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nhan P. Apr 25 119 views

How to maintain strong beliefs for future job dreams ?

What is the career you are interested in ? - The first job that I have an interest in is for a career as an engineer, more obviously an electrical engineer. Why am I, because I feel it has a social support for the community, always giving then the latest and best conditions for them. Repairing...

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nhan P. Mar 24 164 views

My question for the future is to do things that future careers make it difficult to practice?

My name is Nhan, I'm a student from high school. My age is 17 and I play soccers pretty well. I am also an immigrant to the United States. English is my second language so to communicate w. so the fact that I need to learn hard, a lot of English and try is essential so that I can get along...

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nhan P. Mar 20 167 views

How can I use this app for my future studies?

I would like to introduce myself as an ordinary student who does not have many highlights then I am play well soccer and sports. and my dream in the future will become an engineer. #engineer...