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As a student, you have to balance the responsibilities from school, while also trying to enjoy life. Please read below and see if anything can help. For more information, please...

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Ivana H. Jun 16 54 views

What are the different jobs you can have at a bank?

Hi, I'm a high school student and I've been trying to think of what I want to be when I am older. I think I want to do something relating to finance and money but I'm not sure. I would like to know more about banking specifically. Thanks! #banking #finance...


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Xavior S. Jun 14 38 views

How do I choose a job?

I’m a introvert. I only talk around people I feel comfortable with. #student...


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Tiffany W. Jun 14 20 views

W hat careers are in the dermatology field and how do I get into it?

I am entering college as a freshmen and am a junkie about skincare. My friends are encouraging of me but my family are doubtful, which increases my own doubt if I am capable. #college #student #student #career-choice #college-advice #skincare...


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Pedro M. Jun 02 29 views

I would like to learn more about being a pilot

I’m a student still in school and working. I would like to learn about doing things that I like. I’m still thinking of what I want to become when I’m older....


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jakyiah H. Jun 01 27 views
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Naikay M. May 30 78 views

What are some careers that need great listeners?

I would like to know some careers that you need to be good at listening for. #student...


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Gabriel B. May 27 46 views

How do critics stop themselves from having too much bias?

I'm a student doing a project for school about critics. I was wondering how critics are able to review pieces of art without being influenced by things outside of the piece of art....


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manifesting L. May 25 51 views

what's the best strand when taking accountancy as a pre-law course?

I will be a senior high school student in a few years, and I'm not still sure and confident. I hope those who have experienced will share their opinions. #student #high-school #law #lawyer #attorney #women-in-law...


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Kaylie H. May 24 64 views

How does a chef prepare themself for a busy work shift?

Im a high school student that is working on a project where Im asking professional chefs questions. #high-school-students #student #job #chef #cooking...


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Xochitl G. May 19 46 views

What are the different types of jobs for animators?

I’m a high school student ready to graduate. I would like to know more before i set off to the real world #business...


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Paige A. May 18 97 views

I am in the 12th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passions and interests?

At school, I am most interested in sociology, law, and economics, while my hobbies include sports, student government, and band. A topic that I am passionate about is social justice. What are some career options that best align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps I can do...

#student #career #college

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jaden E. May 13 220 views

Will college be easy?

I'm a high school student that's about to graduate in less than a month...


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clarence C. May 12 51 views

i need to earn a big money within this month how am i supposed to do?

I'am student at a 10th grade of junior high school, and I'am a dancer. #high-school...


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alishba K. May 11 41 views

my question is with which subjects i have to take ?

i am alishba citizen of india i am in big confusion. im in 12th grade im totally confused.. i need a guidance for a right path their is no one who is half percent is interested in zoology actually i here bcz i need a right guidance for future... thank you if you guys are going to help me....


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ALICIA C. May 06 146 views

Where can I get a part-time student job?

#student #job #first-job I'm a FIRST YEAR STUDENT AND I'M LOOKING FOR A PART-TIME...

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pradeep S. May 06 204 views

i want to know that can i invest my money for the long term ,like 10 year. Does it stay there or I have to sell the stocks i buyed earlier

i'm a final year student. i don't earn as of now. but i do have my savings something around 6000. where and how can i invest #student #financial-aid...


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Mia D. May 05 176 views

Where can I get a virtual summer internship as a high school student?

I want to be a doctor and I want to build up my resume. I've been searching all over the Internet for an internship related to becoming a doctor or to biology or science or STEM and I haven't found any. There are no internships near me. I would like a virtual internship seeing as there is a...

#doctor #high-school-students #student #summer-internship #medicine #internships

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Aryan G. May 03 62 views

How can social problem be solved

I am student i read in class 8 iam weak in civic and occupation i thought that this website will help me so iam here . #student i dont work for the benefit i work hard to acheive goals compare to others As a #student i can change my future by...

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Manasi M. May 02 73 views

about an interview

im a hotel managment student and for my bachelors i have to be prepared #student-development #student #interview...


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ranjit S. May 01 80 views

if i dont take maths or science in 12th standard so can i take these subjects in BA in psychology bcoz i want to became a clinical psychologist or counselor who treat mentally ill individual

im student im trying to complete my ielts after that i want to go canada for my higher education but im confused so plz help me i want to pursue ba in psychology...


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What type of engineering should I study?

I enjoy building things hands on, computers, and learning about electrical systems. Between, civil, software, mechanical and electrical engineering, I'm not sure which one to pick. Outside of those, Engineering management is also something I'm considering. Which one should I do....

#student #entrepreneurship

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