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what are the things you need to do/complete to be a dental hygienist.

I am a junior i high school and i am interested in being a dental hygienist. #dental-hygienist #dental #dentistry #dental-hygiene #dentist #career

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2 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Jocelyn!

I am excited for you as you are interested in a great field with great opportunity! During my research I read that the Employment Development Department estimates that nearly 97% of all dental hygienists in the State are employed in dental offices! 97%!! You're interested in a career that is in high demand and that's exciting!!

There is a three-year bachelor’s program right there in San Francisco at the University of the Pacific’s. What is your GPA? It looks like they're very selective requiring at least a GPA of 2.7.

This is only one of the many schools that are out there! According to, here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1. Graduate from an Accredited Dental Hygiene Program
Step 2. Pass the National Board Written Examination
Step 3. Pass the California Clinical Dental Hygienist Examination
Step 4. Pass the Dental Hygiene Committee of California Law and Ethics Written Examination
Step 5. Apply for Licensure as a Registered Dental Hygienist in California
Step 6. Maintain Your Dental Hygienist License in California

If you want to read up on the "Best Dental Hygiene Schools in California – 2021" check out

Hope this helps!!

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April’s Answer

I love marks answer! I would just add that you can get an associate degree in dental hygiene as well. Personally I have a bachelors in dental hygiene. It’s nice to know I can go a different direction with that degree if I want to.