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Mikayla C. Apr 12, 2018 415 views

It is worth it to keep music in my life as I pursure college and careers?

All throughout k-12 school, music has been a big part of my life. Playing principal clarinet in numerous all-state events and solo contests throughout my high school career has been a big part of my life. However, I am probably going to pursue science in college, and I am wondering if I should...

#double-major #music #clarinet #science #stem #physics #neuroscience

Hannah G.’s Avatar
Hannah G. Feb 28 129 views

Is there one route that is better than another to get into law school?

I am super curious about multiple "potential careers", one of them being law. I am starting university in the fall of 2020, and am wondering if there is particular undergraduate degrees that are more effective when entering a law program. #law-school #law #college #lawyer #...

Nahla O.’s Avatar
Nahla O. Mar 20 176 views

How do you gain experience in the legal field as a high school student?

I've been interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer for a while now, but given that it is a fairly expensive and lengthy process, I want to gain exposure to the field to ensure that it is actually something I'm committed to pursuing. I'm especially interested in becoming a public interest...

#criminal-justice #attorney #public-interest-law #law #lawyer #career #internships

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nhan P. Mar 20 198 views

How can I use this app for my future studies?

I would like to introduce myself as an ordinary student who does not have many highlights then I am play well soccer and sports. and my dream in the future will become an engineer. #engineer...


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Alethia H. Apr 23 179 views

How do I keep myself productive in other ways than studying and writing during quarantine?

Hi, i'm Alethia, currently a 19 year old graduated from a local polytechnic this year. Currently, I have been writing and self-studying online materials with topics such as philosophy, psychology and foreign languages. However...I can still feel bored from time to time. Would you like to...

#self-studying #writing #bored #advice