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Career Questions tagged Special Effects

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Khriz S. May 11 70 views
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Khriz S. May 11 64 views
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Khriz S. May 11 61 views
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Khriz S. Apr 28 106 views

question s of special effects artist

1. how do you exactly do special effects?
2. how much do you get payed a year?
3. what is the best collage for this career?
4. it this job independent or group?
5. what collage degree do you have to get for this career?

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Sean H. Apr 27 99 views

5 questions about being a special effects artist

1 How much pressure is on an artist?
2 What is the usual amount of time to complete a project?
3 How many artists work on a project?
4 What is the highest tier of this kind of job?
5 How do you grow your skills beyond whats needed?

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Kyle H. Mar 18, 2021 296 views

What's the salary for a computer programmer.

i would like to know the salary for a computer programmer #special-effects

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Jozlyn Johnson J. Feb 16, 2021 208 views

What are some qualifications that you should have to be a model?

My name is Jozlyn Johnson i am 17 and a half turning 18 in March. I used to make clothes and I would show my mom. She recommended that I should be a model and that I would be a great model. I am so interested in modeling before I forget my location is Chesapeake,Virginia. I would like too...

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Kenna W. Nov 19, 2020 262 views

flight nurse

I am currently training to be a flight nurse and I really don't know much about it, I just like how intense it is and how you really don't stop moving after getting on a call so I was wondering if you could help me?? #special-effects

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sydnee S. Oct 27, 2020 387 views

What internships would be good for a kindergarten teacher?

I'm in 8th grade. I have a class called career and technology we are doing a project. For our project we are asking questions about the jobs we would like to do. #teacher #special-effects #principal #teaching #career

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Patricia I. Sep 18, 2020 198 views

How much education is needed to become a business owner?

I know for sure you have to know a lot, but how much? #interior #special-effects

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Kirstin O. Apr 12, 2018 532 views

What is the best high quality art school in the world that is not Julliard?

I am a sophomore in high school that is interested in an artistic career that involves makeup, special effects makeup and art in general like painting, drawing and design. I want to attend a top notch art school that will truly lead me to a successful career that makes my artwork noticed in...

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Annalise B. Jan 09, 2017 584 views

What career should I choose if I want to be a special effects make-up artist.

I am asking this question because it has been in my interest for about 4 or 5 years and I am having trouble trying to talk to someone who has done it for a while and tell me what it is like. #film #film-production #makeup #special-effects #make-up-artist #technogy

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jasmine G. Aug 17, 2016 463 views

Is makeup artistry a competitive career?

I would like to know how much competition there is for this career and if there are many people who do it or just a few. #special-effects

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jasmine G. Aug 17, 2016 2048 views

For a special effects makeup artist, what are the names of the majors, and what school is the best school for it?

I really want to go into 3D special effects makeup and having this question answered would really help me to find what I should look for in colleges to achieve my goal. There is so much help for regular colleges but when it comes to an art school no one is able to help me. I would highly like...