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Career Questions tagged Artist

Kiere C.’s Avatar
Kiere C. May 10 84 views

Could you have more than one job in different fields?

This may be a silly question, but I wonder if you could take more than one job in different fields, such as being a translator and an artist. These examples are careers I'm interested in, though I do not know if they would overlap or make things difficult in my schedule.

Katarena C.’s Avatar
Katarena C. May 05 74 views

What are some good colleges for arts?

I like art and math a lot and I'm wondering what colleges might be good for those interests.

Khriz S.’s Avatar
Khriz S. Apr 28 109 views

question s of special effects artist

1. how do you exactly do special effects?
2. how much do you get payed a year?
3. what is the best collage for this career?
4. it this job independent or group?
5. what collage degree do you have to get for this career?

Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Apr 26 92 views

What do art directors start with in a project?

Do they start with the drawing, colors, or images?

Melissa A.’s Avatar
Melissa A. Apr 26 118 views

Where do art directors find jobs?

where are art director jobs most popular, and which state has the most jobs disposable?

Colin L.’s Avatar
Colin L. Mar 25 94 views

In what ways can I use art to impact the world?

I have the skills and techniques for it, but I don't really have a purpose for them.

Callel J.’s Avatar
Callel J. Mar 21 135 views

How do I get better at drawing bodies for my works of art?

what would be the best way to go about designing bodies for my art, would i need to study anatomy or would i just need basic skills to draw body designs?

Clory W.’s Avatar
Clory W. Feb 17 130 views

Career Choice Advice

I'm almost 28 right now. About 4 years ago, I used to work as sales advisor for a famous fashion brand, but for personal reasons I had to quit the job. My actual personal situation doesn't allow me to stay away for long period from home. So, especially during the pandemic, I started thinking...

Daisy L.’s Avatar
Daisy L. Feb 02 239 views

How big does an art portfolio typically need to be?

I want to make an art portfolio, but I don't know how to start. #art #artist

Jesua S.’s Avatar
Jesua S. Feb 01 200 views

What kind of problems do animators face in their jobs?

It could be struggles with mental health, overwork, low pay or anything in general to give me a vague idea to things I need to keep an eye on before entering the industry. [some advice on what is expected of me while I work would also be helpful] #animation #artist #art

Colin L.’s Avatar
Colin L. Jan 28 160 views

What skills do I need in order to major in art?

I believe I have a sufficient understanding of art and I also have the skill to produce good art. Will an art major require a lot more techniques and will it be worth taking? #art #college #artist

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 11, 2021 224 views

Other than a portfolio, how can an artist advertise themselves to colleges?

What other ways are artists recognized as a student applying for college besides using their portfolio? #college #artist #art

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 11, 2021 211 views

What platforms do most digital arts classes use in college?

Through classes within high school, I've become familiarized with Adobe Photoshop and Illustration, along with websites like WIX and Canva. Are there other common platforms most colleges will have digital art students use? Are there any materials we need to pay for within the class? #college...

Yazmin A.’s Avatar
Yazmin A. Nov 11, 2021 176 views

What other options is there if my Plan A doesnt work?

I am currently a freshman studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts, minoring in Illustration and Religious Studies. Since high school, I wanted to be a tattoo artist. Now I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do. #art #college #fine-art #artist #tattoo

David B.’s Avatar
David B. Nov 08, 2021 131 views

How do you connect with more people of similar interests?

I love game and character design, writing and I am full fo ideas. #video-game-design #artist

Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Nov 02, 2021 308 views

how many years of education are digital artists required to take?

are the classes expensive? are there a lot of classes that are needed? #education #artist #college #art

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KIM J N. Oct 27, 2021 124 views

how to grab the course that i want even thou i cant afford it

Im kim a student and i have separeted parents i was send to a very religious family that im not happy with i feel different about myself. i really need to fined my own way how to be succesful in my own so i can live the life that i really wanted #student #artist

Destany Z.’s Avatar
Destany Z. Sep 30, 2021 220 views

What is it like to be an art therapist

I am a senior in High School interested in art therapy and would like to dig deeper in this career. #art #artist #therapy #psychology #arttherapy #creativearttherapy

zile Y.’s Avatar
zile Y. Sep 29, 2021 141 views

what is your daily routine as a artist ?

I am a 9th grade and wants to become a artist #artist #art