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What are the recommended majors to get into dental school?

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3 answers

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Mary Jane’s Answer

You can major in anything that you enjoy! Having said that, most dental schools will want you to take a year of biology, a year of physics, a year of general chemistry, and one year of organic chemistry. Many pre-dental students will major in one of the sciences because so many science classes are required, but as long as you take the required science prerequisites, any major is great for dental school. So do what you love!

Whatever you choose to major in, you might think about taking some art classes. Because dentists work in very small spaces and often by viewing mirror images, your fine motor skills and your perceptual abilities will be important for success in dental school. Art classes or hobbies where you are working with your hands to create or build things will serve you well in dental school, where you must be able to think about how things will look from various angles and how they fit together in space. In fact, on the dental school admission test (DAT) there's a whole section devoted to testing applicants' perceptual abilities, so that shows how important it is to build those skills!
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Valerie’s Answer

Take as many math and science classes as you can with emphasis on biology and chemistry. Try to get an internship with a practicing dentist for practical experience. My dentist did this in college and feels it gave him an edge when he applied to dental school. Try to establish a good working relationship with your college professors in the sciences so that they will recommend you for such an internship!!!

Valerie recommends the following next steps:

Visit the website and pose questions about the dental field. Good luck!!!
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Anthony’s Answer

Hey Rose,

Most people usually major in Pre-Med.