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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

HR is a vast field. First and foremost is, get the right knowledge about the spheres of HR (Go for MBA in HR). Then you can do the following things:

1. Understand the area of interest you have.
2. In case if you are unable to decide or you think you can handle all the spheres or you think you are keen to try out. Then I would say, go for HR Generalist Profile. Even I am in the same profile and I love it!
3. Once you start gaining experience, you will have a fair knowledge which functionality of HR you would like to continue with.
4. As soon as you decide, try to go for certification for example - SHRM-CP and later on SHRM-SCP. These certification are globally recognized. This proves that you are a strategically sound professional.

Hope it help!

In case if you have any other query you can post in the comments option under my post.

Good luck!

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Faez’s Answer

Hi Garvit,

As the other commenters have noted, it's a good idea to research what the various functions within HR entail.

When I started in HR, I completed a certificate to give me the 'credential' to be considered for HR roles.

If any HR coordinator roles are available, be sure to apply to them but don't dismiss any specialist roles either such as Recruitment Coordinator or Training Coordinator. It will still be good experience to get your foot in the door.

One path that I've seen people take here in Canada is where people will work for a Recruitment agency and then transition to corporate recruitment/talent acquisition. Once they have their foot in the door, they may stay in talent acquisition or branch out to generalist roles.

All the best and much success to you in your career.

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David’s Answer

Hi Garvit,

I agree, HR is a very large discipline that could take you in a number of different directions. I would suggest beginning your search by utilizing YouTube and listen to some of the things that HR specialists/generalist have to offer there. Next research a university program that you would like to pursue and begin that process. Finally, look for organizations that offer internships or co-op opportunities so that you can build some practical experience prior to settling into this career field. HR includes so many components and even more unique ways to serve employees. Check out this link to a short YouTube video that explains the Pro & Cons to a career in HR.

Good Luck to you on your Journey.