at animation more closely, I thought "animator", "producer", and "director" were the only job titles you could have. Turns out there's many different jobs to choose from. However, I have no idea which area to...

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Levi May 16, 2022 321 views

Do I need to go to collage to get a job with designing pokemon?

Not for Pokemon GO, but for the switch games.

timothy’s Avatar
timothy May 10, 2022 259 views

1. If my strengths are problem solving and leadership and my hobbies are playing basketball and videos games, what types of careers or industries might best fit for me? 2. What other strengths or experiences might I need for the suggested careers?

I need some help finding out what to do after high school

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ash May 09, 2022 240 views

Do video game designers tend to work at home more than ever now

since the last covid spike

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Wyatt May 06, 2022 386 views

What is the best interactive platform to learn the fundamentals of the C# language?

I'm looking into coding my own game, what do you recommend or what did you use when first learning how to code C#?

mario’s Avatar
mario May 03, 2022 162 views

What area of coding or software development should I get into for video game development?

I want to get into more areas that involves game development.
Im not a good graphic artist .

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malachi Apr 29, 2022 375 views

How do I become a professional YouTube gamer pls answer

how do i become a professional yt gamer and a better gamer? Pls answer im in the 9th grade

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Max Apr 28, 2022 207 views

1. Did you made a video game? 2. What's your favorite part about your job? 3. Do you like your job? 4. What is your least favorite about your job? 5. Do you want to quit your job?

I'm researching for a video game designer.

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ash Apr 27, 2022 447 views

What is being a game designer like?

what is your role for your company and what daily problems do you have to overcome.

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Hope Apr 26, 2022 249 views

How much time has to be put in for just coding the start out of the game?

How much of your time goes into the first steps of just coding a game

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Apr 26, 2022 337 views

How should a new game designer start out?

how would someone in the game making start out?

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Hope Apr 26, 2022 313 views

What's the best way to learn coding and how to model along with lighting, and sounds?

I wanna learn more about how to Code games along with how to do lighting and sound effects, i also wanna know how do you start on making a game?

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Apr 26, 2022 188 views

Is it a struggle when putting a game on market?

After coding and making a game when you put it on market is it hard to get people to play the game if so how do you deal with it?

"George" Dec 15, 2021 451 views

What is the best software for indie game developer?

#software #video-games #video-game-design #software-engineering

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malcolm Nov 22, 2021 272 views

What are good companies for game designing that i should look up on?

I want to prepare for my future and know what type of game designing companies i should keep an eye on #video-game-design

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malcolm Nov 22, 2021 296 views

What are some things you would need to know before looking into becoming a video game designer?

I would really like to know what is good for video game designing so that i can get a job in it and start my career from there #video-game-design #game-design

Emely’s Avatar
Emely Nov 08, 2021 338 views

If you take a gap year what are some suggestions on what to do while on that break? (I'm into coding, video games, and editing)

#coding #video #video-games #video-game-design #gaming

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David Nov 08, 2021 236 views

How do you connect with more people of similar interests?

I love game and character design, writing and I am full fo ideas. #video-game-design #artist

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Aaron Oct 26, 2021 290 views

What are the pros & cons of becoming a video game designer?

I've been into video games and love playing them since I first owned a PlayStation for as long I could remember when I around 7 or 8 years old. I always wanted to design and make a video game or my own console. What are the steps in becoming a video game designer and is it worth it as a...