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How to ace exams with ease?

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5 answers

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Palak’s Answer

Go to class; be attentive and take notes. That always worked for me. (tip: have different highlighters - so you can highlight topics in different colors and the most important points in pink)

I would also make my own study guide for the exam, jotting down the important points.

Lastly - repetition. Repeat until you perfect.
If you have the time, rapid fire with a two or three class-mates 1-2 days before exam to confirm what you've learned also helps.

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Briana’s Answer

What I learned when I was in school is to pay attention to what your teacher focuses on during in-class lessons. You start to notice how they focus on specific topics and subjects within their bulletin points as you note take. If you go through your textbook and find those similar points of interest, you'll eventually learn what they want you to focus on the most out of the passages. Once I started focusing on that and studying those specific parts of my textbook, I would have no issues passing my tests and quizzes with high marks. Not sure if this works for Math, but it definitely helped me in Biology and English classes.

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Ashley’s Answer

Hi Karen!

In my training classes, we often administer tests at the end of each class. Many of the trainees talk about having test anxiety, and they are often very nervous about their performance on the test.

The first piece of advice I would give is to have confidence. If you are truly focused in class, you probably remember more than you realized. Even if you don't, have the confidence to know that you have the resources to learn it.

Next, you need to ensure that you're taking notes. I would suggesting writing them in a notebook versus typing them. This helps you connect with the material, and makes it easier to remember down the line.

Lastly, you have to study! Identify your studying style. Are you more productive when you study alone or with another person/group? Depending on your study style, there are lots of techniques that you can adapt to make sure your study sessions are successful. For example, if studying alone, you may want to use flashcards or utilize the quizzes in your textbook. For group study sessions, you could develop fun games to play with one another.

Before test day, make sure that you take care of yourself by eating well, drinking water, and getting a full night's sleep. Many students like to cram and pull all nighters, which will just lead to a crash the next day. The morning of the test, ensure that you eat a good breakfast, give yourself ample time to get to class, and do your best to relax.

I hope this was helpful. Just remember to plan and prepare early on :)

Good luck!

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Sarah’s Answer

Hi Karen,

I am a third-year law student, so I feel as if I am a professional at studying by now. What always works best for me is to make flashcards. I suggest handwriting them because handwriting helps with memorization. If you are not able to do this, however, there are many websites where you can create virtual flashcards. One positive of having virtual flashcards is that you can take them anywhere with you if you have access to the internet. I suggest using quizlet.com for any virtual flashcard making.

I have also found that it helps to "outline" my notes from class a few weeks prior to any exams. I do this by pulling out information from my class notes that I feel is most important and combining it all into a shorter document that it is easier for studying. I suggest handwriting this as handwriting helps with memorization.

please reach out if I can be of any more assistance.

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Anthony’s Answer

The best answer to me is be committed to the endeavor which you seek. If that is where you are at, then going to class and studying diligently should be easy.