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James Constantine Frangos

Consultant Dietitian & Software Developer => Nutrition Education => Self-Actualization/Health
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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Civic Duty
christin’s Avatar
christin Mar 25, 2019 3359 views

What are the pros and cons of the music industry?

#music #music-industry

Hayah’s Avatar
Hayah 9 hours ago 22 views

What are the best tips for getting a job?

What are the best tips for getting a job?

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Sep 06, 2019 374 views

Do you think it’s important to have nice coworkers

I prefer working alone #independent

izz’s Avatar
izz yesterday 34 views

What would I do to get into independent animal grooming work, like your own grooming business where you can work in your own space but not in a company and would be able to take specific requests that a normal grooming company would?

I was really wanting to get into the grooming industry since I love animals and am a more independent worker and thought it would be a suitable job to have. I do plan on having another job that goes well with my interest other than independent grooming, but I know that this is one job I would...

Faisol’s Avatar
Faisol 19 hours ago 28 views

Where is the best place to get free cybersecurity hands on experience?

#cyber-security #hands-on

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Nov 24 82 views

How do you stop thinking of failure when opening your own building ?

How, do you stop thinking of failure when having a business?

Adrianna’s Avatar
Adrianna 14 hours ago 33 views

Does SVA Actually teach you how to animate?

Does SVA actually teach you how to do 2D animation or do you have to learn it on your own? And is SVA worth the amount of money? Or is their a better school. Also I'm autistic and special needs. #Animation

Macy’s Avatar
Macy Aug 30, 2018 637 views

What is the best way to be prepared for SAT exam?

I know I am only a freshman in high school. But I still liked to be prepared. #high-school #scholarships

Yenifer’s Avatar
Yenifer yesterday 49 views

How do you find local scholarships?

What is the best way to find local scholarships? And win them?

Willow’s Avatar
Willow Oct 20 66 views

Can you become anything with a low income?

Question writing tips

sarah’s Avatar
sarah yesterday 60 views

What are some step on becoming a doctor after I graduate Highschool

I want to know if there are specific step I need to take in order to go to collage. what are some best collages for this field and how can I get a scholarship for them?

Nawrah’s Avatar
Nawrah May 13 237 views

I am continuously getting rejected by universities. What am I doing wrong?

Hello teachers and career experts. I want to become an engineer so badly. My question is that I have applied to many good universities, but I am continuously getting rejected by them. I have average grades. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have asked from so many educational platforms...

Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina May 18, 2016 832 views

I am at the end of my junior year in high school right now. When do I need to know what I want to major in?

I currently am #undecided for my major but am leaning in some division of education - unsure of which part as of now. #college #college-major #college-bound #major

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Nov 21 79 views

How do I know what major I want to pick in college?

What do I do if I’m undecided

Becca’s Avatar
Becca May 11, 2016 1457 views

What kind of jobs can I get if I like working with computers?

I want to work with computers, but I don't know what's out there. #computer-science #computers #computer-savvy