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Trisha L. Apr 21, 2018 271 views

Relocating Future Dental Hygienist... NC to MA or RI

I am currently in Dental Hygiene school in North Carolina. I am about to start my second year of the program, and will graduate in 2019. When I graduate, I plan to move to either Massachusetts or Rhode Island (somewhere close to the state lines). North Carolina is one of the stricter states,...

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Robyn J. Aug 31, 2017 399 views

What is the typical day like in the career of being a dentist?

I want to become a dentist because i like being involved in things that require you to be hands on. I also know there are different types of dentists and i want to know how you came to the conclusion of which one you wanted to be. #dentistry #dental-hygiene #dental-assistant...


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Julia K. Apr 07, 2017 1098 views

What majors should I go into to become a dental hygienist.?

I'm a junior in high school and I am interested in becoming a Dental Hygienist. I have a 3.2 GPA. I am not interested at all in going to community college because I want a bachelors degree. What colleges are there in the United States that would prepare me to go into this field and what majors...

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De'Asia S. Feb 13, 2017 389 views

What is the highest paying job for a dental hygienist

How much money do they receive for their position #dentistry #dental-hygienist...


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Makaila W. Oct 27, 2016 408 views

Do I have to take Pre-dental course requirements before I take dental hygiene course requirements ?

Hi I am a freshman in college and currently signing up for my spring classes online and I was a little curious and confused by pre-dental and dental hygiene. #dental-hygienist #dental-hygiene...


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Cheska H. Oct 25, 2016 1325 views

Should I go for Physician Assistant or to be a Dental Hygienist

I am going for a bachelors degree but I am debating on which one to take. What do you think would be the best choice to a successful future? My heart is leaning more towards Dental Hygienist, however, in the state I currently live in, they do not have enough clinics for dental hygienist so the...

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kacey L. Oct 23, 2016 1516 views

To become a Dentist, would a major in biochemistry be the best fit?

I'm an incoming college freshman in 2017 and was wondering what major would work best for my field of study. #dentistry #dentist #dental-hygienist #dental #dental-hygiene #dental-practice...


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Lili Z. Oct 01, 2016 508 views

How to become a dental hygienist?

I want to be a dental hygienist and I need to take certain courses before i start with the career, so can I just take those certain course only and finish them and then start with my career or do i have to take other classes? I have already graduated high school. I'm very confused. #college...

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Dana B. Aug 22, 2016 709 views

Dental Hygiene?

I really want to be a dental hygienist. But I want to go to a 4 year college as I feel like that is the best option for me. Most schools in my state do not have Dental Hygiene as a B.S, only an A.S. Is there an equivalent major I can pursue (like BioChem) and then go for a year or 2 long...

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Ingrid S. May 25, 2016 708 views

How many years do I have to study in order to become a dentist hygienist?

My name is Ingrid and I am senior at Southwest Miami Senior High. I have always love science and writing since middle school years. The reason why I am asking this question is because I am planning to study to become a dentist hygienist and it is best to ask instead of not knowing anything so I...

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Rachel R. May 23, 2016 3504 views

Do you reccommend attending a community college then tranfering to a university to get your specific dental training? or start off at that university?

My financial situation isn't the best, so anyway I can save money I will do. Also, if I'm getting the same education at a community college, then why can't I go there instead? #dental #family-dentistry...


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Morgan S. May 09, 2016 806 views

Would a degree in Dentay Hygiene give me a good foundation to continue on to Dental School?

I will be starting college in the fall of 2016. I decided on pursuing a major in dental hygiene with hopes to later go on to dental school. I know most of the dentists I have talked to said that they majored in biology or pre-dentistry before dental school. However, I did not want to major in...

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