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Career Questions tagged Freelance Graphic Designer

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Nov 20 80 views

Should I pursue a full time job in marketing or freelance to build an agency?

In my previous job at a large family fitness facility I was a marketing associate and customer experience manager, this meant I did everything from crafting marketing campaigns to fulfilling the services. Design the menu and work in the kitchen...I designed all banners, posters, merchandise,...

Bella’s Avatar
Bella Oct 15 128 views

How hard is the schooling to be a graphic designer?

Is it mostly art classes, or are there other mathy or sciency classes you need other than the core classes?

vivian’s Avatar
vivian Jun 06 214 views

What are some freelancing requirements or tips ?

What does it take to be a freelance artist/graphic designer? Does it require anything or do you just start? Is there also any strategy to marketing to an audience?