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There are a large number of careers in the field of Medicine. Some of the most popular include Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Optician, and much more. To learn more about these...

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What is a doctor's work schedule like?

Vacation days? How many hours/days a week? Amount of stress? How would this schedule compare to that of a nurse practitioner? #nurse #doctor #medicine #nurse-practitioner...


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What is social life like during premed and medical school?

What are your experiences going into medicine? I've been watching a lot of youtube videos lately, and everyone that I've watched so far spends practically the whole day studying. Is medical school actually non stop studying? I do understand that medical school is hard, but there has to be some...

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What are all the steps to becoming a pediatrician?

Hello, my name is Athena and I am currently a junior in high school. Ever since kindergarten I've wanted to be a "kid doctor". I've always enjoyed the sciences more than anything else. However, I'm not really sure how to become a pediatrician. I think you have to get your undergrad degree...

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which course to take for med school?

I'm brazilian but I want to start my studies in Canada to become a doctor, but I don't know which premed to choose. I am between biology, biomedical sciences and biotechnology. Which of these would be the best choice? #doctor #medicine #canada #medical-school #pre-med...


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How would I go about becoming an ultrasound technician?

I am in an early college high school with my associate's in science but I want to be an ultrasound technician. #technician #medicine #oncology #doctor...


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What are some difficulties of your profession.

Being a nurse anesthetist, do you get paid well. Do you have to be professional....


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What extracurriculars should I do to get into medicine?

i unfortunately missed out on the school organised work experience due to covid last year and I am not too sure what to do now. What else should I do to increase my chance of getting in? Volunteering? A sport?...


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Medical School req

I'm currently 3rd-year human biology and minor in psychology My goal is to go to medical school but my GPA isn't the best. I'm planning to take the MCAT next summer however, I'm told by my school advisor that I got no choice but to change my career plan because medicine isn't for me. I was...

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What are good high school courses to take in preparation for a premed major?

I am a high school student looking to major in premed for undergrad school. Specializing in courses and subjects can help you feel more experienced in the long run, and I would like to best prepare myself for college. #high-school #medicine...


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How do I know if premed is right for me?

I am planning on going to undergrad for premed to study to become an orthopedic doctor. I know that it can be a difficult major sometimes, and require a lot of work. #medicine #doctors...


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Choosing a Healthcare Career

How do you choose which healthcare career is best for you? I know I want to be a hospital executive, but I'd also like to be a physician beforehand. I'm just not sure which specialty would be best for me. Any advice on discovering which healthcare career would suit a person the most?...

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What are Possible Careers in the Neurology Pathway?

I'm interested in healthcare and studying the brain, but I'm not familiar with the different opportunities associated with neurology, especially since medicine is such a diverse field. #healthcare #medicine...


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What motivated you?

School, studying, and grades are all very stressful things. How did you deal with things that got in your way to success? How to stay focused and motivated on not giving up? #school #education #surgeons #surgeon #medicine...


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What can I do to save years in college to become a doctor?

I am a high school student interested in pursuing a career in ophthalmology. I would like to complete my Pre-Med in 2 years, and I want to explore if there are any opportunities to do Med School in 3 years (condense the first 2 years and then rotations). I'm a high school sophomore, so what...

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Is a job in the government easier to achieve then a job in medicine such as nursing.

I´m not sure what career I want to do yet, but I am interested in these but I just don´t know how I would get there. #jobs #government #advocacy #medicine #nurse...


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I want a career with genetic invovled and i need help finding narrowing down the list.

Hi my name is ilianny. i am a junior in high school in lynn Massachusetts. i always wanted to be a geneticist but i dont know what majors i have to take in order to purse that career. i also love forensics. i need help figuring out what colleges are good for this career and what maajors and...

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AP Chem or Ap Bio? Elective?

It is around the time of the year again where I have to pick my courses for next year and I am stumped. I want to be a doctor, so I have been focusing on classes to take to help me in the future. I love both biology and chemistry (I got A's for Bio freshman year and an A so far for Chemistry)....

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what are the best specialists in field of medicine for doctors?

i'm a junior in Lynn,MA. i'll be applying for college next year and i'm interested of being a doctor but i don't know what specialist i wanna be #doctor...


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What kind of volunteer work should I do for anesthesiology?

I have worked with the Florida Department of Health in research, I have made blankets for the homeless and have helped develop a social media platform for pancreatic cancer awareness. I am going to school for my BS in pre med and ecology. I don't know if it is frowned upon to not get any...

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