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Career Questions tagged Marketing And Advertising

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Diego Mar 14 48 views

How do I get the most out of being a Wholesale & Retail Buyers?

Thank you for your answers

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Kyrstin Feb 08 140 views

How do I get my jewelry business more sales/social media traffic?

I have tried TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. I know consistency is key and I'm also starting to do some more vendor events. I don't know how to be consistent and when I do I still get low to zero sales/traffic My goal for sales is 10 orders per 2 weeks.

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Dorian Feb 07 109 views

when do you plan on passing your professional ethics down to your children

Or is your plan to have your children financially comfortable for the rest of their lives

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Riley Dec 14, 2022 230 views

How would one go about finding a job in marketing and/or advertising?

Are there certain degrees or experience that you would need in order to apply for such jobs? Or are there ways to apply for internships and/or get hired and then trained?

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Jake Dec 08, 2022 314 views

What kind of materials should our commercial insurance brokers be using?

We have a team of commercial sales brokers that are trying to hit increasingly higher sales targets. If you were running a business, or operating the purchasing, what kind of materials would be influential to you? Brochures? Realtor style folders? Referral programs? SWAG? I'm hoping to give...

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Amy Nov 16, 2022 392 views

Good internships for college students with a marketing major?

What types of internships (which roles) should I apply for when I'm in college that will increase the chances of me finding a job?

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Victoria Nov 09, 2022 330 views

How do I compare and choose the school that is the best fit for me and my career?

I want to stay in Massachusetts and I plan to study advertising and marketing. I want to choose a good school that won't leave me in debt for thirty years when I get out of school. There are so many possibilities and it is diff ult to find the perfect fit. What main aspects should I be looking...

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Sep 27, 2022 385 views

Best colleges for marketing major?

What UC or USC in California is the best for marketing?

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Kavion Aug 26, 2022 274 views

what is a average day in marketing management

what is a average day in marketing management

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kaden May 25, 2022 319 views

What makes something engaging to an audience?

I want to major in digital marketing and I don't know how to capture an audience's attention.

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daesean May 16, 2022 322 views

What would I need to do to understand needs for buyers for being a marketing manager?

whats a easier way to try to understand the sales process in marketing

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daesean May 16, 2022 412 views

how could i identify potential new markets and creating new plans to enter a market good enough for me?

how can i have good time management and organization skills in order to plan and execute both large and small marketing projects and initiatives

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James May 03, 2022 383 views

How much do entry-level marketers make right out of college?

I want to know the pay so I can make a living.

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Apr 26, 2022 330 views

who long does it take to be a Search Marketing Strategists? what classes do I have to take to be a Search Marketing Strategists? what other careers are related to Search Marketing Strategists? how much does being a Search Marketing Strategists cost? what college is best for me?

who long does it take to be a Search Marketing Strategists?
what classes do I have to take to be a Search Marketing Strategists?
what other careers are related to Search Marketing Strategists?
how much does being a Search Marketing Strategists cost?
what college is best for me?

Yasmine’s Avatar
Yasmine Oct 20, 2021 375 views

How can I be more creative? as a student that wants to study marketing, I feel like I am not very creative. How marketing professionals come up with those creative and great ideas?

I am a student interested in marketing, I am willing to learn more about sector. #marketing #business #marketing-and-advertising #communication #question #answer

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Airic May 21, 2021 260 views

What are the steps to becoming a wholesale real estate agent?

#marketing-and-advertising #international-business #realestate #agent

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Loren Jan 22, 2021 366 views

What are the most successful personal businesses in Georgia?

I've thought about going into clothing and fashion retail or real estate. My main goal is to manage and take control of a business that I'm passionate about but I also want to choose a market that will be successful in Georiga. #Georiga # #marketing #apparel-and-fashion...

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Destiny Marie Oct 15, 2020 381 views

How do you channel and control your emotions when your having a difficult time? How do you manage personal life and medical life?

#marketing-and-advertising #job-search # #career-path #medicine#zoology #doctor

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Karoline Aug 26, 2020 446 views

Were you able to take most of your first-choice classes?

#classes #marketing-and-advertising

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Dhani May 13, 2018 574 views

What type of careers can you get into with a Mass Comm degree?

I'm trying to get more of an idea of what is out there for incoming freshman at my university. I am a mass comm major and I have received a few questions but they're not pertaining to my concentration within the major. #tennesseestate #masscommunications #hbcus #communications...

Ben ’s Avatar
Ben May 10, 2018 1045 views

How do I get a job out of college as an account manager? What makes a successful advertising account manager?

I am graduating in December 2018 with a degree in Advertising from San Jose State University. I want to work in account management/client services in an advertising agency after graduation. I have a bit of familiarity with what this role entails and what the advertising industry is like....

Ben ’s Avatar
Ben May 02, 2018 1138 views

How do I move to a different job market?

I am based in the SF Bay Area. I am considering to move out of it after I graduate college with a degree in advertising. Some places I am considering are Seattle, Austin, Portland, or Los Angeles. I love the Bay Area but its really expensive to live here. I eventually want to get my own place...

Clarissa’s Avatar
Clarissa Jan 19, 2018 870 views

How do I decide what I want to do with my degree?

I am a marketing major, and I love it. However, marketing is such a broad spectrum, and there are so many different things I could do with a marketing degree. How do I evaluate where I would fit best in a marketing career? #marketing #marketing-career #career-choice #career-path...

Clarissa’s Avatar
Clarissa Jan 19, 2018 774 views

How do I apply my passion to my career?

I am a marketing major and I hope to have a career in the advertising or social media field. I am very passionate about human rights, equal opportunities, anti-racism, and women's rights. I would like to know how I can apply these types of themes into my career in a way that I can make a...

Reginald’s Avatar
Reginald Jan 17, 2018 570 views

As an aspiring entrepreneur how much of my future is dictated by the stock market rather than actual product and marketing produced?

I’m asking because the chances of becoming a multimillionaire as an Entrepreneur rival that of making the NFl, so I wanted to know if early participation in the global stock market will raise my chances of success in the long run.#business #wealth #stocks #marketing-and-advertising #product...

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Jan 16, 2018 8390 views

What could you do with a fashion marketing degree?

I really want to take this major but i don't really understand what fashion marketing /merchandising involves ?

#marketing #fashion-merchandising #fashion #marketing #marketing-and-advertising #apparel-and-fashion

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Kristine Oct 25, 2017 1305 views

How do I pursue a career in social media?

Hello everyone, I am currently a junior in college majoring in Business Accounting and minoring in Public Relations. My interest has always been in social media, blogging, content management (I love writing), and a little bit of graphic design. I love being able to impact and influence other's...

Ben ’s Avatar
Ben Oct 02, 2017 1161 views

How do I write a good cover letter?

I am applying to a bunch of internships for summer 2018 in the Advertising, Marketing, or Communications fields. If you have any advice that will help me land an internship in one of those fields please let me know! #cover-letters #resume #marketing-and-advertising #communications #business

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Stacia Aug 31, 2017 2009 views

How important is grad school for a advertising degree?

Am currently in college as an advertising major and considering the option of grad school. Is it important or worth it to go and do it or just go out in the world and begin a job?
#gradschool #advertising #marketing-and-advertising #graduate-programs

Ben ’s Avatar
Ben Aug 10, 2017 3529 views

Are Udacity Nanodegrees in Digital Marketing worth it? Does it increase my employment chances?

I see some billboards around the Bay Area and Facebook/Instagram ads about this program. I am currently a senior at SJSU studying advertising. I am starting to plan for my life post college. I am willing to do anything to be more competitive in my career field. I either want to work in the...