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Career Questions tagged Homeschool

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Aug 30 120 views

How can a homeschool student explore different careers?

My family recently moved, and our new hometown doesn't have as many resources for homeschoolers as our previous one. My brother is gradating next year, and I want to help him explore different careers and make a good decision. What are ways for him to explore careers in a first hand experience...

Anisa’s Avatar
Anisa Apr 23, 2018 344 views

Do students from private or public schools have a high chance of getting into selective colleges?

I'm considering transfering out of my high school, a private high school, but I am wondering if it will hurt me later on. I want to be homeschooled and get my education through an online high school to graduate early. But will that affect my chances of getting into a very selective school such...

Nia’s Avatar
Nia Mar 18, 2018 364 views

Do home schooled students have as good a chance of being accepted to colleges as kids in traditional schools?

I am homeschooled and I read once that some colleges are skeptical about transcripts from home schooled students. I worry about being accepted because my ACT score isn't great.