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Preeti’s Avatar
Preeti Apr 29, 2016 5410 views

I want to become a IPS officer (indian police service)

Because my dream is a IPS officer and I am very responsible officer #ips

a’s Avatar
a May 13, 2016 857 views

what is the best course for police after tenth standard

i want my future desision #general

nihar’s Avatar
nihar May 14, 2016 729 views

I want to become a police what shoud i do?

i want the answer #ap

nihar’s Avatar
nihar May 13, 2016 2979 views

Which subject i wood take in inter to become a police in my career?

I don't no which subject i wood take to become a police #ap

sukhwati’s Avatar
sukhwati Apr 29, 2016 807 views

I want to Join police force

I am sukhwati i study in 9th class i am a girl i want to serve my nation so please guide me how could i join police force. #professor #police #police-officer #force

suchitra’s Avatar
suchitra May 05, 2016 763 views

I want to become a police officer, which courses do i take ? and what are the exams i have to take?

I am interested in sports and I have completed my 10th and i am waiting for my results. I want to help my country by becoming a police officer #educator #police-officer

rajendra’s Avatar
rajendra Apr 25, 2016 629 views

What is required to become an police?

i have took comers in my studies, then i have to become as police what to do?

Ramya’s Avatar
Ramya May 02, 2016 750 views

How to become a police

Hi,I am Ramya.I am studying 11 aim is police #professor #police #counselling

kezto’s Avatar
kezto May 11, 2016 643 views

I want to be police

because .I love to help people

farheen’s Avatar
farheen May 19, 2016 618 views

i want to be a police officer what courses should i do to become a police

this is my dream

selciya’s Avatar
selciya May 23, 2016 696 views



prashanth’s Avatar
prashanth May 12, 2016 672 views



suhail’s Avatar
suhail May 21, 2016 633 views

what i should do to become a doctor?

its my ambition #doctor

DURGA’s Avatar
DURGA May 05, 2016 702 views

I want to become an doctor

Im confused #doctorate-degree

s’s Avatar
s May 17, 2016 731 views

to become a doctor what are the subjects should be good for me

i want to become a doctor in future #doctor