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Career Questions tagged Career Change

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 08 189 views

What can I do if I select a career and decide its not a good fit?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 06 370 views

What if you want to switch careers after you've already started college? How about if you've already started working in the field?

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Sarah Aug 18, 2022 228 views

Changing Careers to Creative

I'm looking to make a career change back into the creative space with the goal of being a Creative Director. Any advice on how to make this switch?

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Vincent Jun 01, 2022 411 views

How to approach finding engineering work after ten years of only being hired for low-skill jobs?

Received master's degree in engineering ten years ago with excellent grades but I have never had a chance to work in the field. I've had to accept zero-education or associate's degree level work just to have any income at all, and I've worked two associates-level jobs for the past six years. I...

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Niha May 05, 2022 255 views

I am currently doing BSc in Business Management and Information Systems. What are the possibilities of doing MD after? Read below.

I am doing Coursera courses and specializations. I am gaining as much knowledge as I can. I am planning on doing GRE chemistry and GRE psychology (as I want to go into psychiatry). I know it’s very hard but I am doing whatever I can. Any recommendations or anything at all (what do you think?)...

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Berlanda May 12, 2021 356 views

What proffesion would you recommend for a person who likes being in charge?

#career #career-change #careers #life #special-effects #medical

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Abby Dec 01, 2020 534 views

What are some options for someone who might drop out of college and who would like to become a teacher?

Asking on behalf of a friend who might need to take some time off due to mental health challenges <3

#college #career-change #college-drop-out #teaching #education #mental-health

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Catherine Jul 31, 2020 755 views

For anyone who has made a successful career change, what were the most important things you had to do, or what advice would you give others looking to do the same?

I'm a current college student, so I haven't officially started my career yet, but I'm extremely anxious about doing so, especially now that the pandemic has changed life as we know it. I've changed my career aspirations several times already, but now I'm nearing graduation and I'm still...

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Chyna Aug 07, 2018 605 views

Should I finish paying my college fees and tuition first or pay to start my own business after I graduate college?

#business woman #professionals #career #career-change

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Danni Apr 12, 2018 901 views

Would someone graduating at 40 with their first degree in civil engineering have a chance in the workforce?

Is it sensible or feasible (or how does the outlook seem in general) to get one's first degree at 40 as a civil engineer? (Entering college at 35, graduating at 40) Would potential employers be biased against an "old" newbie, making it impossible to pay off school debt at such a late date...

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Lizbeth Apr 04, 2018 507 views

Could you change your major on your fourth year of college?

If you change your major on your last year, will you have to make up more years?

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Sarah Jan 17, 2018 575 views

How do I find internships (eventually a career) in a different city?

I’ve live in Southern California my entire life and I really want to move to another city after I graduate, but I’ll need a job. What are some tips on getting an internship/career in a city that’s farther away?

#internship #career-change

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Kristen Jan 17, 2018 720 views

How does it look to future employers if you work in a different field for a while?

I am hoping to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. However, I will likely work in an electrical product engineering position for a non-biomedical company following graduation. How will biomedical companies I apply for in the future see this? Will this experience help me or will they...

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Kaitlin Jan 15, 2018 645 views

What happens if you graduate with your degree and find out that the career you thought you wanted is not for you?

I recently visited and old roommate of mine who graduated last year. She just began her first teaching job at an elementary school and hates everything about it. It made me start to worry that I may graduate next year and go into a career and hate what I do and that the 4 years I spent getting...

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Mathew Aug 26, 2017 1003 views

I have a challenge for you today. What are...?

What are the real life job equivalences to jobs like in the movie TheTransporter(2002), Drive(2011)? If you haven't seen the movies here's a quick summary of their jobs: - TheTransporter: Main character delivers packages from point A to point B for the mob. He works by a strict set of rules he...

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Mounia Feb 16, 2017 1317 views

How to make connections on LinkedIn?

I am new to LinkedIn and am wondering who I should add as a connection? I also am transitioning into a different career section, hopefully the non-profit, human service, or social service sector and am not sure if I should add old employees/supervisors from the insurance industry. #networking...

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Mounia Feb 16, 2017 1199 views

What should I put on LinkedIn when I am an unemployed student looking to transition into the non-profit, human service, or social service sector from financial services?

Should I list that I am a student who is looking for job opportunities and looking to transition into the non-profit, human service, or social service sector from financial services in my headline? Should I mention the career which I aspire to have? In the experience section should I list my...

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Angelina Jan 25, 2017 1929 views

If you could start over again, would you change your career?

I am just curious to see how many people are happy with their career choices and how many would change them! Thanks! #business #career #teaching #healthcare #law #career-choice #career-path #career-change

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Daniella Dec 26, 2016 983 views

When choosing what you want to do, is a stable income more important than chasing after what you actually want to do?

All my life, I was constantly encouraged to follow the path of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. I never felt queasy at the sight of blood, I find the heart to be the most interesting organ in the body, and I even would watch surgery videos on YouTube from Mayo Clinic. Although this may have...

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Dominique Oct 30, 2016 860 views

Could I switch between two professions/jobs?

I was thinking of double majoring in nutrition and music, because I love both subjects so much and want to have both in my life. Would it be possible to switch between the two if one career path does not work out? I want to audition for a music company and be a trainee, but that would require a...

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Kathy May 30, 2016 922 views

Degree in biology... art/environment/science?

Hello, I graduated last year with a degree in biology in Florida... I've been pre-dental since 2010. I applied last cycle with a GPA of 3.4 and a DAT score of 17. I'm aware my DAT score isn't the best, and considering how competitive the dental career is becoming, I don't expect that to be...

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Stephanie May 28, 2016 967 views

What would you recommend to make the transition from college to career easier?

It's hard to know what will help you get a real world job and experience and things to help get you hired. The only advise I have gotten so far is internships but is that the only thing? #career #career-change #career-plan

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Micaela May 26, 2016 919 views

How do you think that your first year of college changed you?

Being a junior in college I have seen so much growth mentally. I feel as though I am a whole new person after the experiences I have had or have been put through. I wanted to know if anyone else has ever felt that they too have changed at all, and in what ways? #college #education...

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Kelly May 26, 2016 993 views

Is it possible to pursue a career in teaching, and then later in life, a career in nursing?

I'm the kind of person that wants to save the world in a thousand different ways - which makes picking a career exceptionally difficult. I don't know if I could ever pick just one career for the rest of my life. So I've considered becoming a teacher for several years (as in, more than a...

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Aylin May 26, 2016 1766 views

Is it normal to change your career path when youre already halfway through college?

I have an idea of what i want to do in the future but i dont know what im going to do if i change my mind halfway through college #college #career-choice #career-path #major #career-change #career-plan

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Celestin May 20, 2016 4297 views

Best way to enter the entertainment industry on the business side

Hi everyone, I am currently a junior in college, and my professional future seems to be directed towards advertising. After an internship in marketing in general, I am interning this summer in an ad agency, on the data analysis side. Yet, my dream is to work in the entertainment industry, on...

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ahilandeswari May 19, 2016 788 views

how to choose a good carrier?

i hav to choose a good carrier which will help me to move forward ....and to select a good collage ... #education #money #career-change #3d-modeling

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Anders May 19, 2016 1984 views

What are some good backup careers in the case that I'm not accepted into medical school after the 1st or 2nd try?

I haven't always been the best student academically and have heard it's a good idea to have a backup for medical school. I am most interested in Neurology/Neuroimaging but any other suggestions are welcomed. #career #medicine #career-paths #medicine-school #careers #neurology #career-change...

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Hailey May 16, 2016 1012 views

Lets say you finish college and loved learning about what your career would be like and you loved everywhere you interned, but what do you do if you start your career and you hate it?

I am about to be a sophomore in college and currently I'm loving everything I have learned about the career I want. I have not interned yet but I am just curious what someone would do if they finish all their schooling and then get to their career and don't like it. I want to know how they...

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Anina May 08, 2016 819 views

How important is it that I get my degree in what I want my career to be in?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. I was personally wondering how important it was that your degree was related to the job you are applying for. Do certain jobs not care what major you graduated with? Do certain jobs care a lot? #college...