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Career Questions tagged Athlete

Yonathan’s Avatar
Yonathan Mar 21 35 views

What are the benefits of working with athletes?

I am a senior in high school and I am passionate about sports.

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Ivan Mar 14 56 views

At what age is the best time to start working?

I am a 7th grader that want to work in construction, be a pro soccer player or wrestler or be a baker.

Yonathan’s Avatar
Yonathan Mar 14 38 views

What jobs are there if you love sports?

I am a senior in high school and I am passionate about sports. I would love to explore various paths related to sports.

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Damian Mar 09 46 views

how can i become a profesional soccer player?

how do i get to be a really good soccer player. i am in 7th grade and i am 13 ?

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abrham Mar 03 37 views

How did you become a professional soccer player?

I am an aspiring soccer/football player

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abrham Mar 03 40 views

For professional soccer players: What was your favorite soccer moment?

I'm an aspiring soccer/football player

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Averi Jan 06 103 views

Collegiate Athletic Trainer ?

What does it look like to be an athletic trainer for a college football team? What do you do on a daily basis? What do you do during games? What are some other college sports where athletic trainers are needed?

Max’s Avatar
Max Dec 14, 2022 202 views

How do athletes make themselves known by recruiters?

I'm trying to find good or better ways to get noticed by college recruiters.

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Paw Nov 16, 2022 160 views

What are some of the biggest challenges athletic trainers face daily or on occasion?

I am currently a fourth-year student majoring in Biokinetics: Exercise Science and hoping to attend grad school for Athletic Training. #Fall2022

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Nov 01, 2022 324 views

What careers should I consider if I am interested in biology and athletics?

What are some of the possible careers or majors that I would enjoy if I like learning about how the body works?

Adonis’s Avatar
Adonis Oct 04, 2022 239 views

Hey my name is Adonis What are the pros and cons of being a NFL player ?

Do you get to be with your family a lot? And how much monies do you make

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Sep 29, 2022 181 views

What are some ways I can balance football and my school work at the same time?

I am a sophomore attending Rock Hill High and I play football for my school, I got covid my 2nd week into school and got behind in a lot of work. I've been trying to catch up on my work and ask questions on my work and everything but it just seems to get harder and harder.

Gunnar’s Avatar
Gunnar Sep 22, 2022 231 views

How difficult is it to develop relationships with MLB Scouts?

I want to be a professional MLB player

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Ivan Sep 13, 2022 325 views

How difficult is it to become an athletic trainer?

I am an athlete and my main goal is to play at the college/professional level. I've always been interested in doing this as a backup if sports don't work. I would like to be able to help other players recover from injuries and things like that.

anthony’s Avatar
anthony Sep 13, 2022 254 views

I'm trying to play basketball get a scholarship, and go to the NBA, any tips or help?

im good at basketball, and I've been hooked for basketball for a long time and i really wanna know and get tips on how i could go to the NBA

anaiya’s Avatar
anaiya Jul 20, 2022 176 views

WNBA question

What do I need to do to in college and/or highschool to make it into the WNBA and be successful ?

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Light Jul 14, 2022 311 views

What level of education should you have if you want to be a professional athlete?

If I want to become a professional soccer player, do I have to of had a really good education, or is it more about the skills you have as an athlete?

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Jul 10, 2022 251 views

How many D1 college give out football and basketball scholarships

work my hardest in high-school and playing my heart out in football and basketball so i can get me a scholarship and wont have to pay and i can get a faster way into the NBA or NFL. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY 9th grade hobbies is playing sports like football,basketball,track-and filed and...

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Amente Jul 07, 2022 277 views

College football athlete

As a athlete how do I prepare for college football.

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anas Jul 07, 2022 158 views

Hi,iam from india and i have completed my +2th grade i wish to be in sports field after my +2.I am good in football and i also trying to do some sports related jobs.plz suggest me some jobs related to sports.

Hi,iam from india and i have completed my +2th grade i wish to be in sports field after my +2.I am good in football and i also trying to do some sports related jobs.plz suggest me some jobs related to sports.

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Jun 17, 2022 351 views

Is it too late to start football?

Im 17 ad I just finished my junior year. Is it too late for me to start playing football and take this into college?

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Mar 28, 2022 191 views

How Do I Get In The NFL Without A College Degree ?

After high school and I took a break for a year to see what I want to do and I am thinking about playing a sport but I don't know how and I don't want to go to college for it because I don't have any scholarship from any school to do that sport and college is very expensive for to pay that off...

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Sep 21, 2021 354 views

When trying to be a professional soccer player, in college how and by who do you get recognize by to then later go into big leagues.

As a kid in Los Angeles playing soccer in high school I just want to know how I can get into a big league here in the U.S because I know it might be a little different than in Europe. #soccer #athletics #sports #college #athlete #soccer

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Daveyier Aug 05, 2021 294 views

How did you reach your career goal?

Im 14, favorite color blue , and I’m a football player #football #sports #athlete

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Treyvon Jul 27, 2021 344 views

Is highschool really hard?

I am a freshman in highschool, I do karate, gymnastics, and play a little bit of basketball on my free time. #athlete #sports

Kamiyah’s Avatar
Kamiyah Jul 27, 2021 350 views

How do I get into the field of becoming a professional athlete ¿

I like to workout and to be active but I’m not sure how to become noticed to more competition. #sports #athletics #athlete

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laquelle Jul 13, 2021 326 views

How do i become a NBA player?

#athletics #sports #athlete

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Tyrese Jul 05, 2021 356 views

How do I become a Professional Basketball Player?

I love sports, especially basketball. It is my dream to become an NBA player in the future. I practice on my own, as well as with others. I was also part of a community basketball team. I also love to play video games and listen to music. I also played football during my younger age. But...

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Dashawn Jun 24, 2021 265 views

What do I do if i want to do sports in the future

I really like to play football, I can be a leader and I am good at math #football #athlete #math

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Italy Jun 02, 2021 320 views

If I don't get into the NFL, what are the chances of working for the NBA or the MLB?

If I can't get into the NFL, I would like to know what my other options are. #nfl #nba #baseball #training #athlete