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As a student, you have to balance the responsibilities from school, while also trying to enjoy life. Please read below and see if anything can help. For more information, please...

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Aimee M. Nov 22 20 views

What benefits are there to becoming a Behavior Specialist?

I am a single mom and want to return to school for the first time since graduating high school in 2005. I want to become a behavior specialist specializing in autism. #school #college #psychology #student...


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abby J. Nov 15 19 views

will I have to take college classes?

I want to go to college to take classes to become a dentist. #student #dentistry...


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What is the number one question to ask when choosing a college?

I am an Early Middle College student enrolled at Baker College as a Junior in High School. After my 5th year of High School, how do I start to choose a college? #college-advice #college...


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d N. Nov 12 20 views

im trying to find out what profession would be a great fit for me

I'm a #college #student my major is social work. I love listening to r&b #music. I like to stay at home and watch funny movies. I love to listen to other people problems. I love spending time alone and talk on the phone with my sister which is my bestfriend. I like to try new things but not...

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Kailey L. Oct 22 67 views

What do tools do i need to help me prepare for college?

I am a high school senior who is getting ready to enter her freshman year of college, my name is Kailey Lasley and i am 18 years old #college #student #high-school...


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Alexander V. Oct 14 22 views

When i get my certs in welding, is it enough for me to live comfortable with my family?

I am a student at Job Corps going for my certifications in welding, I have a family of three I have to provide for. would the basic certs be enough ?...


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Brigitte F. Oct 06 59 views

What happens if you're college roomate isn't the best?

Next year I am going to be a college freshman and have some (...okay, a lot) of anxieties related to the college process. One of my troubles is the unknown nature of a future roommate. I've had a roommate: my little sister, for the past 10 years. But I don't think that it will be in the same...

#college-advice #student #college

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R S. Sep 24 70 views

What should I do as a career?

I don’t know what to go for in college and need advice #career-choice #student...


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Rodolphe A. Sep 19 58 views

I would like to know a little about this

As I told I am a student and I like teaching , help others in the need such as it is doing in volonteer organisation...


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Samantha R. Sep 14 123 views

Need advice-feel zoned out all the time and worried about failing

So, I'm in my 2nd year of college. I almost got suspended semester and I'm ashamed of myself. And I worry it may really happen and I feel so silly. I'd describe my problem as being..zoned out? And I'm not sure how to stop it. I can't even read half the time. I know how to read, but when I try...

#college #time-management #writing #student

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How was the first week like working in your organization?

I am currently an Npower student studying for numerous certifications in the field of I.T #student...


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Jorge S. Sep 10 51 views

What negotiation tactic works best for you when your team has difficulty working together or when they aren't receptive to your ideas?

I'm a student enrolled at Npower who's curious about project management and willing to put my skills to good use in a team environment, just needs some tips....


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Karyme V. Sep 09 61 views

Is there anything else you think I need to know?

For someone who is not afraid to speak their mind what else do you recommend? #student...