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Career Questions tagged Artist

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Mar 23 81 views

How can I find my ideal university and career major when I start working?

- I like music, it's a need in my everyday life.
- I like to draw and I think i can draw pretty well
- I like to design everything, especially when it's functional
- I'd like to be a celebrity

ina’s Avatar
ina Mar 17 18 views

What did you first sell to who?

I want to create so much but what would get sold?

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Mar 15 64 views

What kind of jobs are there that involves with art/drawing?

I am generally curious on what jobs there are that includes anything art related.

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Mar 15 123 views

Is art more of a side job?

Since art is unstable, should it be a side job or having other jobs while being an artist?

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Mar 14 33 views

How do to art?

How do i become an epic artist

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Mar 13 43 views

What types of drawing designs are recommended to learn?

Since I am still learning, I would like to focus on what type of drawing style I should learn before deciding on what career I would like to choose.

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Mar 09 33 views

how can i make art?

how to be a good arts.

Emilie’s Avatar
Emilie Mar 03 123 views

Is art a stable career?

Could art sustain me in life? Or could it be more of a side job? Are there many opening for artists nowadays?

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Mar 02 72 views

What are some companies for art careers?

Like cartoonists, animators and graphic designers

Shira’s Avatar
Shira Mar 01 75 views

I have an interest in painting my face is there another career where I could use my artistic abilities and love for makeup?

How do I become a makeup artist to work on movies? What sort of education level would I need? I want to do something creative with my career and be able to make people feel beautiful, and I also love everything about movies and the reasoning behind the choices made in movies. #CV23

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Feb 27 60 views

What unique jobs are there for artists?

I want to see what I can do in my future

nora’s Avatar
nora Feb 23 115 views

What are some career choices for someone whose favorite subjects are english and art??

I enjoy painting and find learning english my favorite out of all my subjects

kaitlyn’s Avatar
kaitlyn Feb 14 121 views

Is it worth it to become a photographer?

if i stay in tech i will probably go to be a photographer and take pictures of babies and pregnancy and also wedding pictures maybe couple pictures as well i dont really know

Khalil’s Avatar
Khalil Feb 08 112 views

How to build your music career?

How does a music artist get recognized if they are a beginner?

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Feb 02 146 views

Is being a manga artist hard?

Im in 8th grade and I really like drawing and anime so I wanna be a manga artist but I would like to know the hardships of being one.

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jan 30 107 views

What are some difficulties when it comes to making art?

I'm in 11th grade and I've been interested in working as an artist since 7th grade but want to know what difficulties I might face if I do become an artist. I do all kinds of art, including drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 27 269 views

How do I decide?

I can't decide what to do as a career... I'm passionate about many things so that makes it hard to choose just one. I love art, psychology, music, and working with people. Any advice?

Devin’s Avatar
Devin Jan 26 216 views

Is it worth it to be an artist?

I love art and I have always wanted to be an artist but I wanted to know how much a professional artist makes and the daily life of an artist.

Mackenzie’s Avatar
Mackenzie Jan 18 373 views

What is the biggest lesson to learn about performing arts?

The performing arts industry is very scary, and I don't have much support. I know there is going to be a lot of lessons I need to learn on my own and was hoping to know the most important one to help me succeed.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Jan 16 174 views

Do art careers require the need of advance science and math course ?

I really want to work in the animation or art industry in general. I’ve taken a lot of advance placement courses and don’t know withered they are worth taking. I maintain all A’s in my classes so is it better just to take normal courses.

Clover’s Avatar
Clover Dec 13, 2022 185 views

Sociology and Phsicology

I want to find profitable careers in these majors that are not just being a therapist or psychiatrist. I am also wondering if I can have an art career on the side.

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Dec 08, 2022 292 views

What are three important things I should know about doing Animation as a career?

I am planning on starting a career in animation as I am an artist, and go to college for 5 years after leaving Job Corp. Anything I should consider?

Jasmin’s Avatar
Jasmin Dec 02, 2022 117 views

Where do I start being successful?

I. I love any type of art
2. probably be an interior designer or Art teacher
3. My favorite color is yellow

Astrid’s Avatar
Astrid Nov 14, 2022 177 views

How would I go about taking formal commissions for my paintings?

For context, I am a senior in HS and would like to start making money off of traditional painting commissions, like landscape paintings, portraits, etc. I have the skills to do so, but I am wondering how I would go about establishing myself on socials and how I could create a customer base. I’m...

Sharon’s Avatar
Sharon Nov 14, 2022 319 views

What do I do if I'm undecided on which art related major I want to choose?

I've always been passionate about the arts ever since I was a child. However, now that it's time to apply to colleges I'm stuck on deciding a major. I still think I have a lot to improve on in my artwork which school can help me with. However, I'm not quite sure which major to choose. I love...

Sasha’s Avatar
Sasha Nov 10, 2022 249 views

How to get established

How does one start out in graphic design, a form of art, or game development in a successful way? It would be hard to start a career like that without any prior connections.

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Nov 09, 2022 178 views

How to become Rockstar

I wanna be a Rockstar and go on stage and play and make bread, how do i get my music popular enough to get on stage

Kooper’s Avatar
Kooper Nov 09, 2022 196 views

How to start out with art?

what are some first steps to doing art as a job? what are some things the beginners should know?

Carlina’s Avatar
Carlina Nov 09, 2022 324 views

What is the best direction if you want to become a 2D Animator?

I'm currently a senior in high school, aiming to become a 2D Animator, but I don't know the best way to achieve that goal efficiently in a way that works best for me. I still want to review basic drawing skills while also developing new animation skills so I can build a career out of what I...

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Nov 03, 2022 239 views

Which is better for me a digital artist or an interior designer?

I like to draw a lot and I decided that it would be better for me if I were to take a career where I can paint or just draw. I understand that if I am an interior designer I won't be painting all the time, but I do find it enjoyable to make others happy; If I were to redesign their home or...