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Career Questions tagged Health

Health involves the well-being of ones physical, mental, and social self. Many careers can assist someone in those areas. Some popular careers include a medical doctor, psychologist, and personal trainer....

Bernie M.’s Avatar
Bernie M. Jun 15 44 views

How do i become a EKG techinican?

In college pursuing a BS in Health services administrator

Carmen C.’s Avatar
Carmen C. May 29 93 views

Does working in the medical field take a lot of work?

I want to work in the medical field and I'm not sure if it takes a lot of work and time and stuff like that !

sanaa B.’s Avatar
sanaa B. May 24 104 views

In cognitive behavioral therapy is there a "best" way to go bout approaching people's mental health conditions?

I don't want to ever approach a patient in the wrong way and end up hurting them in some way, I know every situation is different but generally how should I go about talking to my patients

shelena P.’s Avatar
shelena P. May 22 52 views

What are the requirements for becoming a Midwife in NYC ?


Emoni N.’s Avatar
Emoni N. May 18 121 views

How can I break into the nutritional field?

I would like to be a nutritionist but I don't know where to start? any suggestion on schools? certifications I should earn? or even type of things I should research for?

Shannon M.’s Avatar
Shannon M. May 12 103 views

What are three important things I should know about being a CNA?

I want to know more about the challenges of being a CNA , and what is the typical work schedule.

Fiona W.’s Avatar
Fiona W. Apr 29 110 views

Are nurses treated with the same amount of respect as doctors?

In greys anatomy, (I know, a very credible source) they seem as if its an insult to be a nurse, though I know it is not! Are they treated worse IRL?

jaycea H.’s Avatar
jaycea H. Apr 28 106 views

what kind of pollution is bad for our health and environment


Ramona A.’s Avatar
Ramona A. Apr 08 214 views

¿How many patients die each day in a hospital, and how do you cope with working in an environment where that happens?

How many people do you help of day

Anita S.’s Avatar
Anita S. Apr 08 163 views

How long does becoming a pediatrician take?

Just wondering what the time span looks like, although i'm only a sophomore in high school.

destiney P.’s Avatar
destiney P. Apr 07 123 views

What kind of careers can I pursue in health and medicine?

I want to be a medical assistant but I am also thinking of being a registered nurse but I want to be certain on what I want to do.

Brooklyn Y.’s Avatar
Brooklyn Y. Mar 03 122 views

What is the typical workplace environment for a mental health specialist?

I have been researching different careers in mental health. Is there one environment that is common for all mental health professions? Are there multiple facilities for a career in mental health?


iyanna L.’s Avatar
iyanna L. Nov 08, 2021 186 views

What does a Normal day look like for a doctor?

Whats the most memorable patient you have had? Why did it make a diffrence? #medicine #healthcare #health #doctor

joshua R.’s Avatar
joshua R. Nov 01, 2021 167 views

Is it scary being a doctor?

Like your dealing with sick people all the time; you don't get nervous of getting sick too? #medicine #healthcare #health #doctor

William Y.’s Avatar
William Y. Oct 31, 2021 145 views

Is it true that I need to write extra essays when applying for undergraduate if am trying to major in pre-med? (I’m trying to apply into the UC system or a college in california)

I'm a high school student trying to become an Anesthesiologist or pharmacist. I am still deciding between the 2.

#premed #medicine #healthcare #health #doctor

Ranjit H.’s Avatar
Ranjit H. Oct 10, 2021 226 views

Designers and Developers are always on the screens, so is there any way to lessen our eye strain?

Recently I have increased my work hours and I am getting itchy eyes every night. And I also experienced a little headache at the end of the day. Please give some work-health balance tips.
#time-management #health

Tylasia P.’s Avatar
Tylasia P. Oct 08, 2021 192 views

What does a month look like as a travel nurse?

At school I'm most interested into #science and health classes .
#nursing #travel #healthcare #health #nurse #medicine

Naturel S.’s Avatar
Naturel S. Oct 07, 2021 263 views

Is the road to becoming a OB/GYN hard?

I want to go to an HBCU and my major will be biology. I am very invested and interested in becoming and OB/GYN. I love helping younger people as well as people in general and telling people information about their health/ #doctor #medicine #healthcare #science #biology #health #medical-school

Emily S.’s Avatar
Emily S. Sep 28, 2021 166 views

What’s something people misunderstand about being a anesthesiologist?

#medicine #Health

Zeinab A.’s Avatar
Zeinab A. Jul 30, 2021 255 views

Is public health going to be feasible?

I would like to know possible careers for someone in public health, and if that is a feasible major since it is a popular major for this year due to the epidemic. #college-major #healthcare #pharmacist #health #major #detroit

Chris M.’s Avatar
Chris M. Jul 29, 2021 263 views

How did you know you wanted to pursue pharmacy

I’m someone who has a lot of family in the medical field and seeing them change peoples lives inspired me to want to do the same in my own way. I chose pharmacy because I want to provide reliable Heath care and prescription drugs to those who may not have access to such. #pharmacist #pharmacy...

Ally C.’s Avatar
Ally C. Jun 26, 2021 246 views

Is majoring in both Business and Health a smart choice?

I graduated top of my finance major in high school, but I found finance to be a field I would not interested in as a career. At the same time, I have developed a new interest in health and learning all about how to take care of oneself's body. #business #health #marketing #career-counseling...

Tyreek S.’s Avatar
Tyreek S. Jun 17, 2021 210 views

I what to know more about health

I am a Junior in college and my major is public health #health

Dakota P.’s Avatar
Dakota P. Jun 08, 2021 227 views

I want to do a lot of things so how should i narrow it down?

I love Mysteries and i want to become a forensic scientist #forensic #criminal-justice #science I love makeup and i want to be a cosmetologist I love taking care and helping people i want to be a nurse #nurse #health #doctor

Briana H.’s Avatar
Briana H. May 25, 2021 192 views

What are the requirements in becoming a Mental Health Counselor ?

I will love to help people and make sure there mental health is all good! #mental-health-counseling #health #mental-health #counselor

Beth M.’s Avatar
Beth M. May 21, 2021 221 views

Did you participate in any organizations that you would recommend?

#Psychology #Health #Recommendations

jakiya W.’s Avatar
jakiya W. May 21, 2021 231 views

Can having a 4 year degree in health administration take you far in the healthcare field?

#health #doctor #mental-health

jakiya W.’s Avatar
jakiya W. May 20, 2021 302 views

What careers can I take on in the health administration field?

#health #public-health #sonogram #doctor #career

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Sammy G. May 19, 2021 166 views

Is there like a website for like healthcare or health or something that I could take ( website) because I want to become a Pediatrician.

#health #pediatrician

Tzofiya D.’s Avatar
Tzofiya D. May 13, 2021 370 views

Can I get some advice?

Here's the situation: I will be taking an architectural course in college, I'm now in 12th grade but I decided to just finish this school year and I will be taking a break for the next academic year because of personal issues (I am experiencing depression and anxiety attacks. I'm healing and...