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Career Questions tagged Athlete

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Gunnar 2 days ago 13 views

Steps to the MLB ?

How difficult is it to develop relatinships with MLB Scouts?

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Ivan Sep 13 63 views

How difficult is it to become an athletic trainer?

I am an athlete and my main goal is to play at the college/professional level. I've always been interested in doing this as a backup if sports don't work. I would like to be able to help other players recover from injuries and things like that.

anthony’s Avatar
anthony Sep 13 78 views

I'm trying to play basketball get a scholarship, and go to the NBA, any tips or help?

im good at basketball, and I've been hooked for basketball for a long time and i really wanna know and get tips on how i could go to the NBA

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anaiya Jul 20 89 views

WNBA question

What do I need to do to in college and/or highschool to make it into the WNBA and be successful ?

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Light Jul 14 141 views

What level of education should you have if you want to be a professional athlete?

If I want to become a professional soccer player, do I have to of had a really good education, or is it more about the skills you have as an athlete?

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Christian Jul 10 117 views

How many D1 college give out football and basketball scholarships

work my hardest in high-school and playing my heart out in football and basketball so i can get me a scholarship and wont have to pay and i can get a faster way into the NBA or NFL. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY 9th grade hobbies is playing sports like football,basketball,track-and filed and...

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Amente Jul 07 158 views

College football athlete

As a athlete how do I prepare for college football.

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anas Jul 07 78 views

Hi,iam from india and i have completed my +2th grade i wish to be in sports field after my +2.I am good in football and i also trying to do some sports related jobs.plz suggest me some jobs related to sports.

Hi,iam from india and i have completed my +2th grade i wish to be in sports field after my +2.I am good in football and i also trying to do some sports related jobs.plz suggest me some jobs related to sports.

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Danny Jun 17 163 views

Is it too late to start football?

Im 17 ad I just finished my junior year. Is it too late for me to start playing football and take this into college?

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Noel Mar 28 109 views

How Do I Get In The NFL Without A College Degree ?

After high school and I took a break for a year to see what I want to do and I am thinking about playing a sport but I don't know how and I don't want to go to college for it because I don't have any scholarship from any school to do that sport and college is very expensive for to pay that off...

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Kevin Sep 21, 2021 252 views

When trying to be a professional soccer player, in college how and by who do you get recognize by to then later go into big leagues.

As a kid in Los Angeles playing soccer in high school I just want to know how I can get into a big league here in the U.S because I know it might be a little different than in Europe. #soccer #athletics #sports #college #athlete #soccer

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Daveyier Aug 05, 2021 224 views

How did you reach your career goal?

Im 14, favorite color blue , and I’m a football player #football #sports #athlete

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Treyvon Jul 27, 2021 251 views

Is highschool really hard?

I am a freshman in highschool, I do karate, gymnastics, and play a little bit of basketball on my free time. #athlete #sports

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Kamiyah Jul 27, 2021 275 views

How do I get into the field of becoming a professional athlete ¿

I like to workout and to be active but I’m not sure how to become noticed to more competition. #sports #athletics #athlete

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laquelle Jul 13, 2021 253 views

How do i become a NBA player?

#athletics #sports #athlete

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Tyrese Jul 05, 2021 264 views

How do I become a Professional Basketball Player?

I love sports, especially basketball. It is my dream to become an NBA player in the future. I practice on my own, as well as with others. I was also part of a community basketball team. I also love to play video games and listen to music. I also played football during my younger age. But...

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Dashawn Jun 24, 2021 191 views

What do I do if i want to do sports in the future

I really like to play football, I can be a leader and I am good at math #football #athlete #math

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Italy Jun 02, 2021 208 views

If I don't get into the NFL, what are the chances of working for the NBA or the MLB?

If I can't get into the NFL, I would like to know what my other options are. #nfl #nba #baseball #training #athlete

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Italy Jun 02, 2021 322 views

What are your chances of being an athletic trainer for NFL?

I would like to know the percentage of athletic trainers who actually work for NFL teams #business #athlete #physical-trainer #trainer #sports

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Amyah Apr 06, 2021 238 views

I have many talents and interests but I'm still not sure which ones I want to do full time as a career.

#VisualArtist #Writter #Athlete #Entrepreneur

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Rashad Mar 16, 2021 226 views

what is the most an NFL trainer make

#nfl #athlete #physical-trainer #trainer

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Willie Mar 01, 2021 226 views

what is life like as NFL player?

I am a tall handsome gentleman that loves the game of football i dreamed to be a NFL player my whole life thats all i wanted to do. #athlete

Rashad’s Avatar
Rashad Mar 01, 2021 245 views

what is the most an NFL trainer make

#physical-trainer #nfl #athlete

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Jerry Feb 24, 2021 244 views

Can you help me with different sports jobs?

My name is Jerry I´m 15 years old i go to Boston collegiate charter school and I play sports. #Athlete #sports

An Awesome Student’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 267 views

How do you become a professional basketball player? How old should you be when you start to play/practice?

Greetings! I'm Ms. Tipton at the International Community School. My 3rd graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!

#athlete #basketball

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Marqavious Nov 13, 2020 280 views

What are the goals to be an pro basketball player?

#sports #athlete

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Marqavious Nov 13, 2020 219 views

What goals does it take to be an NBA Player?

What are the requirments for an NBA Player? #sports #athlete

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diabe Nov 13, 2020 327 views

who get paid the most in the soccer clubs

#baseball #athletics #soccer #athlete

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diabe Nov 13, 2020 228 views

how can i make it to the soccer club.

am a hard working man, and also, i wont get tire of playing sport. #athlete #professional-sports #sports

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Nicholas Oct 27, 2020 212 views

what are your goals athlete

i wanna make sure i work my hardest be better than everyone out on a field and be the athletic player ever #athlete