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Career Questions tagged Ui Ux

Brad’s Avatar
Brad Jul 06 157 views

How do I become a UI designer with no experience building apps?

I have worked in design for about 10 years, I'm thinking about taking the google ux certification course or maybe a design boot camp but not sure how I will get real world experience when everyone hiring wants real world experience not volunteer or bootcamp projects.

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jun 27 142 views

What should be included in a portfolio review for a product design interview?

I just finished my UX/UI bootcamp and I'm wondering what advice you have on what makes a compelling portfolio review for a Jr. Designer.

Anastasiia’s Avatar
Anastasiia May 20 160 views

How to build portfolio for ux/ui designer role?

How to build portfolio for ux/ui designer role if there were no real life projects. Maybe some tips on where to start, how many projects to include, and the best way to present them

Melinda’s Avatar
Melinda May 12 131 views

Software engineer vs. UI/UX designer?

I think I want to become a software engineer or a UI/UX designer. Is there a career that would encapsulate both these roles? Also, many engineering focused schools, such as Purdue, offers a wide range of specific majors like computer science, UI/UX design, web design, etc. I know that...