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For a special effects makeup artist, what are the names of the majors, and what school is the best school for it?

I really want to go into 3D special effects makeup and having this question answered would really help me to find what I should look for in colleges to achieve my goal. There is so much help for regular colleges but when it comes to an art school no one is able to help me. I would highly like that this question of mine would be answered here thank you. #special-effects

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1 answer

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Kapil’s Answer

A special effects make-up artist uses wigs, make-up, prosthetics and other tools to create the desired look on a live performer or a special effects prop. This line of work is typically found in the entertainment industry, so special effects make-up artists may be hired by theaters, film and television productions, theme parks, cruise ships or avant-garde fashion designers. The job of a special effects make-up artist can be as simple as aging the face of a young actor or as complicated as creating a never-before-seen alien monster.

Education No specific degree required, a cosmetology or theater arts program may be helpful
Job Skills Artistic skills, keen eye for color, networking skills

Required Education
While completing courses in a cosmetology school or learning the application of theatrical make-up in a theater arts program may be helpful to the aspiring special effects make-up artist, no specific degree is required to work in the field. Many special effects make-up artists began their careers by taking low-paying jobs as interns or assistants and training with more experienced artists.

Required Skills
Whether or not they are formally trained, special effects make-up artists must be artistically inclined with a keen eye for the use of color. One of the most important tools a special effects make-up artist owns is his or her personality. The ability to network and maintain positive working relationships with other professionals in the field can make the difference between having a successful career or failing.

These are the best makeup schools in USA
CMC Makeup School
E.I. School of Professional Makeup
The Make-Up Designory

Courses Offered:
Cosmetology Courses
Beauty Culture
Hair Designing
Makeup Courses

Makeup artists have fun and exciting careers working with a wide variety of people. With a little effort and hard work, you can achieve your goals of becoming a successful professional Make-up Artist. All the best.